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Sexton animal health center is a veterinary medical facility that provides services for everything related to animal care and is located in Ruston, LA, US.

sexton animal health center

Sexton animal health center in Ruston services:

  • Anesthesia.

  • Internal Medicine.

  • Behavioral Medicine.

  • Blood Transfusions.

  • Boarding.

  • Bathing.

  • Day Care.

  • Dental Care.

  • Senior Care.

  • Puppy Pre-School.

  • Puppy Play Care.

  • Puppy and Kitten Care.

  • Pain Management.

  • Parasite Prevention and Control.

  • Emergency and Critical Care.

  • Hospice and Euthanasia Services.

  • House Calls.

  • Laboratory.

  • Laser Therapy.

  • Microchipping.

  • Nutritional Counselling.

  • Radiology (X-Rays).

  • Surgery.

  • Ultrasound.

  • Vaccinations.

  • Wellness Exams.

  • Fully Stocked Pharmacy.

What do animals mean to the Sexton center?

The veterinary medical team at Sexton animal health center in Ruston offers all departments of veterinary medicine related to animals and always strives for excellence by providing better care in their hospital and clinic for most of the previous services. 

sexton animal health center


Sexton center has a trained veterinary team that gives you full confidence that your animal will receive comprehensive anesthesia care and full health care, including:

Monitoring the animal at all stages of anesthesia in their hospital and clinic so you can be assured of efficacy, comfort, and safety.

Internal Medicine:

This section deals with all aspects of internal medicine for animals, including:

  • Gastroenterology.

  • Cardiology.

  • Dermatology.

  • Endocrinology.

  • Orthopedic surgery.

  • Ophthalmology.

  • Oncology.

  • Neurology.

sexton animal health center

Behavioral Medicine:

Pets are creatures that we deal with daily, so we must take good care of their health because it will affect the life of the whole family.

Animals can suffer from a variety of behavioral issues, from house training issues to aggression issues which may even require surrendering this animal to a shelter or euthanasia.

Blood Transfusions:

Our veterinarian doctors at Sexton animal health center combine in the diagnosis and treatment of behavior problems between behavioral medicine, pet training, and veterinary clinical medicine.

By well-trained veterinary professional staff in the Sexton animal health center, the blood transfusion process is carried out professionally and efficiently in their hospital and clinic.

Aspects of blood transfusion medicine process at Sexton center:

  • Proper selection of blood products.

  • Cross-matching blood types.

  • Safe harvesting of blood from donor animals.

  • Transfusion reactions and monitoring for complications.

Some examples of pets that may require an emergency transfusion with blood or blood products: 

  • Blood loss due to trauma.

  • Animals with bleeding or clotting disorders.

  • Cancer animals undergoing chemotherapy.


If you are looking for a trustworthy veterinary hospital or clinic to take care of your animal during your absence.

If your pet has special needs, whether related to diet or medication.

You will notice and find that the Sexton center takes care of all these details, there is no concern about it.

sexton animal health center

Veterinary vaccinations which are required for any pet before admission to the Sexton animal health center:

  • Bordetella (2xs per year).

  • Leptospirosis.

  • Parvovirus.

  • Distemper.

  • Rabies.

  • Rabies.

  • FVRCP.

  • Leukemia.

sexton animal health center


Baths at Sexton animal health center for animals include:

  • Soothing agents.

  • Nail trimming.

  • De-matting services.

Dental Care:

Dental hygiene is a necessary part of your animal's health.

Some signs of common dental diseases that your pet can  suffer from:

  • Plaque and tartar accumulation.

  • Bad breath.

  • Redness of gum.

  • Drooling.

  • Discomfort while chewing.

  • Loose or missing teeth.

It is even possible that dental disease progresses and be accompanied by heart disease and kidney disease.

Regular checkups, teeth cleanings, and home care protect your pet from dental disease. 

Senior Care:

As your animal gets older, a lot of things change such as:

  • Health care.

  • Nutritional needs.

  • Exercise habits.

  • Daily routine.

  • The health problems that your animal may face.

Therefore, wellness visits, routine wellness blood work, and routine diagnostic testing are more necessary at this stage of its life.

Your pet can get and enjoy all this care in Sexton animal health center.

Puppy Pre-School:

Between 7-16 weeks of a pet's age represent a critical period of a puppy's life socialization.

So you will find a special program including many activities such as:

  • Playing with other puppies and people (socialization)

  • Introducing your puppy to unfamiliar situations (baths, nail trims, ear cleaning or plucking, boarding, and travel).

  • Establishing boundaries and rules.

  • Basic obedience.

  • Trust activities and exercise.

  • Kennel training.

  • Puppy jumps and obstacles.

  • Leash etiquette and walking.

Puppy Play Care:

It is an upgraded version of Puppy's Pre-School and focuses on the following skills:

  • Leash walking.

  • Obstacle challenges.

  • Fine-tuning tricks.

  • Addressing undesirable behaviors that haven't been resolved.

  • Field trips to puppy-friendly places.

  • Socialization and play.

Puppy and Kitten Care:

The staff at Sexton animal health center provides a comprehensive examination for your animal for early detection of any problem of any kind.

