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Animals are an important being in life; therefore, animal health care associates have existed to take care of those friends to know more information about it. I hope this article helps you.

The mission of animal health care associates:

The animal health care associates present animal health care services. Furthermore, the team of animal health care associates has committed to doing all their best in animal health care. 

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Animal health care associates services:

An emergency service:

Animal health care associates offer a service of 24 hr so don’t be concerned about your animal. All you have to do is call the emergency number any time and you can come to the emergency clinic if you want to let the veterinarian examine your animal.

Prevention of parasite and control it:

The parasite is considered to be one of the reasons for serious infections if it has been found in the animal body for instance: Mosquitoes can cause disease in the heart, lung, and liver then harm them. An intestinal worm like the roundworm can cause the death of animals and is transmitted to humans too. Therefore, it’s necessary to have your animal treated by a veterinarian of animal health care associates to give you suitable treatment and tell you how to protect your animal and family.

Senior Care:

When the animals are being aged that means they need special care like humans. They have to change their nutrition, exercise, and their routine. The animal health care associates provide you with the recommendations to maintain your old animal well and also make a blood test to evaluate the animal health and if there is any infection then a suitable medical dosage. Moreover, they give your animal special nutrition.    

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When your animal case requires surgery and you are worried about it. Now, you shouldn’t be worried because the Animal health care associates have professional veterinarians who can make any operation whether minor or major for instance: castration and spaying ...etc by using skillful procedures. After that, the animal health care associates’ team is going to monitor your pet after the operation and do aftercare procedures so all your worries and stress would get away.


The vaccine has a function to protect the pets from any infectious disease and increase their long life. Animal health care associates realize the importance of vaccination for animals, for that reason they provide the vaccine for your pet and you have to know there are two kinds of vaccination: basic and optional to all pets; accordingly, don’t forget that the vaccines are pivotal for pet health. 

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Dental care:

The pet’s mouth, including teeth in good health, means his healthy life becomes better because any infection of the mouth or dental can cause bad breath and disease in the heart and liver. Veterinarians of animal health care associates can make radiographs and clean procedures to keep the pet dental health.


If you are scared about losing your pet anywhere, the best way today to guarantee to return your pet home safely is microchipping. Microchips have the advantage that they could neither break up as the collars nor damage as tags. Its shape is like rice grain and placed between the pet’s shoulder blades under the skin contains all the data of the pet’s owner: name, address, and telephone.

Furthermore, this information has been registered in all shelters, clinics and each place deals with animals when your pet has lost its way and someone found it, he can return to home easily by its microchips. Animal health care associates provide the microchipping service to you.

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Pain management:

The animals like the humans when they feel pain their physical function, emotional, and psychological will be affected as well the animals they both are living beings, and the animal health care associates know that the last thing you want to see your lovely pet Feels pain so the team dedicated themselves to detect the reason of pet’s pain such arthritis, stomach, and pain of back …..etc and how to treat it. They also teach the pet's owner how to know and recognize your pet’s pain.

Radiology X-rays:

One of the precious tools of medical diagnosis is an X-ray. It’s a photograph that has a low quantity of rays to see what is inside the body for getting information about the condition of organs such as heart, lung, abdomen’s organs, and bones… etc.

The animal health care associates’ team is using this tool skillfully to evaluate the organs and help them to diagnose conditions correctly and the best treatment.  


The animal health care associates offer ultrasound devices. It is one of the diagnostic processes to recognize the common disease, check the abnormal lesion or organ, and monitor the stages of pregnancy in animals by taking photos of internal organs like the heart, liver, spleen, kidney …. etc.

Wellness examination:

Wellness exams are useful for animal health and the skillful team of animal health care associates can check the animal’s body, appetite, behavior, and give you the schedule of vaccination that your pet needs to take. Moreover, a wellness examination is a chance to detect any abnormalities that may be found; as well, they can record the animal’s weight gain or loss then write a healthy routine your pet has to follow.

Animal health care associates and the adoption with CoronaVirus:

The animal health care associates put some precautions to deal with animals and owners during the Coronavirus crisis.

  • Curbside services are provided by the animal health care associates and do not allow waiting in the lobby.

  • They are going to bring you the pet’s food and medications to your car.

  • If you think that you have been exposed to coronavirus they will apologize for not seeing your pet.

  • If you are positive of Coronavirus and your animal got sick you have to call us to tell you what to do. 

  • When they check your animal or cure it they will call you if they need any further information.

  • The payment method will be by credit card.


For maintaining your animal health you must know that the animal health care associates have a professional and skillful team who can examine, treat, and care for your pet by using the new tools that help them to the right diagnosis. Moreover, animal health care associates give your animals all the services that they need. 


Written by:Dr.Naglaa AbdAllah

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