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John Frieda shampoo for curly hair has a great reputation among women because of its perfect effect. If you want attractive curls look, John Frieda is your best choice.

People all over the world seek healthy and shiny hair, especially women who search for a suitable hair routine.

Thousands of brands do their best to produce the best products that cover all their needs.

John Frieda is a high brand serving many countries in Paris, London, and New York, now it has a big line of John Frieda shampoo for curly hair.

john frieda shampoo for curly hair

John Frieda the founder

Alan Howard Frieda was born in London on 9 July 1955, he was a British hairstylist.

In 1988 Frieda moved to New York and created different hair products.

There are hundreds of john Frieda hair products that suit every hair type, John Frieda shampoo for curly hair is perfect for the curly style.

Some of John Frieda hair products

Color shine shampoo

This shampoo is one of the best-selling john Frieda shampoos for curly hair. It adds shine to all styles and types of hair.

Because of its formula, it hydrates hair without weighing it down and is safe for natural and color-treated hair.

How to use it?

- Use a little of this formula and apply it gently on hair roots with a massage of the scalp then rinse well with warm water.

Color shine conditioner

This conditioner adds shine and glow to hair and also hydrates hair without weighing it down.

For best results use this conditioner after using John Frieda shampoo for curly hair.

How to use it?

- It is used after shampoo, on wet hair.

- Apply it all over the hair, except the roots then rinse with water.

Sheer blonde lightning conditioner

When used with the lightening shampoo, it lightens blonde strands.

It keeps hair moist and healthy.

This conditioner is ammonia and peroxide free to suit all hair types.

Size: 8.3 fl oz.

Sheer blonde lightening shampoo

John Frieda didn't forget people who prefer blonde hair so created John Frieda shampoo for curly hair lightening shampoo.

The shampoo is also ammonia and peroxide free suitable for daily use.

It gradually deposits yellow tones for blonder looking

Size: 8.3 fl oz.

How to use it?

Gently massage shampoo on wet hair then rinse it, apply sheer conditioner and massage it through the hair, then rinse and dry it using a dry towel.

It's formulated to be used as needed.

Frizz eases extra strengthen serum

- This serum is considered a multi-task serum of the John Frieda brand, it has numerous benefits for hair.

- It protects from humidity and heat.

- It also hydrates hair and makes it glowy.

- The serum is paraben free and vegan-friendly.

Size: 4 fl. oz.

How to use it?

Use only one pump of serum, put it on your hand and rub it together then apply on the hair, make sure to spread through the hair avoiding roots, don't rinse it.

 For more styling, use John Frieda shampoo for curly hair before this serum.

Serum can be used on dry hair too but with less amount.

Frizz ease secret weapon cream

This cream is excellent for treating damaged hair with split ends.

It is used for chemically treated hair and safe for color-treated hair.

How to use it?

Can be used after John Frieda shampoo for curly hair for ideal results.

Take a suitable amount and rub it between your palms then pull it through the hair starting with the ends where the hair is the driest, increase the amount of cream as needed.

john frieda shampoo for curly hair

Other John Frieda products

- Vibrant shine color shine shampoo

- Overnight miracle hair lotion

- Overnight miracle hair mist

- Brilliant brunette

- Hi-impact vibrancy restoring conditioner

John Frieda shampoo for curly hair

- Frizz ease dream curls shampoo

This is the first shampoo in the John Frieda brand to specialize in curly hair and African type. 

John Frieda shampoo for curly hair helps in creating defined curls, the whole hair curls will be different and still defined for some days.

Frizz shampoo gives hair volume and a fancy look, it is perfect for wavy and curly hair.

How to use it?

- Apply a small amount of shampoo on wet hair then rinse it with water

- Use a frizz ease dream curls conditioner after it for the best result.

- Frizz ease immunity shampoo

This formula is for frizzy hair; it penetrates hair fibers and helps combat the porosity of frizzy hair.

This shampoo is for medium-thick and wavy-curly hair types.

How to use it?

- Use it on wet hair then rinse with water.

- Follow with Frizz ease immunity conditioner.

- Brilliant brunette color shampoo

It makes the color richer to enhance sultry shades of deep brown hair.

It is a perfect formula of John Frieda shampoo for curly hair that makes curls with a shade of brown.

Size: 8.3 fl. oz.

How to use it?

- Massage the shampoo gently into wet hair then rinses well. 

- Rinse hands well after use and avoid contact with surfaces to prevent staining.

- Luxurious full shampoo

This type of shampoo is designed to thin hair to gently clean and prepare hair adding volume to it.

It is safe for color-treated hair.

Size: 250 ml.

How to use it?

Massage a suitable amount of the product into your wet hair then rinse well.

- Luxurious volume dry shampoo

John Frieda brand didn't forget busy women who prefer dry shampoo outside their homes.

This sort of John Frieda shampoo for curly hair fixes flat feelings and greasy hair.

This formula absorbs oil from hair and leaves it clean and shiny.

Size: 4.4 fl. oz

How to use it?

Shake the container well before use, divide the hair into sections then spray the shampoo in short quick bursts.

Wait some minutes to be sure that the product absorbs all oils from your hair, then gently massage and style your hair.


- Keep it away from children.

- Avoid spraying near eyes, if contact happens, rinse with water.

- Keep away from heat and sunny places.

- Store in a temperature below 120F.

- For external use only.

john frieda shampoo for curly hair


- Water

- Sodium C 14-16

- Olefin Sulfonate

- Stearyl alcohol

- Cocamidopropyl

- Betaine

- Coco-Glucoside

- Decyl Glucoside

- Glycol Distearate

- Sodium hydroxide

- Cocamide Mea

- Fragrance

- Citric acid

- Hydroxypropyl

- Methylcellulose

- Stearoxy propyl dimethylamine

- Rosa canina fruit oil

- Guar hydroxypropyl trimonium chloride

- Polyquaternium

- Lactic acid

- Laureth-16

- Propylene

- Glycol

- Quaternium-80

- Polyquaternium-10

- Polyquaternium-52

- Sodium chloride


How to buy john Frieda shampoo for curly hair

You can buy directly from the John Frieda site:

Or buy from amazon or eBay.


John Frieda brand went viral these days and the star product is John Frieda shampoo for curly hair.

Women all over the world prefer John Frieda shampoo for curly hair as it fulfills all their hair needs, and it's easy to get the products.

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