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Wolf rock animal health center is a full-service animal hospital, it is equipped with a high efficiency to receive and treat animals.

Doctors use traditional treatment methods with alternative therapies as much as possible and recommend the use of safer natural materials as much as possible.

Wolf Rock Animal Health Center

How do they deal with, diagnose and treat animals in wolf rock animal health center? 

Wolf rock animal health center is one of the best places that provide comprehensive and unique care for pets.

The employees make every effort to take care of the pets and treat them well, whether the pet or its shepherd.

Each case is dealt with as if it were the only case in wolf rock animal health center, and the animal was diagnosed and the appropriate treatment was provided for its condition, which was also appropriate for the animal caretaker.

Unlike most animal centers, the wolf rock animal health center is not interested in promoting companies or products.

But on the contrary, it takes time to get to know you and your pet, discuss the condition and its diet, and provide appropriate solutions for the pet and its shepherd, and this also does not exceed 30 minutes to prevent boredom as well.

Wolf Rock Animal Health Center

About alternative treatments in the wolf rock animal health center

If necessary, physiotherapy, medicinal herbs, homeopathy, nutritional consultation, acupuncture, and chiropractic are used to create a greater opportunity for the body to be treated naturally without drugs or surgical intervention.

The goal of alternative treatments in wolf rock animal health center is to maintain the health of the animal. 

The veterinarians evaluate the animal’s condition and determine whether it needs alternative treatments to traditional treatment or not, and in a manner that is also appropriate for the animal and its shepherd.


In wolf rock animal health center, it is used with animals as an alternative and better treatment.

It is a form of effective treatment in cases that do not have a traditional treatment or their traditional treatment is poisonous.

It is based on the ancient Chinese medicine curriculum that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years.

Chinese documents describe remedies for horses, cattle, and chickens.

But recently this medical approach has been developed to treat other animals such as dogs and cats.

Acupuncture depends on understanding the active channels in the body and working on them so that the body can heal itself.


Animal chiropractic treatment has been developed in cooperation with veterinarians to find solutions that help relieve the pain of animals.

Indeed, this method has been reached, which is straightening the spine of the animal in a way that is very similar to treating humans.

Indeed, this method had very good results, such as relieving bone and muscle pain and improving the animal's immunity adequately.

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine has been used throughout history for both humans and animals.

The use of herbs has been developed to become part of the treatment recently, and it is very reliant on it.

Veterinarians in wolf rock animal health center can also prescribe medicinal herbs for animals after diagnosing the condition and knowing what suits them.


Homeopathy has been used for a while and has proven to be successful.

It is dealing with the flee as a unique individual, no one is similar to him, he is just like himself.

Therefore, instead of having one treatment for the disease, there are dozens of treatments for the same disease, according to the diagnosis of the condition that is unlike anyone.

Treatment in this way depends on the patient and how the disease is unique to him differently from others.

During the diagnosis, it is known if the symptoms are more severe at night, in the morning, or after exercise.

Therefore, each case is treated as it is a unique case.

And veterinary homeopathy has been used and proven successful, but it is more effective for psychological conditions that may occur due to neglect, sadness, or betrayal.

Nutritional counseling 

In wolf rock animal health center, veterinarians depend on educating the animal shepherd about the correct diet, cooking food at home, and using high-quality food.

This is due to the importance of proper nutrition for the body and protection from diseases, which have been focused on in the center.

Wolf Rock Animal Health Center

Other specialties and services offered at the wolf rock animal health center

Wolf rock animal health center also has a radiology, dental examination, surgical department, and preventive medicine department.

Dental specialty

It examines the teeth of animals and provides the required care, which may include surgery.

Grooming section 

This section in the wolf rock animal health center is based on providing care for pets.

X-ray department 

This section provides digital radiography to check the body systems of pets.


The center offers many vaccinations against many viruses and diseases.

Physical therapy

The veterinarians in the wolf rock animal health center do physical therapy sessions for animals using methods not available at home.

With the awareness of their families about the methods of massage and physical therapy that can be dealt with at home.

Medical diagnoses

In addition to what was previously mentioned, we still need the traditional medical diagnosis at the center to know whether the animal needs blood tests or x-rays.


Surgical operations are carried out for animals with great care and a staff that is well-equipped to receive them with devices for measuring heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen tubes.

It is treated with great care during anesthesia.

There are also separate rooms with comfortable cages for animals after surgery, to enjoy a pleasant experience.

Wolf Rock Animal Health Center

About doctors in wolf rock animal health center

Dr. Elizabeth Hassinger

Dr. Elizabeth Hassinger graduated from veterinary school in 1989, has specialized in the care of small animals, and has practiced veterinary medicine since 1991.

The doctor completed her studies and training to obtain a certificate in veterinary acupuncture.

She has also studied animal chiropractic, homeopathy, and herbal medicine.

The doctor has always been interested in professional development and continuing education in conventional and alternative veterinary medicine.

Dr. Hasinger and Dr. Connell

Responsible for performing animal surgeries.

Dr. David Clark

He performs complex procedures and surgeries.

Wolf Rock Animal Health Center

Is there Pet insurance at wolf rock animal health center

Wolf rock animal health center accepts pet insurance against unexpected illnesses.

But you must take into account that insurance will not cover what has previously occurred from diseases or other things, so it is better to work insurance procedures and keep your animal in good health in anticipation of any circumstance that may occur.

Advantages of insurance for your pet 

Some insurance service providers provide routine periodic care services for your pet without incurring expenses or with little expenses.

This is in addition to the basic insurance services against diseases.

Insurance is also the best way to avoid unpredictable and expensive medical expenses. 

If there are costs in the current situation, you can talk to the doctor to divide the money paid into installments so that you do not incur a very large expense at once.

Address of wolf rock animal health center

Wolf Rock Animal Health Center

710 South County Trail

Exeter, RI 02822.

You can contact wolf rock animal health center

401-294-0102 phone.

401-294-8178 fax.

Wolf rock animal health Center  working hours

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Technical staff only (no doctor) every Saturday.


You can visit wolf rock animal health center for treatment and periodic follow-up of your animal.

The center provides medical services appropriate to the condition of the animal, such as surgery, dentistry, physiotherapy, and others.

Veterinarians rely on alternative therapies and natural methods to reduce the use of many medications.

The pet and its shepherd are treated kindly, with all possible advice being given to suit the animal and its caretaker.

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