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Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) protects the animal industry from foreign diseases to increase the marketability of Texas livestock commodities in the state.

Texas Animal Health Commission Vision:

TAHC works through the cooperation between the Texas Animal Health commission, animal producers, and allied industry groups, which leads to the animal population of Texas being healthy and secure.

Texas Animal Health Commission

The target of TAHC: 

1.TAHC mitigates the effects of domestic diseases.

2. It works on a national and international level to promote and ensure animal health and the productivity of livestock.

3. Protects human health from animal diseases and conditions that are transmissible to people.

4. Prepares for and responds to emergencies involving animals by conducting agency business in a responsive, cooperative, and transparent manner.

5.TAHC also works to avoid recurrent pests.

6-TAHC  makes a continuous contribution to the supply of meat, eggs, and dairy products at affordable costs.

7-The Texas Animal Health Commission laboratory gives serological and microbiological diagnostic services for some zoonotic diseases like cattle brucellosis, swine brucellosis, and pseudorabies. The Austin laboratory identifies pest specimens such as screwworm fly larvae, scabies mites, and ticks collected from livestock.


Texas Animal Health Commission

What does TAHC do:

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) is an agency in Texas. Its head office is located at 2105 Kramer Lane in Austin. The commission exists to help protect animal health in the

The Texas Animal Health Commission was founded in 1893  which works to protect the health of all Texas livestock species like cattle, swine, poultry, sheep, goats, equine family animals, and exotic livestock.

Texas Animal Health Commission

The role of TAHC during livestock disasters: 

Whether natural disaster or human-induced, it hurts animals just as much as people. In Texas, the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has an important role in developing a planning and response system to address livestock and companion animal needs during emergencies.

On October 6, 2006, the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act was signed into law. This law requires state and local disaster plans to include provisions for household pets and service animals in the event of a major disaster or another emergency.

Texas Animal Health Commission

Animal preparation and response by TAHC through disasters:

Natural disasters affect animals as much as they do their human counterparts so  Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) helps partners to respond to natural disasters that affect animals.

The whole community must be aware of all-hazards disasters so  TAHC helps individuals, local jurisdictions, and other disaster response partners to be ready for handling animal issues in a natural disaster like floods, extreme weather, and hurricanes through response. 

Texas Animal Health Commission

Natural Animal disasters TAHC can help in:

If you own livestock, a companion/pet animal, or have a service animal, you must plan for an emergency plan.


It is caused by tropical storms, hurricanes, and thunderstorms that lead to loss of life and property, financial, and environmental damage. Animals may need sheltering, housing, feeding,  and need veterinary care. 


Tornadoes can cause damage to local communities. Animals may need temporary sheltering, housing, feeding, and care, and veterinary attention. 

3-Extreme Heat:

The Texas summers can get hot.  You can make proper preparation so your animals can keep cool and hydrated during the summer months.


Wildfires affect farms and ranches and destroying homes, barns, agriculture production facilities, and animals. You can take some precautions to avoid much of this damage and minimize the risk and spread of wildfires.

5-Hurricanes and tropical storms:

They can cause catastrophic damage along the coastline and for hundreds of miles inland. 

6-Winter storms and cold weather:

This can impact animal health as well as human health. Winter storms can be stressful to livestock. Wind chills and makes them need shelter, food, and water.

 The role of The Sunset Advisory Commission:

The Sunset Advisory Commission reviews the performance of the TAHC to improve its services. 

How to contact TAHC:

Central Office — Austin


2105 Kramer Lane

Austin, Texas 78758

Central Office Map & Directions    Mailing

P. O. Box 12966

Austin, Texas 78711-2966    Telephone

Main: 512-719-0700

Toll-free: 1-800-550-8242

Permits: 512-719-0777

Premises/ Animal ID: 512-719-0733

Texas Animal Health Commission


Texas Animal Health Commission strives to continuously develop new, or enhance existing relationships, among government, industry, and private citizens to realize the vision of a healthy and secure animal population in Texas.

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