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women's care of the commonwealth is an organization specialized in women's health like pregnancy, pre, and postnatal care, breast health, Menopausal symptom care, and all that is related to females. 

women's care of the commonwealth

What is women's care of the commonwealth?

Women's care of the commonwealth is an organization that provides care to women throughout her all life starting from labor till Menopause passing through all events women are exposed to. 

Women's care of the commonwealth also is very updated and all updated procedures and operations can be done there including minimally invasive surgeries. 

What makes women's care of the commonwealth popular with good feedback? 

Every stage in women's life has its own different needs, women's care of the commonwealth offers all these services including:

  • Gynecology. 

  • Infertility evaluation and treatment. 

  • annual exams. 

  • Menopausal care. 

  • PMS, and other hormonal imbalances. 

  • Body Mass Index. 

  • Breast Health. 

  • Health Maintenance Record. 

  • Surgical Procedures.

Their great stuff, recent modern devices, their great interest with the patients, their services which care with every small detail related to women are the factors that make them popular with good feedback

Women's care of the commonwealth

Premenstrual stage:

Most girls start their periods early about 8 years but some of them may start at 12 years. 

Women's care of The commonwealth provides sessions to girls early even before they start their period to tell them how to deal with it, its signs and symptoms, mood swings, or what is known as Pms. 

Also, inform them how to care for the vaginal area and the correct way of vaginal cleaning. 

At this period the girl may lose trust in herself and always get afraid that the pad has leaked, at women's care of the commonwealth they teach them how to deal with these situations. 

Women's care of the commonwealth


If you are pregnant, you have to go directly to the women's care of the commonwealth to start your journey which will be facilitated with them. 

First, your doctor will talk with you to get a thorough history of you and your partner, you should answer his questions honestly especially if there are any inherited diseases. 

If you are preparing for pregnancy you should remember the date of the last period very well to help your doctor determine the Due date ( date of delivery). 

Through this first visit, your doctor will measure your weight, height, blood pressure and will ask you for some lab testing like CBC, Urine analysis, blood type, test for hepatitis B, C, HIV, syphilis varicella, immunity to rubella (German measles), then you will be checked at the times the doctor told you. 

Every time the doctor will check your weight, blood pressure, and growth of the baby. 

The type of baby either boy or girl is determined nearly at the end of the 4th month. 

Also screening for diabetes occurs between 24th to 28th week. 


If your blood type is Rh-negative and your partner is positive, you will receive a RhoGAM injection in the 28th week to prevent your body from forming antibodies against your baby's blood as his blood will be Rh-positive and the injection will be repeated after delivery. 

Genetic Testing is performed on every patient and more specific tests can be done based on your personal or family history.

Women's care of the commonwealth

Down syndrome:

Tests for down syndrome is performed on every patient between the 12 to 14 week by quad test and ultrasound by measuring skin thickness of the neck, the accuracy of these tests reaches 80 to 90% accurate

Quad testing:

Is a set of blood tests performed between the 15th and 20th weeks to determine the baby’s risk for Down syndrome and certain spinal cord defects. If family history includes genetic counseling,  Remember that no lab test is perfect and an abnormal result is not 100% correct and predicts a problem with the baby.

Tests also for Sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis are performed. 

Test for toxoplasmosis is performed and you should avoid dealing with street cats that may not be vaccinated and also avoid eating raw meat to avoid infection with toxoplasmosis. 

 Dental Care:

- Dental care and regular checks during pregnancy are very important as hormonal changes affect the gum making it more susceptible to inflammation and teeth becoming more suspicious to caries. 

- Plain local anesthesia is safe. 

- The lead apron must be worn during X-ray taking. 

Preparing for pregnancy:

- In the last weeks of pregnancy, the organization will provide sessions to inform you of the possible labor options, necessary exercises in case of natural labor. 


  •  Increase or change in vaginal discharge. 

  • Pelvic or low abdominal pressure. 

  • Abdominal cramps with or without diarrhea and regular contractions that do not subside with rest.  

  • High Blood Pressure. 

  • Blurred vision. 

  • Persistent headaches. 

  • Swelling in hands, feet, and face.  

  • Bright red bleeding with or without pain is not normal.

Women's care of the commonwealth


In the last weeks of pregnancy, the organization provides training to pregnant women and sessions on how to breastfeed, how to deal with the newborn, and all related to your new baby. 

There is also what is called sibling class for those who have children at home which helps the mother how to deal with to make them a good older sister or brother. 

Women's care of the commonwealth


Menopause occur usually between the age of 45 to 55,  but true menopause occurs if 12 months from the last period pass without any period.

Symptoms of Menopause differ from one female to another and doctors can determine if it's menopause or not by doing hormonal tests. 

If it's true Menopause your doctor will write supplementary drugs like calcium and hormones to compensate for the deficiency that occurs in your body. 

Regular checks to you are done including calcium level in the blood, bone density tests to monitor the effect of hormonal change and regularly modify the medication to avoid hormonal imbalance bad effects. 

Family planning:

As we have mentioned previously, women's care of the commonwealth cares about every small detail related to females. 

They also help you plan for your family.

 The specialist told you about the possible contraceptive method, which is more suitable for you, the suitable period to leave between every child. 

Also when you are preparing for pregnancy, they tell you how to care for your health, if there are any medications like folic acid to take in preparation for pregnancy.


Women's care of the commonwealth also has dermatological specialists who will be told you with daily care routine, how to overcome signs of pregnancy (hypomelanosis), and stretch marks to look beautiful all the time.

There are also physical trainers to help you return your fitness and overcome skin sagging occurs during pregnancy 


Women's care of the commonwealth is a great organization that is caring every small detail related to women and families. All about it is positive and encourages you to join so my advice to you is to join at the moment if you have the ability and I promise you will never regret it.You can read more about women's care of the commonwealth on their page on Facebook or Google, their contacts are also available on them according to their place. 

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