Stubborn Children: A Parenting Guidance For You

On having a stubborn child, you have a precious treasure showing more than expected. 

Stubbornness attitude can be a temperament as a child was born with. Good parents should ask themselves”How can I discipline a stubborn child?” 

Check the coming parenting guidance for our greatest parents ever. 



Firstly, Dew Treats have to give you the meaning of stubborn; 

Stubborn is someone who listens only to him/herself. Considering that I am always right, and no other’s opinion affects me.



So how can parents detect the unusual! 


If they have stubborn children! 


The signs of stubborn kids;

Parenting a stubborn child is really not an easy task,  you have to learn more about the personality of your children then you can rate him as a stubborn kid or not! 


Be calm to know that you are not alone.

Yes, there are a million parenting a stubborn child worldwide with million handlings.


Let’s display some of stubborn features;

  • Asks about everything to choose what’s annoying (rebellion)

  • Does more to capture your attention.

  • Has a hard temperament and independent character.

  • Feels free all of the time, so he hates the routine and limits.

  • Is in a strong angry mood most of the time.

  • Always has quick steps in their movements and thoughts.

  • Frequently acts as leaders even with parents.

  • Is smart, and creative.

  • Never listens to other voices, sticky to his opinion.



 Physiological effect on stubborn children


Before handling our stubborn child, we should study what’s beyond stubborn behavior? 

  1. Might get it genetically, and might appear in his first year

  2. Can return to a psychological barrier.

  3. Also may be obtained by treating stubborn relatives.

  4. May be posted when his brother/sister comes.



Follow us for our amazing 11 tips


 to deal with stubborn children; 

Handling the strong-willed stubborn child isn’t difficult. “Practice makes perfect”; Do it in smartness and sensibleness and patience.

On parenting a stubborn kid, you should keep your children independent not to hesitate. You will never change them just interfere for better. 


Starting the 11 tips; 

  1. Argument is the key


Stubborn toddlers are leaders and smart personalities having the ability to preside over the conversation. 

For example; when a stubborn parent initiates talking, they get the opportunity to be the head of the conversation. 

If you wanna win over stubborn children, you have to listen to them deeply and quietly. Your careful listening promotes them to listen and accept your advice.




  1. Keep them calm and peaceful:


Through the temper tantrums, stubborn child parents can absorb the angry quickly by a deep hug.

Then care more and ask; what will make you better? 

Can we walk both for a while?

With this approach, they can talk freely and listen well.



  1. Don't force but connect


Notice that Forcing your stubborn toddler makes them more rebellious. 

Use tricks while dealing with stubborn children. Never force them to stop but distract to another subject.

Stubborn kid's caregivers may get bored, but with practice and patience this will be lighter.



  1. Make choices


Ordering strong-willed stubborn children will rebell him more not treat. 

The best adjustment is to give them two choices not more not to hesitate.

If you want a child to study, say would start with science or math?

So your trick here is;  no chance for a “NO”.



  1. Keep his surroundings peaceful and calm


Having strong-willed stubborn children puts stress on moms, So they have to be calm before making her toddler calm.

Our great mum, you have to assign your daily time for relaxation like meditation, yoga, or listening to relaxing music. 

Calming your responses definitely turns back to your child. 

Set a comfortable environment to win over your stubborn kids.



  1. Put yourself in their shoes


Before your response Ask yourself; 

why they act like-behavior! Inspect for your faults.


If you give him a date for entertainment,then break the promise. 

Actually, A strong-willed stubborn child gets into tantrums. Caregivers have to explain why the date is canceled and determine another one?

Moms try to reduce something like breaking a promise.


  1. Respect them


To treat stubborn kids, caregivers should be direct and honest with a stubborn toddler and not order them ever.

  • Seeking help instead of orders.

  • Performing all of the agreed rules. 



  1. Work with them


Mostly stubborn toddlers are sensitive and need a special treatment. Kids are smarter than your prospective. 


Imagine they always observe your talking tone, what are you saying, why, and how? And collect the whole picture, then respond.

