Snow Animal Clinic For A Better Life And Optimal Health

Snow animal clinic is a group of highly trained people to handle pet animals and provide all veterinary medicine.

Services of snow animal clinic

There are several services provided to any pet animal at all ages including:

1- Comprehensive care

When there is a problem with your pet animal, a complete investigation can be done to determine the accurate diagnosis and choose the convenient treatment by diagnostic tools:

1- Radiology services

This helps in the diagnosis of many diseases by applying x-rays. Digital images can be sent via email if necessary.

Digital x-rays are filed away in the computer, and remain intact, without risk of becoming damaged in a physical file.

Digital radiography uses much less radiation than traditional x-rays, so there is little concern about radiation exposure if several images need to be taken for Snow animal clinic Veterinarians.

2- Ultrasound

Helps in the investigation of internal organs such as the stomach, heart, and liver. Also helps in pregnancy examinations.

3- Laboratories

For serum analysis, urinalysis, hematology, stool analysis, and serology. 

2- Pet wellness care

At the snow animal clinic, veterinarians provide pet care through preventative wellness which is the most convenient method to keep your pet good and decrease the risk of chronic diseases. This include:

1- Wellness exams

Veterinarians examine your pets from snout to tail to discover any skin diseases, behavior abnormalities, and any conditions that require early treatments.

Wellness exams are considered the first line of defense to protect your pet's health.

2- Disease screening through blood testing

By taking a blood sample to screen for a variety of disorders and organ failure. This helps in the early diagnosis of the diseases.

3- Flea and Tick Prevention

At the Snow animal clinic, Veterinarians provide monthly programmed medications that help in protection against fleas and ticks because they cause skin irritations and serious diseases.

4- Heartworm testing and prevention

Heartworm is a fetal parasite to the heart and the lungs of your pet.

Veterinarians do the test to discover the infections early because the treatment is complex for dogs and risky for cats.

5- Microchipping

This is a tiny transmitter that remains under the skin of your pet and gives all information about your pet when scanned. This is useful when your pet is lost.

6- Vaccinations

At Snow animal clinic, veterinarians are interested in pet vaccinations against life-threatening diseases such as rabies and distemper. Veterinarians also remind you of the next booster shot of the vaccine.

7- Nutritional Counseling and Weight Control

If your pet is obese, veterinarians are recommended you decrease dietary nutrients and make exercise plans to maintain your pet's optimal health.

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3- Canine Vaccinations

Being a dog owner, you are responsible for keeping dog vaccines up to date. Your dog needs some vaccines at least once every few years.

Vaccines are very important because they protection of your pet dog from several diseases and the reduction of disease spreads.

1- Rabies vaccine for dogs in Snow animal clinic

The rabies vaccine is one of the most important dog vaccines. A puppy is first vaccinated against rabies and is repeated a year later.

It helps to protect them from contagious diseases which spread to animals and humans.

2- DHPP vaccine

This vaccine is dependent on dogs' risk factors, veterinarians recommend this vaccine once every three years.

3- Bordetella vaccine

Bordatella vaccine protects your pet dog from hacking and coughing which are highly contagious.

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4- Feline Vaccinations

When your pet cat is a few weeks of age. Core vaccinations recommended by veterinarians at Snow animal clinic are required to protect against diseases such as rabies and a neurological infection that always kills its host and is easily transferred by the bite of a rabid animal.

Your cat also needs core vaccinations against rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, and feline calicivirus. Some cats also benefit from optional vaccinations against diseases such as Bordetella or feline leukemia.

5- Pet Dental Care

The most obvious dental pet problem is a broken or infected tooth that leads to acute pain, refusal to eat, chewing with difficulty, or refusal to be touched on the head or face.

Most cats and dogs are suffering from periodontal disease which is an inflammatory condition of the gum caused by the accumulation of a sticky substance called plaque.

6- Surgery

There are some surgical services in the Snow animal clinic as:

- Spay

This is a simple procedure. This sterilizes your female pet. It is done with general anesthesia.

- Neuter

This sterilizes your male pet, the neuter also eliminates the sexual drive in the animal. Neutering is done under general or local anesthesia.

Spay and neuter procedures are the most common surgical procedures in veterinary medicine that are applied in the  Snow animal clinic.

- Declaw

If your pet cat scratches you, This procedure involves taking off the top joint on each of your cat's toes. Your pet will need bandaging and heavy painkillers for a few days after the procedure.

- Gastropexy

This is used to treat acid reflux disease in dogs. This procedure untwists a bloated stomach by attaching it with sutures to the abdominal wall to prevent stomach rupture by gases.

- Biopsy and Mass Removal

If your pet needs a biopsy or removes any mass. These are applied under general or local anesthesia. The mass may be melanoma, mast cell tumors, soft tissue sarcomas, mammary adenocarcinomas, and squamous cell carcinomas.

Veterinarians remove the mass in a single surgery using large surgical margins to avoid the need for a second surgery.

- Soft Tissue Surgery

Muscle, ligament, cartilage, and tendon repair can be done at Snow animal clinic. Recovery and the length of time before your pet goes home varies according to the procedure and the individual needs of your pet.

Wound reconstruction, Splenectomy, Removal of urinary bladder stones, and laparoscopic ovariectomy also can be done.

Contact of Snow animal clinic

617 Michigan St

Eaton Rapids, MI 48827

Phone: (517) 663-4000 

Fax: (517) 663-6144 



  • At Snow Animal clinic in Eaton Rapids, veterinarians provide many services to pets and do the best for optimal health. Dog, cat owners, and even exotic pet owners all bring their pets to the clinic for important medical services.
  • The Snow animal clinic specializes in providing cats and dogs vaccinations.

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