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Community veterinary clinics are places for medical care and treatment of sick pets. Pets are given medications or can get surgical treatment if they need also and get great care during this time in the clinics till they get better.

community veterinary clinics

Why are community veterinary clinics important?

Pets owners are so interested in their pet's life as they consider it a part of the family so they care to provide treatment if the pet gets sick.

So they need to go to community veterinary clinics to help them with what they need for the pet.

What community veterinary clinics need to have a good system?

The most important element of community veterinary clinics is customer relationship management software.

The features of this software are:

Treatment plans:

If there is a well-documented treatment plan that will help doctors to have treatment strategies and that also help owners to understand the way their pets are treated.

Lab integrations:

This feature helps doctors to get instant lab results so they can change the treatment plan if the pet needs that.

Client management:

This feature can help store the personal and contact data of pets owners.

Built-in reminders:

The feature provides notifications such as lab results are ready.

Automatic invoicing:

Avoiding overpayment or underpayment.

Credit card processing:

This feature is helpful for owners who prefer to pay with credit and it also facilitates the accounting process.

E-mail, voice messaging:

That helps the clinical staff to contact pets owners in case of emergency.

Automatic appointment scheduling:

This feature helps the clinic system to arrange an appointment, annual health check, and vaccinations.

community veterinary clinics

The services provided by community veterinary clinics

There are many services provided by community veterinary clinics such as:

1- Behavior:

Community veterinary clinics have special doctors who are specialized in behavior.

The doctors are up to date with the latest studies and recommendations by annual education seminars.

2- Dental services:

The most common cause of dental disorder in pets is tartar development.

The dental plaque will lead to disease that affects 90% of pets and the infection of the pet mouse may spread to vital organs. 

The most effective way to prevent tartar is home care which includes proper diet, dental chews and using fluoride treatment in teeth cleaning.

The doctor in community veterinary clinics will prescribe antibiotics and also can use an ultrasonic scaler for teeth cleaning.

3- Imaging:

Community veterinary clinics provide x-rays, ultrasound, and echocardiology to provide a diagnosis for any disease and help doctors to choose the proper treatment for pets.

1- X-rays:

Used in diagnosis of internal injury, fractures, joint disease, cardiovascular disease, and also abdominal disease.

2- Ultrasound:

Used to know the details that can not be seen by x-rays as very small abnormalities.

This device is highly diagnostic so it is very expensive.

3- Echocardiology:

It is combined with other methods to evaluate the heart.

It can visualize valves, heart musculature, vessels, and blood flow.

4- Internal Medicine:

Community veterinary clinics provide all internal medicines that are needed for any pet care.

5- Prevention care:

Providing prevention medicine is the best way to keep pets healthy so regular visits to the veterinary clinic are so important to pets' health.

Parasite protection as heartworms and intestinal parasites.

Dental Care.

Senior protection care: 

Community veterinary clinics should provide screening tests for pets and that will be helpful to alert if there is any change in a pet's life.

The screening tests include:

Physical exam

Blood chemistries

Complete blood count:

May refer to anemia or infection.

Urine analysis:

May refer to kidney disease.

Chest x-ray:

May refer to heart disease or pulmonary disease.

6- Vaccination:

Community veterinary clinics provide important pets vaccines in addition to the physical examination and that is very important to ensure optimal health of pets.

community veterinary clinics

Pet life is as important as human life so pets owners must make sure to have annual visits to veterinary clinics to help pets stay healthy, and also they should make sure to choose a proper clinic as the most important thing about the clinic is cleanliness to prevent the spread of infection.

At the end of the article, we hope we provide you with enough information to help you to choose the proper veterinary clinic for your pet.

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