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International Animal Health Company seeks for the health and nourishment of your animals. Pets, livestock, or any animal you deal with as a farmer or a vet.

The company, which is based mainly in Australia, has research-based solutions for any issue your animals may face. These solutions are translated into goods. In this article, we will illustrate what kind of animals and products the company works with.

Take care not to confuse our company with the American Animal Health International company. They may share the same field, but the latter is based in America.

Animals which International Animal Health Company serves:

  1. Cattle

  2. Alpacas

  3. Goats

  4. Greyhounds

  5. Pigs

  6. Horses

  7. Poultry

  8. Sheep

  9. Pets 

numerous sheep in a field

What products does the International Animal Health Company provide?

Bioworma products:

Bioworma products are organic biological control products with a nutritional value that aim to prevent nematode larvae within animals. They’re specially developed for cattle, alpacas, goats, horses, and sheep.

They’re often added to food and they come in two forms:

  • Bioworma

  • Livamol with Bioworma 

Show and grooming products:

Livamol is the trademark that hands the products responsible for the good-looking of the animals.

Those items contain a wealth of fundamental elements and non-toxic oils for the animals’ good health and glowy appearance, respectively.

They are fit for almost all types of animals. They come in the following forms:

  • Livamol

  • Livamol Blu

  • Livamol Glo

  • Livamol Suds

  • Leather New

  • Livamol Feed Optimiser Pellets For Cattle

  • Livamol Feed Optimiser Pellets For Horses

Feed additives:

The majority of the food supplements the International Animal Health Company provides belong to the ProN8ure trademark.

These products are multi-strain probiotic products that contain useful bacteria. They improve mainly the gut movement, thus the digestion process.

The other products aim to improve health and weight generally.

ProN8ure products:

  • ProN8ure IFS

  • ProN8ure SFP

Additional feed additives:

  • Flaveco 5. (induces weight gain)

  • Moneco 100

  • Saleco 120

  • Snow-E Muscle, Energy, & Fertility. (specially designed for horses and greyhounds)

  • Iron-vita Blood & Oxygen. (prevents anemia)

  • Keyquindox 100. (especially for pigs)

a greyhound in an open field wearing a sweater and looking happy

Gut health products:

ProN8ure overwhelms this category with its items in addition to a few others. These items, which are suitable for all types of animals, are:

  • D-Scour paste

  • ProN8ure Liquid

  • ProN8ure Paste

  • ProN8ure Powder

  • ProN8ure Soluble

  • ProN8ure Professional

  • Berg oil

Parasite control products:

Aside from the Bioworma trademark we’ve already mentioned, we have the following items as well:

  • Worma Drench

  • MecWorma & Bot (for horses)

  • MecWorma & Tape (for horses)

  • Worma Paste

Vitamins and minerals:

There are plenty of those for all of your livestock. Let’s review them.

  • Manomix

  • Molatein 

  • Beef Feedaid

  • Byrumen 

  • Byrumen South East and Western Districts

  • Dairy Aid

  • Dairy Hi-Yield

  • Lot Feedaid

  • Zirco

  • Boar and SowPremix

  • General Purpose Pig

  • Growaid

  • Pig Weanaid

  • KA Cleans & Flushes (Diuretic for greyhounds and horses)

  • Neutra-Syrup Neutralises & Removes (Mild diuretic for greyhounds and horses)

  • Min-A-Vit Racing and Breeding (For horses)

  • Vitamin Health and Vitality (For horses)

  • Vitamin Plus Health and Vitality (For horses)

  • Abdextra (For poultry)

  • Keylectolytes (For poultry)

  • Key-Vita-Min (For poultry)

a group of hens in a cage and their eggs are being collected

Hoof care products:

Special supplements for horses, which are Bio-Hoof Care & Repair.

Calf rearing products for cattle:

  • Calf Weanaid with ProN8ure

  • Calf Weanaid with Moneco

  • ProN8ure products

Joint health products:

The International Animal Health Products for joint health are completely natural and organic. They are a mix of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins.

They are mainly targeting horses.

  • Calciplex Bone and Joint (Vit. A & D)

  • Calciplex Bone and Joint Plus (Vit. A, D, & C)

  • Equine Joint Support Formula 2

Nerves and stress products:

This line is formulated for horses in general and horses engaged in competitions in particular. They maintain the integrity of several body systems, as well, including the digestive and nervous systems.

  • Sootha Nerves and Stress

  • Sootha paste

two horses running in between fences

Anticoccidials products:

They aim to encounter coccidial infection within poultry. They come as:

  • Keystat Powder

  • Keystat Solution

Other products the International Animal Health Company supplies:


  • Glutacide 

  • Keydrex 

First aid:

  • Buffered Iodine

  • Flint’s Medicated Oil

  • Wound Klense

  • Tite Liniment


  • Re-energize 

  • Electromix Electrolytes & Sweat (For horses)

  • Horsport Rehydration & Recovery (For horses)

Ausmectin Products:

This is a broad-ranging antiseptic combination that is designed to act against parasites in both sheep and cattle. However, these products are to be used for animal treatment only and according to the label instructions. Otherwise, the consequences won’t be any good.

  • Ausmectin Cattle Pour-on

  • Ausmectin Sheep Drench

Vet only products:

The website has a section for vets only. Yet, you have to be a licensed veterinarian to gain access to that section of the website.

a vet in a clinic checking a dog

The products come in different sizes and shapes. For detailed information about the items’ sizes, ingredients, and way of use visit the official website of the International Animal Health Products Company.

Services the International Animal Health Company website offers:

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the solutions provided by the company are research-based. Hence, you -my friend- are granted access to these academic papers on the website. The company works scientifically for your satisfaction. 

Likewise, the website serves animal-related articles in which you can enrich your information at the CEO’s Blog. It’s a shortcut; one click and you are there.

Moreover, there is the famous FAQs section where you mostly find answers whenever you wonder.

Wanna interact with people? No worries, the website allows you to know their team through resumes, photos, and information.

Also, if you think you are qualified enough, you can apply for a job with the International Animal Health Company and start shaping your career.

a girl in a field playing with a goat and a sheep

Where to find their products?

The company was founded and still runs from Australia and New Zealand. You can find the products in feed, produce, online stores, vet clinics, rural retailers, or saddleries. Additionally, you can find the nearest store to you through the website

As the International Animal Health Products Company is growing and rising, the business is extended to the US and Europe. In the Us, there are a group of resellers who distribute the products. If you wanna find them, contact premiere1 supplies.

Moving to Europe, the business of the company there is still on hold. So, wait for it.

Nevertheless, you can get the products online with guaranteed quality and quantity. 


The International Animal Health Company has a wide range of products for your animals. And by animals, we don’t mean only your pets, but also sheep, poultry, pigs, horses, hounds and more. You can rely on their items for the prevention, treatment, appearance, and productivity of your animals and birds. They are scientific, yet friendly, people and they work so hard to extend out of Australia to reach you. 

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