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Mid Ozark animal health center is a veterinarian clinic and animal hospital that provides good health care for your animal.

It provides good treatment for illness, injuries, and accidents.

Mid ozark animal health center

Mid Ozark animal health center's information:


900 N Missouri Ave, 32 Salem, MO 65560, United States. 

Compound code:

jfp4+GG Salem, MO, USA


37.6363517, - 91.5436924

Phone number:




Working days:

6 days per week. 

Working hours of Mid Ozark animal health center:

  • Monday: 8:00 Am - 5:00 Pm

  • Tuesday: 8:00 Am - 5:00 Pm

  • Wednesday: 8:00 Am - 5:00 Pm

  • Thursday: 8:00 Am - 5:00 Pm

  • Friday: 8:00 Am - 5:00 Pm

  • Saturday: 8:00 Am - 12:00 Pm

  • Sunday: closed

Clinics of med Ozark animal health center:

There are 3 clinics near mid Ozark animal health center. 

All clinics are specialists for small animals, preventive services, and emergency treatment. 

They have professional physicians who work accurately to provide for you the best service and the best treatment. 

Physicians of mid Ozark animal health center:

Randel Kent. Smith

Ashlee B... Cunningham

Julie W.. Smith

They offer general and emergency pet care treatment. 

Mid Ozark animal health center's rules:

The mid Ozark animal health center accepts pet insurance for unexpected injuries, illnesses, and accidents.

Like all the veterinarian clinics, the Mid Ozark clinic does not cover any pre-existing diseases.

In addition to the routine care for your pet, it offers additional programs called (wellness planes) or (add - ons) which mean you can pay extra fees for other care treatment.

If you have financial problems due to the unexpected condition of your pet, It may help you by accepting financing solutions like Scratchpay or Care Credit.

These financial systems help you space out your large payment over a long time so you can afford your pet's treatment fees.

When you choose the right insurance program, you can get reimbursed up to 90% on any unexpected treatment costs. Mid ozark animal health center

What are the pre-existing conditions that aren't covered by the mid-Ozark animal health center?

The pre-existing conditions may be periodontal diseases, Allergy, hereditary conditions like diabetes or hip dysplasia, or any types of animals that aren't covered by the insurance program like birds and rabbits.

Other conditions aren't covered like an organ transplant, gland expression, grooming and bathing, parasite prevention, behavior training.

Preventive treatments like teeth scaling and polishing, vaccination, testing, and heartworm aren't covered.

Also, any treatment done before by an unlicensed vet will not be covered by mid Ozark animal health center.

Mid ozark animal health center

the wellness programs which are provided by the mid Ozark animal health center:

Pet wellness program provides different types of treatment than regular care treatment.

It helps you to pay for the preventive treatment that is not covered by the insurance and it also provides coverage for the cost of the routine care treatment.

What is the preventive treatment that is included in the wellness plans of mid Ozark animal health center?

Preventive treatment is very important as it helps to keep your pet healthy and also prevents any serious health Complications.

It includes the following conditions:

Conditions related to teeth and mouth:

Gingivitis, periodontitis, abscess, tooth loss, scaling, and oral cancer. 

Conditions related to the liver:

Jaundice, bleeding disorder, inflammatory liver disease, anemia, liver cancer, toxic reaction to drugs, and Cushing syndrome. 

Conditions related to the kidney:

Kidney stones, kidney infection, acute and chronic kidney diseases, kidney failure, irreversible kidney damage, and high blood pressure. 

Conditions related to lungs and heart:

Bronchitis, heartworm disease, leaky heart valves, irregular heart rhythm, heart muscle disease, poor circulation, fluids in lungs, pneumonia, and heart failure. 

Conditions related to joints and bones:

Hip dysplasia, arthritis, paralysis, reduced mobility, bone cancer, degenerative back disease, and torn cruciate ligament. 

Conditions related to glands and endocrine system:

Thyroid disease, collapse, diabetes, adrenal disease, and Cushing syndrome. 

Conditions related to eyes and vision:

Cataract, blindness, glaucoma, corneal ulcer, dry eyes. 

Conditions related to digestion and gastrointestinal system:

Abdominal congestion, intestinal infection, parasite diseases, colitis, pancreatitis, and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Conditions related to skin:

Allergy, lumps, skin infections, mites, fleas, ticks, and ear infections, and hair loss. 

The expensive wellness planes cover more tests and procedures like blood tests, deworming, fecal tests, heartworm tests, microchipping, urinalysis, vaccination, spay, and neutering but the lower-priced programs cover only the basic treatment.

Mid ozark animal health center

Pros and cons of mid Ozark animal health center:


Professional and multi-pet treatment plans. 

Multiple payment and financial systems.


Additional preventive treatments are not covered. 

Pre-existing conditions aren't covered. 


Mid Ozark animal health center is one of the most famous and efficient veterinarian clinics that provide different treatment plans and many payment systems.

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