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Who is Mielle?                        

Mielle Organics is a hair care and beauty company that strongly believes that using healthier ingredients encourages and promotes the well-being of both your hair.

Mielle was created by Monique Rodrigues, who desired to share her healthy hair journey.

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Mielle hair products :

Mielle is one of the fastest-growing hair care brands in the multicultural category.

As they grow, their ambition is to broaden their vision on how they continue to innovate exciting new products that not only solve your needs.

But products that provide a proactive approach to healthy hair and scalp preservation.

There are many products in this brand that suit every hair type and for all hair concerns.

 Mielle hair products are classified into 7 categories:-

1. Conditioners

There are 18 micelle hair conditioner products which vary according to the active ingredient contained in them and their source (pomegranate, white peony leaves, mint, babassu oil, mongongo oil, honey, or ginger).

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2. Shampoos

There are nearly 10 shampoos in Mielle hair products, varying according to the hair type and concern and in active ingredients.

Also, there are (color-treated shampoos, curl-definer shampoos, frizz-controlling shampoos, and for dry scalp ).

 3. Hair masks

The hair masks in Meille hair products are some of the best hair masks you can use.

There are 3 hair masks (rosemary, rice water clay, and sea moss gel mask).

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4. Oils :

There are 6 oils in Mielle hair products for many concerns: for hair and scalp, for treatment, nourishing, straightening, and anti-shedding oils.

5. moisturizers

Their  Moisturizing Hair products can offer important hydration to dry, thirsty hair.

Infused with a blend of extracted botanicals and certified organic ingredients.

You can finally breathe easy knowing you’ve found a product that is both safe and effective.

6. Stylers

These products are the best seller in micelle hair products for their soft, manageable hold and nourishing formula with natural ingredients

The hair stylers give your hair the nutrients it needs and give you the styling control you want.

Mielle’s moisturizing styling gel not only offers great hold but also deep hydration, so you can give your locks the love they deserve.

The styler formula utilizes natural ingredients like ginger and avocado oil as well as lemon and orange extract for an incredible.mielle hair prooducts 4

7. Scalp treatment :

These products are in different formulas like oil, stick, and serum.

Mielle scalp treatments easily remove edge gel build-up and other impurities from the hairline and scalp without reversion and are very effective for itchy scalp.

Different types of hairstyles

What is your hairstyle? If your hairstyle is usually under a wig, style, or pin-straight with a hairdryer, you may no longer believe it.

You may have been told that your hair is “thick” or “loose” from a young age, or maybe you just didn’t like it!

There’s no better time to start appreciating and nurturing your unique natural hair look with some new natural hair products.

In this short guide, we will go over the different types and textures of black hair.

We will also provide some brief hair care tips for each hairstyle so you can start perfecting your routine and embracing your natural texture with full confidence.

Straight Hair (Type 1)

Straight hair has little to wave even after you’ve applied texturizing sprays.

Straight hair has the following qualities:

The scalp’s sebum, or oil, is easily able to travel down the hair shaft and hydrate each strand, this makes it shiny and smooth.

Hair may tend towards limpness and oiliness as sebum builds up between washings.

Wavy Hair (Type 2)

Wavy hair strands cascade into distinct “S” shapes and may even have a hint of curl.

Because hair strands are still relatively straight, wavy hair tends to have plenty of shine and may be less oily than pin-straight hair.

In some cases, less porous wavy hair may even be a little bit dry.

In this case, it can benefit from hydrating products such as a moisturizing shampoo or deep conditioner.

However, like straight hair, wavy hair usually lacks volume and lays fairly close to the head.

If you have especially dense hair, volume may not be an issue, especially after washing.

Curly Hair (Type 3)

Curly hair strands have a distinct “S” shape when lightly tugged.

Curls come in all shapes and sizes from curls the size of fat sidewalk chalk to those that could easily wrap around a Bic pen.

Almost everyone with curly hair will notice that they have a range of curl widths, although strands tend to clump together in ringlets of a roughly similar width.

Sebum has a more challenging time navigating down the winding road of a curly hair strand. Why?

Think of a slide at a park when you slide down one that just goes straight down, you’ll get to the bottom faster.

But a spiral slide may take you slightly longer to reach the end of the journey.

That’s why sebum has a harder time making it to the ends of your curly hair.

That means that curly hair is often prone to dryness and, of course, dreaded frizz.

Using heat instruments can further damage the hair, creating additional dryness and even breakage.

Don't settle for breakage and frizzy hair.

Find out what curly hair type you have and get into the perfect hair care routine for your needs!

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Mielle hair accessories

Smooth satin scrunchies

Secured your hair with creaseless protection while looking cute & stylish.            

Microfiber drying towel accessories

Add extra protection and hydration to your hair care

Scalp massager & shampoo brush


Mielle hair products are one of the best hair care products especially curly and wavy hair.

Natural ingredients are the reason why many people prefer and trust this brand. 

There are more than 100 hair care products in the Mielle brand for all hair types.

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