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Rose Hill Animal Clinic is a clinic that offers surgical and medical procedures and they're equipped with extensive diagnostic and monitoring equipment.

Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic is a wonderful clinic, full of medical services, and the latest modern diagnostic medical equipment. It contains small and large pets and a veterinary hospital for good horses.

It offers comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care with qualified and trained staff in the correct handling of the diagnosis and treatment of animals.

Rose hill Animal Clinic has an equipped staff to educate the client to maintain the health and peace of the animal, and how to maintain the animal's healthy diet.

The staff keeps and develops its information to suit modern developments in the animal world.

rose hill animal clinic

Location of Ross hill Animal Clinic

Rosehill Veterinary Clinic

17719 FM 2920 Road

Tomball, Texas 77377

 Financial Transactions in Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic

Rose hill animal hospital

The method of paying the expenses is at the time of service

 Accepted payment methods

  .Cash is accepted, check, or MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express

!Pay according to your availability

rose hill animal clinic

How does the customer communicate with the clinic

Rose hill Veterinary Clinic

17719 FM 2920

Tomball, TX  77377

​Phone:  281-351-6717

Fax 281-351-7249

The official times during the week for the clinic

Office hours

Monday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Sunday Closed

In case of emergency

If you have a very sick animal outside of regular business hours you should call the regular office number of 281-351-6717.

They recorded a message for the client and will direct you to providers of emergency care for both cats and dogs, and equine patients.

Some available options are

Blue Pearl Spring  832-616-5000

Animal ER of NW Houston (Cypress)  281-304-0039

Emergency Pet Care of Texas (Magnolia) ​832-521-8521

Waller Equine Hospital (Waller) 936-931-2900

rose hill animal clinic

?Why Client choose rose Hill Animal Clinic

 The cause for choosing this clinic is Veterinarians apply good diagnoses and control animal diseases, treat any sick or injured animals, prevent wide speed transmission of animal diseases from animals to people, and advise owners on good care of pets and livestock

They ensure a safe and continuous food supply by maintaining the health of food animals

Veterinarians staff in Rose Hill Animal Clinic are also involved in wildlife preservation and conservation and health of the human being

The clients of the clinic are probably the most knowledgeable with staff who specialize in pet medicine in a clinical setting such as an animal hospital.

During every visit, this type of veterinarian staff will be able to guide the client of the clinic in all aspects of pet maintenance, including diet requirements of the animal, daily care routine, and any special needed for animal health.

Services provided by the clinic

1- Surgical Services

The surgical suite in the clinic is available to perform a wide range of surgical procedures, from orthopedics to soft tissue.

2- Diagnostic tools 

Radiology/Ultrasound Digital Imaging services the clinic provides on their site the MY-RAD 60 Digital X-ray and Sonoscape S8 Digital Ultrasound equipment provide high-quality images to aid in the rapid diagnosis of many diseases of the sick animal.

3- Pharmacy

The clinic features a large stock of pharmaceutical drugs, nutritious meals, and hair preparations such as medicated shampoo, parasite control products, and heartworms to meet all your pet's needs. 

They also contain a whole host of nutritional recipes; the Best of them are (Royal Canin and Hill's Science Diet). 

4- Laboratory

Their laboratory facility features Abaxis Veterinary Laboratory Equipment and provides for serum chemistry, blood analysis, bleeding and clotting test, serology test, urinalysis, and parasite testing.

They also utilize Kansas State University’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and other commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics and good treatment.

5- Individualized Heartworm and Parasite Control Programs

They develop a lot of programs for the specific needs of the client pet and suitable environmental and travel situations.

They will review with you the best ways to control fleas in your house, barn, in your yard, and on your pet to get rid of fleas. 

6- Dietary Counseling

They will guide your pet’s nutritional needs for all life stages, including main dietary requirements for suitable growth, weight maintenance, and good performance.

7- Dentistry

The clinic provides a distinguished service in the field of dentistry, where they perform a thorough cleaning of the teeth, an excellent evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and a plan of prevention for all sick animals. 

For very young animals, additional heating is provided for the best dental practice, you can be confident that your pet receives the best dental health at Rose Hill Animal Clinic because they have great specialists in all areas.

rose hill animal clinic

The clinic's Progressive New Approach 

Rose Hill Animal Clinic offers a progressive new approach to veterinary care.

Their wellness program contains the foundations of preventive medicine that focuses on the specific life stage of your pet.  

Each patient is evaluated individually and the staff focuses on many factors in this evaluation such as the animal's age, gender, breed, and environmental conditions surrounding the animal. 

After that, they provide strict and focused recommendations for disease prevention, maintaining the foundations of a proper diet, and diagnosing diseases with the latest equipment.

The role of the staff in the clinic depends on the constant education of the client.

On procedures and medicines especially for your pet, this makes it easier for the customer to be more flexible about their recommendations and gives you more control over the health care of your pets.

The cornerstone of the RHVC health program is the annual comprehensive health examination of animals. 

At the beginning of each year when your pet comes, he will undergo a physical examination and an appropriate diagnosis for the animal's age (such as blood pressure checks, parasite tests, and blood analysis) to detect early signs of disease and correct treatment of these signs.


Rose Hill Animal Veterinary Clinic is considered one of the best clinics that take care of animals and provide the best various medical services such as surgical services for animal treatment, medicines, dental services, caring for them, and fighting worms.

It contains the best veterinarians and modern devices

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