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Pet health insurance pre-existing conditions, Recently, there’s a dramatic change in the way pet owners think about their pets. They are treating their pets like a member of the family. This trend makes more people purchase health insurance coverage for their pets, not only to reduce veterinary fees but also to ensure that they get the best medical care. By the end of 2017, health insurance covers more than two million pets in the United States and Canada and this number has been growing in the past few years. One of the most challenging topics regarding pet insurance is Pet health insurance pre-existing conditions which will be discussed in this article.

Pet health insurance pre-existing conditions

Pet Pre-Existing Health Conditions:

Pet health insurance pre-existing conditions are known to be the medical conditions discovered before a pet's health insurance plan takes effect. It could be any condition varying from a viral infection to a chronic condition such as diabetes. Covering pre-existing conditions is high-risk from the viewpoint of the pet insurance companies. so,  no pet insurance plan covers the pre-existing conditions.

  • Curable pet health insurance pre-existing conditions:

Some pet insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions that are considered curable conditions. Curable pre-existing conditions are conditions that are present before the insurance policy takes off, but the pet can recover from them in a short time.

Curable pet pre-existing conditions include:

  • Ear infections

  • Upper respiratory tract infections

  • Urinary tract infections

  • gastrointestinal problems 

If the pet has any of the above conditions, once the pet is cured,  it is eligible for full coverage of insurance.

Pet health insurance pre-existing conditions

  • Chronic pet health insurance pre-existing conditions:

A chronic pet health insurance pre-existing conditions are conditions that cannot be cured and can last and affect pet health for a long time throughout its life.  chronic pre-existing conditions can not be covered by any pet health insurance plan.

the most common chronic conditions in pets include:

  • Skin diseases

  • Diabetes

  • Some kidney diseases

  • Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism

  • Allergies

  • Some breathing problems

  • Arthritis

  • Disc problems

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Torn cruciate ligaments

  • Cancer (including sarcoma)

Veterinary costs of such conditions are very high. Each issue costs thousands of dollars. So, The earlier you get insured the fewer “pre-existing” health issues you’ll have. If you submit for insurance before your pet develops a chronic condition, you can surely reduce the costs of the vet bills. 

Pet health insurance pre-existing conditions

Options for pet insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions:

  • Buying Pet Insurance for a pet with a Pre-existing Condition:

Having a pet with a pre-existing condition doesn’t mean that your pet doesn't qualify for pet insurance. Policy Advisor provides insurance comparison options to find the optimal pet insurance plan for you. This service is completely free and very helpful. So, it is highly recommended to use Policy Advisor’s insurance recommendation engine. Policy Advisor will find the ideal plan even if your pet has a pre-existing condition. 

  • Pet Assure for Pets with Pre-Existing Conditions:

If you have a pet diagnosed with a pre-existing condition, Pet Assure may be an optimal option for you. Pet Assure isn't a pet health insurance company but It provides a veterinary discount plan offering discounts on all veterinary care for pets including those with pre-existing conditions.

 Every single pet can be covered under Pet Assure, without any exclusion as you do not need to submit previous vet records or to prove that your pet is well. So, Pet Assure is considered a simple, efficient alternative to traditional pet insurance health plans.

Pet health insurance pre-existing conditions


No health insurance plan was found to cover everything concerning pet health insurance pre-existing conditions. However, there are alternative options now available to decrease the cost of vet care for pets with pre-existing conditions.

By: Dr Shimaa

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