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African hair is a special type of hair that needs special care using products for African hair growth that contain everything your hair needs for a healthy look.

Firstly, you need to know the types of hair and what are the main characteristics of each type.

products for African hair growth

Different types of hair

Types of hair are affected by ethnicity and are divided into three groups: African hair, Asian hair, and Caucasian hair. Knowing the type of hair helps you choose the best care hair routine.

These groups differ according to hair color, texture, structure, and the way that hair implants in the scalp, this way specifies the way the hair grows and the speed of hair growth.

African hair

It has a spiral structure by twisting on itself while growing which leads to growth at a slow rate of about 0.9 centimeters in a month, it grows parallel to the scalp.

African hair has high density but not more than Caucasian hair, and one of the most distinctive characteristics is that it has a greasy nature which needs using special products for African hair growth.

Asian hair

This hair has the lowest density among other groups, but it has the fastest growth rate of about 1.4 centimeters a month.

Asian people have brown to black hair with straight nature, and about its way to grow, it grows perpendicularly to the scalp.

Asian hair is considered the most prevalent type of hair in the world.

Caucasian hair (European hair)

It is considered between Asian Hair and African hair in terms of form, European hair has a smooth, wavy, or sometimes curly appearance.

Its color may be blond to dark brown and grows obliquely, it is also considered among the other two types of hair with a speed of growth of about 1.2 centimeters per month.

products for African hair growth

If you, your friend, or someone you know has African hair let’s know some tips

You know that some people, especially children may be upset about having frizzy African hair, but now there are many products for African hair growth, not only help in growth but also help in styling and getting a special good appearance.

But first, you need to know more about African hair and its nature to know how to deal with getting the perfect look.

African hair

If you want to get healthy African hair, you can start by knowing its nature and how to choose the most suitable products for African hair growth.

African hair takes a long time to grow and is too weak to break, some people have wavy African hair which is easy to handle, some have curly hair, and some have coily hair which is very fragile.

African hair produces a lot of sebum which protects the hair, and sebum is one of the important characteristics that are present in African hair more than in Asian and Caucasian hair because of the tight curls.

But we may face a problem with sebum because it doesn’t spread all over the hair fiber also because of the tight curls, so you need to choose products for African hair growth that are suitable with this sebum, and choose a routine to distribute it equally.

products for African hair growth

Woolly hair syndrome

Not only African people have curly African hair, but also some Asian and Caucasian people may have curly African hair, this is considered a special syndrome called "Woolly hair syndrome".

Till now scientists don't specify the gene that is responsible for this syndrome, but there are notes that this gene appears in families and doesn’t spread randomly.

This may mean that this unknown gene is dominant so when appears in a member of the family it will appear through the next generations.

I think that people who have woolly hair syndrome may benefit from knowing and using products for African hair growth

products for African hair growth

What are the best products for African hair growth

Pre-shampoo conditioning treatment

It can help you for nourishing your hair from roots to tips as Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.

Sulfate-free shampoo

You need to wash your hair every week not less than a week to avoid stripping its natural oils, and if you notice that it becomes weak, wash it after two or three weeks.

It is better to use lukewarm water and sulfate-free shampoo like Aveda invati exfoliating shampoo to avoid damaging hair and rinse with cool water.

Or you may not use shampoo every time and replace it with conditioner-washing to protect hair’s natural oils like Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Co-Wash.

Conditioner and mask

You may use a deep conditioner or mask to nourish your hair well and enrich it with moisture like Alikay Naturals Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Mask, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, or Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque.

Silk scarf or towel

Avoid drying your hair using heat, but use a towel and rub it gently or wrap your hair with a silk scarf all night.

Hydrating products

Between washes, you need to keep your scalp hydrated and healthy to reflect on your hair.

So it’s better to use products such as Cantu Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment, Anita Grant Virgin Mango Butter Coconut Whip, Twisted Sista Leave-in Conditioner, Shea Moisture Raw Shea & Cupuacu Styling Gel Cream, or As I Am Long and Luxe Scalp Serum.

Oils and gel

For baby hair, ORS Olive Oil Smooth & Easy Edges Hair Gel is the best product to arrange baby hair and hair edges.

And you can use oils that are suitable for every hair texture like Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil, KeraCare Essential Oils for the Hair, or ORS Monoi Oil Rejuvenating Spray.

Products for curls

Finally to keep your curls for a long time use:- KeraCare Defining Custard for Curls & Coils, or Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Spray.

And now we know the best products for African hair growth and we can position them to get healthy hair.

Benefits of knowing the best products for African hair growth:

We can’t neglect the big campaigns that spread on social media in the last years for African hair styling, and it has a positive effect, especially on children with Afro hair, who suffered from bullying from other children.

Each mother with a baby who has Afro hair should follow this campaign and help him use products for African hair growth correctly. And learn with them every development in this beautiful world.

And now, you know more about the best products for African hair growth that helps you improve your hairstyle and take care of your babies.

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