To handle stubbornness, always use “ let’s do” more than “you must do”.


For example, if you need him to collect his toys or rearrange his room, say it as “what about helping me or I can help you to collect toys to be better”.

Never yell to say collect your toys

Or challenge him; say who will collect them fast is “me or you” and begin to run using fun. Funny solutions help deeply. 



  1. Negotiation


Stubborn kids might be angry if you can’t carry him. 

Negociate with them rather than demands, changes appear.

Ask a child what do you want? What matters?

Then A strong stubborn child might turn quiet, feel your respect, and will talk freely.



  1. Enhance positive behavior


Sometimes you may be out of control with a strong-willed stubborn child. 

You may get nervous with him, if he insists on No..No


Stop- Take a deep breath- Calm and Now consider the positive attitudes only. 

Give him questions with answers ”yes” or ”no”. 

Don’t give him a chance to open a wide conversation like; Do you love eating chocolate? You are lucky by getting yes.

Distract him with More positive attitude. 

Stubborn kids are more likely appreciated and respected.



  1. Improve the routine


Lay restrictive rules without neglecting e.g. Certain times of sleeping and follow up school performance.

Expectations should be clear and limited in gatherings. 

Sometimes, you may be flexible in holidays as a reward.


Tips to deal with children are variable, Just be flexible and patient in working with them to success.




Problems facing parents with a strong-willed stubborn child:

Parenting a stubborn child is a permanent struggle. 

Parents are in a challenge to know how to discipline a stubborn child. 

We face five problems needing their immediate positive solutions.


  1. Fussy during eating


Most of the children are fussy during eating meals, the stubborn kids are more likely to be extremely fussy. Tricky parents are more successful.

Try seeking their help in table serving. Give your children choices in food types, and provide them with interesting food recipes in a wonderful quality. 

Consider it as dealing-like games not to be bored.


  1.  Homework anxiety


Problems with homework can be smoothly solved by dividing it into shorter tasks, taking breaks in between, and activity during it by singing or painting to handle stubbornness. 

All problems appear in the preschool period.



  1.  Clothing struggle:


Parents can win over stubborn children in clothing anger by giving them choices to wear “a wonderful t-shirt” or “ an amazing jacket” and remove unneeded pieces to shorten the time.

Then the child might turn happy during wardrobe battles.stubborn-toddler

  1.  Bedtime battles


During bedtime challenges; all children get more adrenaline, running everywhere crying or laughing.

If they are playing or watching TV, say “ we will sleep now or after 10 minutes” and after 10 minutes stop playing, have a shower, turn the lights off, go to the bed, and connect with him by talking or story telling.


  1. Potty training


Potty training is a frustrating stage parents pass. Sometimes, it begins from date of birth, baby of 6 months, or child of two years, and may take a year to be a good trainer. 

For a stubborn child, there are perfect series to follow everyday with non-stop as following;

  • Let the baby understand the potty.

  • Buy a potty with attractive shapes.

  • Reading a book about potty training.

  • Stay at home at least for a week.

  • Choose calm states to begin.

  • Don’t practice it as daily tasks with the baby.

  • Eliminate diapers.

  • Give them a reason why they eliminate diapers.

  • Give them their toys.

  • Up your words.


Ask yourself 

If a Stubborn child possesses pros!


Definitely, it is not the worst thing to have this amazing child. 

Pretend the positive behavior!! 

How do you discipline a stubborn child? Is the key to building adult-like characters. 

He will be more responsible, very good academics, and successful in his foreseeable work and social life aspects.


Don’t regret having a stubborn child. 

You face more, so deserve more.




Our daily dew treats for our exceptional parents. You really did and will do your best with your kids. With having a stubborn kid, you made the great challenge comparing others. 

Stubbornness is an attitude, you have to know why your child behaves, put yourself into his shoes to handle stubbornness. Know the causes to deal with wisely. Even in daily battles, you can exceed it quietly. 

Finally, don’t regret your willed stubborn child, he also has the best to be proud of.

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