The Best 10 Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Under Breast

Hi, if you are looking for home remedies for yeast infection under breast, this article will help you find suitable natural remedies for your condition

home remedies for yeast infection under breast

Yeast isn't an enemy

First of all, you should know that yeast is not your enemy it is one of the normal inhabitants of the body that helps your body like other normal bacterial flora that lives in your mouth, intestine and play an important role in digesting food

There are many species of yeast but Candida Albicans is the most prevalent type.

Diseases caused by Candida Albicans

Candida lives normally in your mouth, intestine, vagina, and skin but when their number is too much or your immune system becomes weak it will cause manifestations

.Manifestations differ according to the site of infection

In the mouth

Cause oral thrush in which white membrane covers tongue and checks, It causes pain, dysphagia, and bad mouth odor, it's common in infants

In the vagina

Causes vulvovaginitis, white cheesy discharge, itching, and burning pain, especially during intercourse


Vulvovaginitis is contagious so if your sexual partner has an infection both must receive treatment.

In skin folds

Cause diaper rash.

In between toes

.Causes tinea pedis

In nails

.Causes onychomycosis

Predisposing factors for yeast infection

Before discussing home remedies for yeast infection under breast, what about having a hint about predisposing factors for infection

Let's go:

Yeast cells like moist media so infection commonly occurs in skin folds, under the breast, in armpits, groin, and between toes

Also, Hot moist weather in the summer and sweat helps yeast infection flare

Who is susceptible to yeast infection under the breast?

Pregnant and lactating women 

Are at high risk because of enlargement of breast size so that bras become tight and keep moisture and sweat inside so take care if you become pregnant or lactating please wear the suitable size of bras


 .Give the yeast a suitable dump place to grow in skin folds

Diabetic people

They are at high risk for many infections especially candida because high sugar level makes your cells suitable media for many microorganisms

Old people and infant

.Due to a weak immune system

Hyperhidrosis, chronic diseases, and cancer

Overuse of antibiotics and corticosteroids

The bad general hygiene of people

Symptoms and signs of yeast infection under breast 

- Red or brown patch 

- Itching   

- Pain 

- Offensive odor 

.Infection may become severe and cause cracking of skin and bleeding

You should know that many dermal conditions may overlap with it such as erythrasma and seborrheic dermatitis, take care before trying home remedies for yeast infection under breast, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, and herpes

Medical treatment for yeast infection under breast

Doctors give antifungal medications that are available in many forms such as tablets, suppositories creams, and ointments.

 According to the severity of the condition

 Some people need systemic and local treatment, and others need local treatment only

Some people will try medical and home remedies for yeast infection under breast to get the synergistic effect and get fast results.

When should you ask your doctor before using home remedies for yeast infection under breast?

  If you are pregnant seek medical consultation to avoid infection of your baby during breastfeeding

If you have multiple infections during a year

People with low immunity caused by certain diseases such as AIDS and autoimmune diseases

   If you are on some medications that weaken immunity like corticosteroids and chemotherapy

If you already have used home  remedies for yeast infection under breast and didn't get rid of the problem

home remedies for yeast infection under breast

Home remedies for yeast infection under breast

Coconut oil

 It has an effective antimicrobial effect against candida and also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect that reduces rash

How to use coconut oil?

If you are interested in it gently  apply a small amount of coconut oil to the affected skin

Tea tree oil

It is a powerful natural remedy against fungi and also can help in the treatment of many dermal problems like acne, eczema, and rash

home remedies for yeast infection under breast

Apple cider vinegar

 It prevents the growth of candida Albicans that cause yeast infection but take care never to use acid vinegar in its full strength but dilute it in 2cups of water before use

Sweat like honey

It is a miracle because it is effective for the treatment of many health problems and has powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties

It also has a soothing effect on rash and decreases redness and itching it has healing properties so it's used in many pharmacological ointments

garlic and garlic oil

 Both have an antifungal effect so you can gently apply cotton soaked in garlic oil to the affected area and it's better to use fresh garlic in your food

lemon juice

It is a cheap remedy that speeds up the healing process of the skin and is rich in vitamin c which improves the body's immune system and helps to fight infection and kills Candida Albicans

Boric acid

It's a potent antiseptic that should be used for hard or recurrent yeast infection so it's better to keep at  it until you try other home remedies for yeast infection under breast treatment so don't start with it


Yogurt is rich in probiotics that help the growth of normal bacterial flora so that  it can overcome candida

How to prevent yeast infection under breast?

Keep the under breast area dry, clean and Use suitable cotton-made bras

Don't wear tight clothes that form a dump space for candida, and If you are obese do exercises and eat healthy food to lose weight

Avoid overuse of antibiotics because they kill normal bacteria and help candida to grow

.Usually, take off sweaty clothes as soon as possible


Yeast infection under breast is caused by Candida Albicans. 

It can be treated by antifungal drugs and home remedies for yeast infection under breast.

There are many home remedies for yeast infection under the breast like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, boric acid, tea tree oil, and sweet like honey, use the available components of home remedies for yeast infection under breast.

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