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Sitz bath for boils is a traditional medicine or a home remedy, it's a way to heal and help in treating boils.

Is it common? When do boils occur? Are there any risk factors? How to treat it properly and How to prevent occurring?

How can sitz bath help in treatment of boils?

All your questions will be answered clearly

Before discussing how to use a sitz bath for boils we should know some important points.

sitz bath for boils

Is it common? Yes, but why?

It's known that this area is very good for infection, a suitable environment for microbes to grow and spread especially if the hygiene is not the best. But also some risk factors may help boils to be more likely.

- When do boils occur?

Using a sitz bath for boils is good but first, we should know that some bacteria live on our skin without problems in most people known as staphylococcus bacteria.

But sometimes it causes an infection to the skin when it traps inside a follicle after hair removal or other ways of creating a feature in the skin such as 

piercing without sanitization makes the outer surface bacteria get into the skin easily.

Skin injury or any features help bacteria trap into follicle-forming boils.

Ingrown hair may have been removed by a non-suitable method like waxing or by using shavers.

Or in the case of some diseases like diabetes people and immunosuppressant diseases like cancer.

In some cases for postpartum mothers and for that case especially the sitz bath was used in the 18s.

Which causes pain swelling or a fever in some cases.

How to treat boils

Sitz bath for boils is used as a home remedy for boils as it is very helpful but also many factors may put the patient in good condition with other medicines prescribed by your doctor.

- This area must be dry and clean

Use soap to make it clean and a cotton pad to keep it dry.

Repeat this process every time you get to the bathroom or even clean the pus of the boils.

- Cotton underwear is the best

It's about this case but to keep your private area healthy, clean, and fresh you should always wear cotton underwear and use cotton pads.

- Using Sitz bath

Sitz bath for boils  has a great way as it helps in boiling drainage and to get the comfort feeling of soothing with warm water.

- Ask your doctor

In all cases you should take a piece of advice from your doctor, Other options are to help and relieve pain but for full treatment, you should take supplements as antibiotics or ointments as your doctor see

But visiting your doctor is a Must!

sitz bath for boils

Types of sitz baths and how to use them

The best thing about this way is that it has many ways to apply. 

So you can find something suitable for you and use it in its proper method.

First of all, sitz bath is not new, but it's from the 18s and was used for postpartum mothers to help relieve their pain.

Some were using Sitz baths to facilitate baby delivery as it has a very good effect on relaxing muscles.

Then after that, it is used for hemorrhoids, other causes of inflammation, and for boils for sure.


All you need is just to use your bathtub and relax, First clean it well, it's preferred to use a natural soap or sanitizer that fills the tub to less than half with warm water.

Relax and sit for around 15 minutes or till the water is colder.

Sitz bath kit

It's a plastic bowl that fits on your toilet, just fill it with warm water and sit in it.

This option may appear unsuitable for some people and in some cases, but it's an option for those who haven't a bathtub and don't want to buy more special supplies.

Sitz spray

This type is especially for postpartum mothers as it is used as a mixture of herbs that help relieve pain and increase the relaxation feeling by spraying, from this mixture twice a day or more with a gentle massage for this area.

This method is usually for those who haven't any of the other options.

Is a sitz bath good for boils?

It's a good question here you some of the benefits of using a sitz bath for boils.

- relief pain

- Help in cleaning the pus 

- Help in reducing swelling 

- Speeds healing of boils

- Treatment for hemorrhoids

- Way of relaxation 

- Used also for postpartum 

NB; Don't forget to clean your bathtub or any way you prefer every time after using it.

Hygiene is the key to healing, clean it with hot water and sanitizers, or any available supplements preferred to be a natural soap

How to take care during treating boils?

Sitz baths for boils are a good option and can be done twice a day.

First of all, you should go to a doctor to help with medicines as only home remedies may not be enough, but some advice can help:

- Don't try to squeeze boils.

- Don't use scrubs for removing boils.

- Don't use any product that may contain a fragrance like wipes, perfumes, and some lotions.

- Don't use the toil of others and don't make others use yours to prevent infections from spreading with others.

- Help immunity to work by eating good food such as vegetables and fruits

Also eating food containing protein helps in the healing process.

How to avoid occurring

Many bad habits help increase the chances of being infected:

- keeping the area wet.

- Useing non-hygienic toils.

- Choosing an unsuitable way for hair removal, a suitable method is different from one to other but use the suitable for your skin only.

- Use products that are not appropriate for your skin type, as oily skin is a type that is risky for boils.

So if you have oily skin you should be careful in choosing products to prevent any infections suspected.

Besides using sitz bath and other remedies you should know hygiene is the best way to get away from any suspected infection, not only for boils but for all life activities.

You should have the optimum level of hygiene to keep your health good.

Also, vitamins and good supplements help in having good health every day.

Don't forget to play an activity, as sports are so good for all people in all cases. choose any sport you like more and do it every day only for 30 minutes.

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