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NY, Queens, Astoria 21st ave animal clinic is a place where you can find all kinds of vet services you may need from professional grooming to pet surgeries.

Sure when it comes to your pet's health you search for the best clinic, that's why you will find all the data you need to know about 21st ave animal clinic here in this article.

21st ave animal clinic basic information:

The owner of 21st ave animal clinic is Dr. M.M Bekhet, doctor of veterinary medicine.

The clinic address is 21-27 21st Ave Astoria NY 11105.

Phone number: (718)777 5452

Work hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6 pm.

Saturday from 8 Am to 2 Pm.

21st ave animal clinic

21st ave animal clinic services:

The clinic offers a wide range of services that cover all that you need.

Not only services provided for your pet, but also exotic animals except for reptiles.

Here's the list of services the clinic provides:

  1. Full medical clinic with all kinds of medical examinations.

  2. Fully supplied pharmacy with all medicines and non-medical supplies.

  3. Professional grooming for your lovely pet.

  4. Animal Boarding to keep your animal safe and secured.

  5. Food diet for both felines and canines.

  6. Implanting microchips and scanning them.

  7. A complete lab with all tests and all blood work.

  8. Allergy testing; heska allergy testing.

  9. X-ray and ultrasound.

  10. Kitten adoption services.

  11. Heart guard against heartworms and frontline sprays for your dog.

  12. USDA international health certificates for your animal.

  13. Domestic health certificates for your pet.

  14. Fully equipped operation and surgery room.

  15. Felines and canines all vaccinations.

  16. House visits and calls within the surrounding area.

  17. After-death cremation services.

  18. Dental care services.

  19. The clinic does spays and neuters.

Along with these services, the team of 21st ave animal clinic dedicates all of its efforts to make sure your pet is in good health and provides you with all the information you need to know about your pet.

Using the most updated equipment and techniques, you -as a pet owner- will get the best services and care.

21st ave animal clinic promotions and packages:

The clinic offers a good variable range of packages that cover some of the essential procedures your pet may need.

Dental scaling package for both cats and dogs:

This package includes Anesthesia, dental scaling, and antibiotic injections.

All pets over five years old must go through blood tests first with additional charges.

Also, all pets above five years old will need intravenous catheterization with fluids prices not included in the main package.

Tooth extraction for an additional price.

Pain killers are also for an additional price.

Spays and neuters package for cats and dogs:

21st ave animal clinic offers this package for pet owners and it includes the following:

Anesthesia, the surgery itself- spay and neuter, antibiotic injections, antibiotic to be taken at home, E-collar for your pet, and the follow-up appointments 7-10 days after the procedure.

As with the dental scaling package, any pet above 5 years old will have to do blood work and will need IV catheterization and fluids and both are for additional charges.

Any female dog or cat in heat and needs a spay procedure also for an additional price.

Any male dog or cat that has no descending testicles will be also charged an additional price.

Any pet over fifty lbs in need of any of the above packages ( spay and neuter and dental scaling) will have an additional charge.

The tests for heartworm and combo test aren't included in this package and are available for an additional price.

Vaccinations package:

The package is for both cats and dogs.

The vaccination package for dogs includes the following:

Rabies, Lyme corona, Bordetella, and Distemper (Da2ppv).

Vaccination package for cats includes:

FELV, FIV, Rabies, and Distemper (FVRCP).

The clinic allows any changes in all the packages at any time when needed.

2st ave animal clinic

21st ave animal clinic boarding:

The clinic offers to board both canines and felines.

A caged boarding with fresh food, time to play, and to take a walk several times a day with good and personal care of your dog.

N.B: Bordetella and Rabies vaccines are required before boarding and if your pet is not vaccinated, additional charges will be added.

A caged boarding with fresh food, litter changed three times, and personal care with a good playtime for your cat.

Rabies and FVRCP vaccines are required and if your cat isn't vaccinated the boarding is served for an additional charge.

For a large breed, the 21 avenue facility will be more convenient with the 5×5 ft cages.

Not only is boarding available for dogs and cats, but also boarding is available for birds, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

Cages are on you plus food and bedding and any special or extra demands so that your pet may feel comfortable as at home.

21st ave animal clinic

Pet grooming:

Is it the time for your pet's shower and grooming? The 21st ave animal clinic offers you grooming for your dogs including:

  • Shampoos and conditioners.

  • Ear cleaning, trimming the nails, and hair buckling.

  • Blow dryer and comb hair out.

If you want only a bath, shampoo, conditioner, nail trimming, and ear cleaning are only included.

Feline grooming includes mandatory sedation:

  • Shampoo and conditioner.

  • Blood testing is required if your cat is older than 5 years old.

  • Nails are trimmed.

  • Ears are cleaned.

  • Hair is blow-dried and combed out.

A special medicated bath is offered for Mange, skin infections, and skin allergies.

Note that sedation is applied under the supervision of licensed vets and only done for aggressive pets with your concept.

Blood work is done before sedation if your pet is older than 5 years old.

The rabies vaccine is hence required for all groomings and baths and if your pet is not vaccinated, the services will be for additional charges.

You only need to call or stop by to get your appointment for grooming.

Depending on the size and coat condition, the prices are determined.

21st ave animal clinic

Puppy and kitten care at 21st ave animal clinic:

It's important to you to know that vaccines are required so that your pet will have good health free of any illnesses and also you have no fear for your health.

Vaccine boosters are important to be taken from 6-8 weeks after birth as the maternity antibodies decrease.

The vaccines help your pet to fight against diseases and more importantly are to keep your pet away from unvaccinated animals and crowded places with animals during the vaccine process.

Kitten vaccine package:

FVRCP for a total of 3 times, FIV for 2 times, FELV for 2 times, and Rabies once.

Also includes:

  •  Deworming 2 times with 3 weeks between every dose of deworming.

  • Every kitten is offered 3 examinations within a 3 weeks interval.

  • Blood testing for FIV and FELV.

Puppy vaccine package:

Includes the following vaccines:

DA2PPV, Corona, Lyme, Rabies, and Bordetella.

Puppies are re-vaccinated by these vaccines after 3 weeks for 3times for DA2PPV and twice for the rest.

This package also includes deworming twice with a 3 weeks interval between the 2 doses and your puppy gets to be examined 3 times every week.

How is 21 avenue animal clinic rated?

The ratings are in the range of 3.5 and 4.1 stars out of 5.

The clinic is recommended by many pet owners and others complain of the high prices of the clinic's services but you can look the whole reviews up yourself on m.yelp.com and yellowpages.com.

You can get the full information from the clinic's official website www.21aveanimalclinic.com.

The 21st ave animal clinic is a place where you can find all that you need for your animal whatever it was.

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