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Women's Health Pavilion Westbury is a medical office located in Westbury, Long Island, New York, it specialized mainly in gynecology, and obstetrics for all women ages, it also includes, podiatry, general care, and other specialties.

Give a good medical service provided by physicians and other perfect doctors and nurses with other assistants


Women's Health Pavilion Westbury is located in Westbury, suite 106,372 post-Avenue, NY 11590, New York, USA.

Specialties and services

- Gynecology

- Obstetrics & Gynecology

- Podiatry

- Nurse practitioner

- Another general specialty

How to connect?

- Tel / ( 516) 333-1444 

-  Visit their website (www.ilovemygyn.com

-  Fax / (516) 333- 2725

Hours of work at Women's Health Pavilion Westbury

- Monday to Thursday from (8 a.m  to 8 p.m)

- Friday from (8 a.m to 4 p.m)

- Saturday from (8 a.m to 1 p.m)

- Sunday (closed)


Work of Women's Health Pavilion Westbury

This perfect clinic offers you wonderful maternity care for a pregnant woman, urgent care, and well-woman care through a highly qualified and kindhearted provider team that includes both male and female physicians, nurse practitioners, and assistants.

They are interested in giving the woman the best care at every stage in her life, important do's and don't, helping to prepare for a big day, and offering big obstetrics-GYN services at each of their offices.

Also, give women well checkups, treatment of ongoing conditions, or gynecologic surgery.


Women's Health Pavilion Westbury doctors

Super doctors in this clinic are:

- Dr.Dennis Fassman (podiatry, all podiatry surgery, and general care)

- Dr.Lynda A Piboon, MD (doctor in obstetrics & gynecology)

- Dr.Mayer Joseph Saad, MD (specializes in obstetrics & gynecology)

- Dr.Chinwe Offor ( neonatal-perinatal medicine, obstetrics & gynecology, and pediatrics.


The women's health pavilion

Who is the gynecologist?

He is a doctor who specializes in female reproductive health, diagnose, and treats anything related to the female reproductive tract ( uterus-fallopian tubes-ovaries and breasts).

He checks women through pelvic, breast exams, or cervical cancer screening, he may look at the vagina, cervix, and vulva to see any signs of problems. This is done through gloved hands.

The Women's Health Pavilion has 6 offices other than Westbury in Queens and Long Island in New York, each office is fully-equipped with a specialized lab for testing blood, urine, pap smears, etc.4-D ultrasound, pathologist, and fetal monitoring equipment.

Other locations of the Women's Health Pavilion

Not only Women's Health Pavilion Westbury, but this is also a huge community that extends in:

- Glendale

Queens, NY 11385 

73-09 Myrtle Avenue.

You can contact them by Tel / 718577_4747 

Fax / ( 718) 577-47471

- Lynbrook

Long Island, NY 11563,158 Hempstead Avenue.

Tel/ (516) 881-9560 

Fax/ (516)881-9561 

- Howard Beach

Queens NY 11414, 82_1215 First Avenue.

Tel/ (718) 843_6300 

Fax / (718) 843_6334 

- Forest Hills

109-337 First Road, Suite 2G 

Queens, NY 11375 

Tel / (718)263-1963 

Fax / (718)268-6616 

- Levittown

Long Island, NY 11756 

2950 Hempstead Turnpike 

Fax /(516)731-9004 

Tel /(516)731-9000 

- Massapequa

Long Island, NY 11758 

514 Ocean Avenue 

Tel /(516)799-4500 

Fax /(516)799-4570


How often should a woman visit a gynecologist

Generally, gynecology is an important part of women's health care throughout their entire life.

Women between 21-29 years old should receive a gynecological exam every year, this occurs at Women's Health Pavilion Westbury. If she becomes sexually active, she begins to see a gynecologist as soon as the age of 16, this decreases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

If she becomes pregnant, she may need to visit her women's health doctor more frequently.

Women of any age who suffer from changes to their menstrual cycles, unusual discharges or odors, or severe pelvic pain should see a gynecologist right now.

As these symptoms may be signs of something more serious, so Woman's Health Pavilion Westbury is highly recommended.

When should women stop seeing gynecologists

It varies from one to another, but generally, healthy women over the age of 66 don't need to visit a gynecologist every year.

Women in menopause or post-menopause can continue seeing their doctors if they have vaginal dryness, unusual discharges or odors, or painful intercourse.

Women's Health Pavilion Westbury reviews

- Leanna Clark

I love this office. Everyone there is super nice and friendly. The staff is very efficient, so l feel very safe to entrust my health with them. Thank you Woman's Health Pavilion Westbury.

- Jeanette Hernandez

Good service! very very clean, very professional.

- Anna M 

The staff in this hospital is extremely friendly and attentive, unlike most doctors I've had. Highly recommended.

- Kristen Lapetri

It's my first time going there. It was a very good experience. The doctor is a good listener to his patients. Great place.Thank you a lot.


Women's Health Pavilion Westbury is a big medical office (Obstetrics / Gynecologist Office) located in New York in the USA. Specialized in gynecology, obstetrics mainly, podiatry, nurse practitioners, and other general care.

It gives great care to the woman at all stages of her life by a big team of physicians and super doctors who are very professional. It is open all day of the week except Sunday.

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