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Leawood animal hospital is one of the best-known veterinary healthcare facilities in the United States, this article will review the hospital's mission, the services it provides, its address, how to contact it, and reviews from its clients.

The mission of Leawood animal hospital

Out of waring its responsibility together the family and its pets, Leawood animal hospital makes its goal to increase the quality of life for pets, providing them with a long and healthy life.

The hospital makes its attention focused on all animals enrolled from the first day of life to graying seniors, this can not be achieved without having a world-class staff of veterinarians and technicians who possess professional knowledge with decades of experience.

To ensure the offering of comprehensive veterinary care, Leawood animal hospital works to provide a suite of complementary services that the pets need.

Leawood Animal Hospital

Leawood animal hospital services

In pursuit of achieving its goals of healing pets and helping people, Leawood animal hospital provides many services that make it an inclusive veterinary care institution:

Wellness Exams

These examinations are periodically accurate physical examinations that are done on annual basis on animals under the age of seven, this annual visit is primarily interested in preventive healthcare.

The main goal of this examination is the early diagnosis of any disease that threatens the animal's health and treat it. Consequently, these factors of disease can be managed more successfully when identified earlier.

Leawood Animal Hospital


As an extremely important part of the healthcare program, vaccinations are one of the services provided by Leawood animal hospital.

Vaccines are of two types:

- Core vaccines

They are essential vaccines that must be given to all pets, they include the rabies vaccine and distemper combination vaccines that help to protect against rabies and distemper viruses respectively.

- Other vaccines

They are estimated during the annual examination of the animal to decide the risk factors it facing and the vaccines needed.

Leawood Animal Hospital

Pet Spay and Neuter

There is an increasing number of unwanted animals every year, these animals have been euthanized in shelters.

- Pet spaying

It's a Surgical procedure involving pet females, and it is also known as an ovariohysterectomy. It is the removal of the ovaries, the uterus, and the fallopian tubes of the female pet.

- Pet neutering

It is performed on male pets, this process aims to remove the testicles.

Pet Microchipping

The microchipping technique is a technique performed in Leawood animal hospital based on a recommendation from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

It is based on the Datamars pet identification system, this microchip is preprogrammed to contain the information code that will be permanent throughout the pet's lifetime, which helps in reuniting the pet with its owner

This grain of rice-sized microchip is implanted in the pet with a one-time-use syringe,  it contains no battery and is unbreakable.

Leawood Animal Hospital

Pet Surgery 

Many surgical procedures can be performed at Leawood animal hospital:

- Soft tissue surgery

- Orthopedics

- Tumor removal

- Spaying and neutering

The after-surgery follow-up is extensive:


- Blood oxygen level

- Respiration

- Blood Pressure levels

- The infection control

In-House Veterinary Laboratory

In some cases accurate and short lab results are required, so Leawood animal hospital provides an in-house veterinary lab, the lab results are diagnostic markers that use to diagnose diseases and evaluate the body organs' function

These markers include the liver and kidney markers, the pancreas, and CBC to give a holistic picture of the blood components.

Pet Dental Care

Oral and dental diseases affect about 80% of the age of three causing dental pain and loss of teeth, this fact makes periodontal healthcare is such important.

Leawood animal hospital provides pet dental services including dental cleaning, diagnosis by radiography, dental surgery, and treatment.

Other supportive services provided at Leawood animal hospital


As a part of the pet protective health routine, the hospital includes grooming on its services list. Normal grooming and bathing sessions are available.

Medicated bathing is performed for some special skin conditions as a part of treatment.

Parasite Control

It is a highly important service that achieves a positive return for both the pet and the family.

This pet parasite examination is significant to ensure that your pet is free from parasites and prevent any health issue affecting it or the other family members through infection transmission.

On-site Veterinary Pharmacy

For a more treatment availability guarantee, Leawood animal hospital involves an on-site veterinary pharmacy that contains a wide range of pharmaceuticals needed in veterinary healthcare.

The hospital can use other local pharmacies to provide other specialized medications.

Leawood Animal Hospital

Pet Endoscopy

This medical procedure is used in the diagnosis of many conditions that affect the gastrointestinal tract. It is also used in removing some foreign bodies from the stomach and intestine as an alternative treatment protocol to surgery.

Payment methods

The following payment methods are accepted at Leawood animal hospital:

- Cash

- Credit cards

- Care Credit

It is a method you can use to divide the fee of the healthcare service, whether a routine check-up or an emergency surgery, for up to 6 months with zero hidden fees and low minimum monthly payments.

CareCredit card can be used over and over for all your pet’s follow-up care and also for vaccines and annual exams.

How to contact the hospital

Leawood animal hospital has merged with Johnson County Animal Clinic. To get in touch with the hospital and to make appointments: 


(913) 642-2714


Monday to Saturday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sunday: Closed




9425 W 75th St, Overland Park, KS 66204, United States. 

To find the directions to the hospital, follow this link: 

Johnson County Animal Clinic

Leawood animal hospital Reviews

Most of the published reviews commend the effort of the hospital staff and clear to what extent they care about any pet enrolled in the hospital.


Leawood animal hospital is a veterinary healthcare provider institution that provides a comprehensive suite of services concerning the health and luxury of the pet aiming to make their life longer and more healthy.

The slogan of the hospital, healing pets and helping people, indicates how the hospital takes over the responsibility to provide the ultimate veterinary health care. That can not even happen without a professional staff of veterinarians and technicians.

Based on the published reviews, Leawood animal hospital deserved the trust of its clients and provided them with the satisfying care that they expected.

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