Therefore, Puppy and kitten visits are a must.

sexton animal health center

Pain Management:

Pain management has become a must in animal care and even is considered a vital sign these days

Sexton center protocols of pain management involve anticipating potentially painful procedures and alleviating pain as well as continuing to manage pain throughout your animal’s treatment and recovery process.

Parasite Prevention and Control:

Parasites can cause many serious conditions if not treated.

So, the staff at Sexton animal health center is very interested in treating these organisms, and even how to prevent them by offering many products that can prevent many of these organisms.

Examples of some common parasites:

  • Coccidia.

  • Ear Mites.

  • Fleas.

  • Giardia.

  • Ticks.

  • Roundworms.

  • Hookworms.

  • Heartworms.

  • Whipworms.

  • Tapeworms.

Emergency and Critical Care:

Just keep their emergency number and call them if your pet is in a critical condition and they will surely do the best high-quality veterinary care.

Hospice and Euthanasia Services:

Euthanasia is a medical operation that needs to be discussed after taking into account all the medical, financial, ethical, religious, moral, and sometimes legal considerations and exhausting all medical capabilities and there is nothing left but that.

The team at Sexton animal health center do their best to give you the support you need during this critical experience.

House Calls:

The medical team of highly qualified skilled expertise at Sexton animal health center offer the best veterinary care and services like house calls to accommodate special needs of limited mobility and restricted transportation of animal owners and for their animals which may be very young, or old, or need special treatment.


Sexton animal health center has a higher standard of care for animals including:

  • IDEXX VetLab Station.

  • IDEXX Catalyst Dx (Chemistry Analyzer).

  • IDEXX LaserCyte (Hematology Analyzer).

IDEXX  It is the reference laboratory in case the tests are a little complicated and need more detailed results.

Laser Therapy:

The power of laser therapy lies in increasing blood circulation by supplying water and oxygen to the affected area.

Laser therapy reduces swelling, inflammation and relieves pain.

Therefore it helps in treating many health problems, including:

  • Osteoarthritis.

  • Joint Pain.

  • Tendinopathies.

  • Edema and Congestion.

  • Ligament Sprains.

  • Muscle Strains.

  • Puncture Wounds.

  • Post-Traumatic Injury.

  • Post-Surgical Pain.

  • Post-Orthopedic Surgical Recovery.

  • Neck and Back Pain.

  • Hip Dysplasia.

  • Burns.

  • Chronic Wounds.

  • Rehabilitation.

Depending on the size of the affected area, the treatment time can be 3 to 5 minutes.


Is a unique form of identification that carries personal information about your animal including your name, address, and contact information takes only a few minutes for implantation underneath your animal's skin between the shoulder blades and is simple, safe, and effective to ensure that your pet is safely returned in the event of its loss because it is connected to a national pet recovery database.

sexton animal health center

Nutritional Counseling:

Proper healthy nutrition is the key to a pet's health

Purina Veterinary Diets

Our specialized diets are based on expertise and scientific researches

It can also deal with many nutritional problems such as:

  • Weight loss.

  • Dental health.

  • Urinary health.

  • Food allergies.

  • Gastrointestinal upset.

Purina Pro Plan diets:

Are quality pets food maintenance diets and have the proper diet for your animal for a variety of life stages.


An industry leader in animal nutrition and the largest feed manufacturer in the U.S.

Radiology (X-Rays):

Radiography is one of the basic diagnostic tools that can detect a variety of medical conditions such as:

  • Broken bones.

  • Bladder stones.

  • Chronic arthritis.

  • Certain spinal cord diseases.

  • Intestinal blockage or cancer.

Our radiology service in Sexton animal health center provides professional care to your pet.

sexton animal health center


Our veterinarians in performing veterinary surgeries with high quality for many surgeries such as:

  • Spaying.

  • Neutering.

  • Laparotomies.

  • Orthopedic surgeries.

They also take care of all the details to provide the best care including:

  • Pet's care before, during, and after surgery.

  • Anesthesia.

  • Pain management.

  • Postoperative care.

  • Medication instructions.

  • Physical therapy education.


Safe non-invasive and painless diagnostic technology that can detect a variety of illnesses.


vaccines are considered routine these days to protect your animal from the most dangerous diseases.

It is now more available compared to before.

Wellness Exams:

Each year for a cat or dog is equivalent to 5 to 7 human years.

A wellness examination includes a major organ systems and vital signs evaluation to help the veterinarians team at Sexton animal health center to establish a baseline for your pet’s health.

We can evaluate and treat early signs of disease before they become more serious.

Fully Stocked Pharmacy:

Sexton animal health center offers a fully stocked pharmacy online and onsite.

 In cooperation with their distributor MWI Veterinary Supply and Purina Pro Plan and Purina Veterinary Diets they offer medication, pet supplies, and proper nutrition.

Contact information in Sexton animal health center:

Sexton Animal Health Center

1628 E Kentucky Ave.

Ruston, LA 71270

Phone: (318) 251-8283Summary:

Sexton animal health center in Ruston is an institution that provides the best services for the desire of animals and provides everything they need at all times and at any stage.

Written by: Eman Eldwansy

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