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Repair and restore your hair with the New Infusium leave in conditioner. These super formulas contain the i-23 Complex, an amazing blend of protein and conditioners, which are designed to treat all kinds of damaged hair.

We've infused these formulas with Argan Oil and Keratin to help build strength, vitality, and smoothness.

Product details

Argan oil is a carrier oil that dilutes essential oils so you can use them safely, it is made from kernels found inside the fruit of argan trees, which are native to Morocco. The oil is edible and is traditionally used to nourish the body, skin, and hair.

It has a nutty odor and is rich in vitamins A and E, and fatty acids.
Uses: Argan oil can usually help treat dry skin and hair, wrinkles, and skin inflammation, this makes it a pretty good carrier oil for general skin care and massage oils.

Keratin is a protein that forms hair, and smooths cells that overlap to form hair strands, which means more managed hair and less frizz. This is very important for hair that dries with little frizz and has a glossy, healthy look to it.

Keratin can also reduce the look of split ends by bonding the hair back together.

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Use Infusium leave in conditioner correctly

Your leave-in conditioner regimen will usually depend on how often you wash your hair. If you wash your hair every day then you may use Infusium leave in conditioner daily, but if you wash your hair once or twice a week then you shouldn't reach for a leave-in conditioner every day.

After washing your hair with shampoo, rinse thoroughly using warm water.

- You may use a regular conditioner in the shower if you want, but be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly afterward.

- After exiting the shower, gently cover your hair dry with a towel to remove excess water.

- Apply a small amount of Infusium leave in conditioner through your hair.

- Brush your hair using a brush or comb to detangle it.

- Let the hair dry or style it.

Always remember if you use too much of your leave-in product and don't rinse
the conditioner properly
, your hair will get heavy and weighed down.
This is always true of fine hair types. It can also get greasy, as the product will sit
on the scalp overnight, leaving an uncomfortable residue.

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Benefits of Infusium leave-in conditioner

The main benefit of using Infusium leave in conditioner is keeping hair moisturized, which will improve hair health. It also will give hair a shiny look, reduce frizziness, and protect it from damage.

All hair types can benefit from Infusium leave in conditioner:

Dry hair

People with dry hair benefit most from Infusium leave in conditioner as it provides the necessary moisture. It also should be applied to hair ends, particularly if they are dry.

Frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is a problem for those who live in a hot, humid, or very dry climate especially when they spend a lot of time in the sun.
Infusium leave in conditioner can help control frizziness by coating the hair, it can also protect it from the heat of the sun and harsh environments.

Fine hair

Most regular conditioners will weigh fine hair ending with heavy and flat hair.

Infusium leave in conditioner is more lightweight and still provides fine hair with a shiny look.

Damaged hair

Bleach, dyes, chemical straightenings, or hot styling tools can probably damage hair and leave it frizzy or dull. It is recommended to apply Infusium leave in conditioner before styling with hot tools as it provides a protective effect.

Curly hair

Natural oils produced by the scalp take longer to spread on all hair. That’s why curly hair is susceptible to dryness.

Applying Infusium leave in conditioner helps hair appear healthier with less frizz.
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Leave-In Conditioner vs Conditioner

Regular and leave-in conditioners are important for maintaining the beauty and the shiny look of your hair. Regular conditioner helps to moisturize the hair, while leave-in conditioner protects it from damage, adds shine, and reduces frizziness.

What about oils Vs conditioner?

Both oils and a leave-in conditioner act as a moisturizer; however the latter can be seen as a better way to lock in moisture as they tend to have loads of beneficial ingredients inside. However, hair oils tend to have more natural ingredients than a leave-in conditioner.

Side effects

- Allergy: though it rarely happens, some people may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients, If the product is irritating or burning you have to rinse immediately.

- Irritation to eyes: try not to get leave-in conditioner on your eyes.

- Not suitable for oily hair
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Other Hair Care Tips

If you want to maximize your hair care, use these tips to keep hair healthy in between conditioning:

- Find a shampoo and a conditioner that meets your hair’s needs and pairs well with your conditioner.

- If your hair is dry or color-treated, you may wash it less often but use more conditioner.

- Use a swim cap if you swim in a pool to prevent damage from chlorine and other pool chemicals.

- Keep your hair shiny simply by eating healthy food. Spinach and carrots are rich in vitamin A, salmon for omega 3 fatty acids, nuts for selenium, and a low-fat diet including vegetables and fruits.

Obviously, a luscious look needs nutrients, it’s important to have a diet containing iron, zinc, fatty acids, vitamins A and E to get healthy hair.

Infusium leave in conditioner is completely free of any chemicals, it is suitable for color-treated and keratin-treated hair. The product is used to improve the texture, appearance and manageability of hair.

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