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Stark street animal hospital is a veterinarian care provider for animals or pets, to know more and more, keep with me to see the huge leap in animal health.

Stark street animal hospital is well equipped with special equipment, well-educated veterinarians, and assistants.

It provides the best welcome to the client and his pet and makes the condition satisfactory to know the complaint of the animal. 


Stark street animal hospital classification

Well Haven pet health stark street

Well-haven pet health is an animal clinic near Gresham with high criteria and the best quality, it has a very important responsibility of caring for the health condition of pets. It treats cats and dogs only.

Services of we'll  haven pet health:

Annual examinations

There are two types of examinations, an annual examination which is used for younger pets, and a semi-annual one which is used for older pets.

Annual examinations are important to evaluate the condition of your pets, animal undergoes several checks and is documented in a form that considers reference to follow up on the progress of the pet.

We should ensure that your pet is well vaccinated with the latest vaccine.

Dentistry of pets in a stark street animal hospital:

Dental care for pets is very important as if not treated it'll lead to serious infection, for example, gum disease begins with inflammation caused by bacteria in the form of plaque.

Inflammation is diagnosed by gingivitis and your gum becomes bled and swollen. It is also named periodontal disease which affects vital organs such as the liver, heart, and kidney.

We should take all precautions including brushing, cleaning well, and continuous checking by x-ray. X-ray is an accurate method that exhibits any hidden problem in your mouth.

Nutritional consultation

The stark street animal hospital should provide a healthy feeding regimen to prevent obesity. Some people think that overweight pets indicate healthy conditions so lifestyle modification and appropriate diet plans are a must to guarantee a healthy life for dogs, and cats.

Stark street animal hospital emergency care

If your pet has an emergent injury, you should call us immediately to tell you the best first aid until reaching the hospital. Once arrived your pet will receive the best care from a professional veterinarian doctor.

Preventive method of caring in a stark street animal hospital

Well-Haven pet animal hospital provides protective methods for caring for animals and hopes to prevent all diseases. Vaccines stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies against microbes that protect not prevent. 

Internal medicine

Early diagnosis of a pet's condition in stark street animal hospital leads to faster treatment. Unusual behavior, feeling not pleasant refer that there is a complaint. Intrinsic diseases that affect a vital organ can be diagnosed by X-rays.

Work hours of we'll haven pet health hospital:

Monday to Friday: from 9 am-6 pm

Saturday: from 9 am-5 pm

Sunday is closed


VCA 12-Mile Animal Hospital:

VCA12-mile animal hospital located at Stark street near Gresham. It provides care for dogs and cats to become in the best condition and exhibit normal behavior. 

Work hours of VCA 12-Mile animal hospital:

Saturday and Sunday are closed.

From Monday to Tuesday: 7 am-7 pm

Friday: from 7 am-6 pm

Services produced by VCA 12-Mile hospital:

Dental caring

The stark street animal hospital provides dental care as if not cleaned and infected or inflamed leads to serious reactions. Dental problems are diagnosed by many manifestations such as the bad odor of your breath, bacterial plaque, not eating or drinking, lack of energy, weight reduction due to loss of appetite.

Prevention methods should be applied immediately as persistent cleaning, and the best home care.

Heartworm disease control

Heartworm disease is also named tick or flea disease. Pet is bitten by a tick that causes an inflammatory reaction. If not treated we'll be transported into the bloodstream and affect the main vital organ. 

Vaccination and immunization

Stark street animal hospital also provides good vaccines to protect pets from many spreading diseases.

VCA Southeast Portland animal hospital:

VCA southeast animal hospital is a characteristic emergency stark street animal hospital for cats and dogs. It works within all hours and all days of the week. It provides the best veterinarian service and wellness exams.


Paws & claws pet medical center:

Paws & claws pet medical center introduces more interest towards any problem with the kind soul.

It provides many veterinarian health care services Such as dentistry, continuous vaccine regimen, emergency care, surgery procedure, nutritional management, indoor diagnostic exams, and spay process.

The spay process is expressed as the removal of the ovaries of a female to prevent offspring.

Work hours of paws and claws center

Sunday is closed

Friday to Monday from 7.30 am to 5. 30pm

Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm

AAHA (the standards of veterinary excellence):

AAHA stands for the American animal hospital association which sets a variety of criteria equal to 900 standards. Not all hospitals meet those standards.

Stark street animal hospitals have the honor to take accreditation by AAHA as they passed all guidelines. The main goal of AAHA is to introduce the best quality service with accredited standards.


Stark street animal hospital introduces wide veterinary health care for pets, the four hospitals of Stark Street ranked within a range from 2.5 to 3 stars. Every hospital is equipped with the best staff of veterinary doctors and nurses.

They provide help to both the animal and its owner with much love and kindness. To be certified they met all standards created by the American animal hospital association.

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