Quick and Effective Home Remedies For Clogged Drains

A clogged drain is a problem that happens to all of us every day. Home remedies for clogged drains are very useful when we can't call a plumber to fix them or we want to use natural materials instead of chemicals which are too harmful to our health and dangerous as they may cause damage in our piping system and fixing this damage will cost a lot of money.

In addition, we need to unclog them quickly because they lead to many complications such as the water backing up in our sinks and causing leaks in our piping system. So using home remedies for clogged drains from the beginning is the easiest way to solve the problem.

Quick and Effective Home Remedies For Clogged Drains

Causes of clogged drains:     

The most common factor leading to a clogged drain is putting unfit down into it. Drains may be blocked because of many causes and knowing them will help us to decide which remedy of home remedies for clogged drains is the best to use. 

  1. Tree Roots:

Tree roots are the number one cause that clog pipes especially in the wooded areas or there are cracks in the pipes. They can keep growing into the pipes and block them completely.

  1. Fats and Oils:

Fats, oils, grease, and many other things like them are the most common causes of clogged drains especially when we don't clean the sinks and drains for a long time or when we pour a large amount of them at once. They can build up and form clogs. The best way to get rid of them is just to pour them into disposal containers and toss them in the trash.

Quick and Effective Home Remedies For Clogged Drains

  1. Wipes, Baby Diapers, and Feminine Hygiene:

Baby diapers, flushable wipes, and feminine hygiene products are dangerous to the water pipes because they are made of cotton, fibers, and other materials that can't be biodegraded and they have the physical ability to fit the pipe and make a complete blocking that is why they are called flushable.

  1. Food:

We should get rid of food bites and chunks by throwing them into the trash, not sinks or drains, as food bites can slow the water flow or clog the pipes.


 Signs of Clogs:

Many signs are indicating and warning us about clogged drains that will be useful to deal with them earlier.

  1. Bad Odors:

Bad odors may be caused by organic materials which become stuck in the pipes and begin to decompose over time and bring back bad smells and gas through the drain.

  1. Slow Drains:

Slow flow is the sign that makes us sure that there is a partial clogging so we can fix it before it becomes a complete blockage.

  1. Water Comes Out of Drains:

When you notice that there is water backing up in your sinks and bathtub This is means you have a complete clog that needs to be fixed quickly.

Quick and Effective Home Remedies For Clogged Drains

  1. Gurgling Noise:

When your drains make gurgling noise when you run water this is because of a clog, water hits it and releases oxygen causing bubbles that make noise and bad smells.


Home Remedies for Clogged Drains:

Home remedies for clogged drains are designed to be as simple as possible, available, cheap, effective, and easily made by anyone.

  1. Boiling Water:

Water is one of the easiest home remedies for clogged drains. But it is only suitable for clogs that are made of organic substances.

  • So the water should be hot enough to be able to dissolve any organic clog stuck in the drain.

  • You can pour the boiling water using a funnel or kettle.

  • But you must be cautious if you have PVC pipes, or a porcelain sink bowl hot water will cause damage to them, so it can not be applied.

  1. Plunger:

We all can find one in our homes. The plunger method is a fantastic home remedy for clogged drains.

  • First make sure that you have a cup-shaped plunger, not a flanged one.

  • To make sure you can achieve a secure seal using this method Before you start, pull up the stopper in the bathroom or remove any metal strainer from the kitchen sink.

  • Use sharp and fast movements to remove the clog.

  • Cover the whole drain with the plunger.

  • Press and pull quickly.

  • When you find that water drains rapidly, you have succeeded in unclogging them.

  1. Vinegar and Baking Soda:

This is another effective and easy remedy of home remedies for clogged drains with simple ingredients.

  • First, pour half a cup of baking soda down the clogged drain

  • Follow that with pouring in half a cup of vinegar

  • Plug your drain and let it sit for an hour.

  • Then pour boiling water down the drain.

Quick and Effective Home Remedies For Clogged Drains

  1. Borax, Salt, and Vinegar:

When you use these three natural and safe products they will react together and be as effective as the dangerous chemicals.

  • Use half a cup of salt, half a cup of borax, followed by a cup of vinegar.

  • Let them until it clears or at least one hour.

  • Pour boiling water to clear all ingredients down the drain.

  1. Wire Coat Hanger:

This method is used for heavily clogged drains or bathroom drains that are clogged with collections of hair.

  • Strengthen your wire coat hanger.

  • Bend the wire to form a hook shape.

  • Put the wire into the drain until you reach the clog.

  • Pull up whatever you find and put it in a disposal container to discard your findings.

  1. Dish Detergent:

If the situation isn't very bad this method will help you to solve the problem.it will work as a lubricant which makes the clogs separate from each other.

  • Pour ¼ of a cup dish detergent into the drains.

  • Follow it with a cup of boiling water.

Quick and Effective Home Remedies For Clogged Drains

How to Avoid Clogging Drains:

Home remedies for clogged drains may be useful but the best remedy is to prevent the clogging from the beginning.

  • Never put fats, greases, or oils down the drain.

  • Avoid letting food, coffee grounds, potato skins go down the drain.   

  • Put a hair trap in your bathroom sinks, or brush your hair before you shower to remove loose hair.

  • Clean your drains once a week.



All of us need to know the various methods of home remedies for clogged drains to be ready to fix them at any time and avoid their complications.


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