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Homemade remedies for stomach pain are very in demand as stomach ache is very common and painful, also it can occur to anyone and suddenly make a person tired, fatigued, and uncomfortable.

Pain may take time and disappear or always repeat after eating or drinking with unloving symptoms, therefore homemade remedies for stomach pain are very recommended.

Homemade remedies for stomach pain

Causes of stomach ache:

The pain that occurs to the gastrointestinal tract isn't related only to the stomach, it can hit the small intestine or colon cause many abdominal aches and upset like: 

- Ulcers:

Holes in the inner wall of the stomach due to excessive acidic pH inside it or bacterial infections like H.pylori.

- Diarrhea: 

Lead to loss of water and elements from the gastrointestinal tract cause ache and abdominal upset. 

- Constipation:

The person suffering from excretion of digestive food makes him uncomfortable and the tummy inflated. Many homemade remedies for stomach pain can be used like eating yogurt or figs.

- Food poisoning:

Occurs when food contaminated by bacteria like salmonella causes severe abdominal pain.

- Lactose intolerance:

Deficiency of lactase enzyme leads to malabsorption of dairy products causing bloating and gas. 

- Pelvic diseases:

Affect both men and women.

- In men due to pain in internal organs in this area like bladder disorders.

- Related in women to the reproductive system like endometriosis.

menstrual cramps.

Pelvic inflammatory disease.

Raise severe pain in the bottom of the abdomen. Homemade remedies for stomach pain are very useful like heat pads.

Some chronic diseases can produce severe tummy  pain and affect the digestive system as:

- Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

- Gallbladder stones: blocking bile tubes which affect digestion of fatty meals causes abdominal ache.

- Kidney stones or cancer.

- Urinary tract infections: affect negatively on abdomen causing severe pain.

- Gastrointestinal reflux disease (GRED).

Symptoms which the patient complain from:

May range from simple to very severe and improbable pain according to the cause of pain.

Simple symptoms can treat with themselves by getting some time or using homemade remedies for stomach pain like:







Stomach gas

Other symptoms are annoying and need to evaluate by a doctor if appear like: 


Blood in stool 

Severe coughing and hard breathing

Blood with vomiting 

Can't wait for these situations with abdominal pain, homemade remedies for stomach pain aren't useful in these cases.

The top homemade remedies for stomach pain:

We have many substances that can use to relieve stomach ache and help you to get better rapidly

Homemade remedies for stomach pain

1- Ginger:

One of the most famous homemade remedies for stomach pain, it contains an active ingredient (gingerol) that improves digestion and absorption of food, also reduces the acidity of the stomach and irritation along the lining of the abdomen tract.

You can get it by adding the ginger powder to the food or drink as a tea by adding ginger root to boiling water and drinking daily until you feel better.

2- Peppermint:

A natural herb very famous for its properties in relieving stomach bloating and getting rid of abdomen gas, in addition to mint help to prevent nausea and vomiting accompanied by gastrointestinal pain.

You can use peppermint fresh leaves with food as it can be added to green salad or drink as a tea by adding some boiling water. 

3- Eating yogurt: 

Although dairy products can be the cause of abdomen pain, yogurt contains probiotics that enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine that speed up digestion and improve the function of the digestive system. Consider one of the best and available homemade remedies for stomach pain.

4- Lemon:

Mix with soda to produce a combination that helps to decrease stomach pain as it speeds digestion and absorption of nutrients, it helps in liver function and movement of the digestive tract.

It is prepared by dissolving lemon juice and baking soda into the water and drinking.

Homemade remedies for stomach pain

5- Figs: 

eating fig fruits help people with constipation as they contain natural products that act as a laxative. It eases the execution of stool so doctors advise patients to eat it to improve digestion because it's available as homemade remedies for stomach pain.

6- BRAT Diet: 

Health care providers advise people with diarrhea to take the components of this diet as it is full of starch and helps to get rid of diarrhea by making the stool more solid. Plus this diet doesn't have any spicy flavor so it doesn't cause irritation or inflammation inside the stomach.

- BRAT refer to (banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) 

These types of food have another advantage, full of potassium and magnesium which compensate for that loss with diarrhea.   

Homemade remedies for stomach pain

7- Cinnamon: 

Contains antioxidant material ( cinnamaldehyde, camphor) that helps to digest food faster and easily also reduces acidic solution in the stomach to protect from irritation and other symptoms like stomach gas and belching.

Cinnamon powder can be added to meals while cooking to benefit from its features as homemade remedies for stomach pain or drinks like tea.

 8- Cumin: 

In the past, it's tradition to use cumin as one of the homemade remedies for stomach pain cause it proves its effectiveness against stomach gas, bloating, and heartburn. in addition, it is an antibiotic agent, reduces inflammation inside the intestine

You can add cumin powder to your food or drink it. 

Homemade remedies for stomach pain

9- Taking water:

The easiest method of homemade remedies for stomach pain is enough water makes the abdomen tract more hydrated, enhances digestion and absorption, and protects from constipation and cramps.

10- Applying a warm pad:

Helpful for stomach spasms and relaxing muscles of the abdomen. Taking a heat path is very useful for you to feel better soon.

11- Avoiding lying down directly: after eating as the abdomen tract is in an upright position allows acidic material to return to the esophagus tract causing heartburn and irritation so it's advisable to sit down for a while especially after eating a heavy fatty meal. 

12- stop unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits which negatively affected on digestive system and absorption of nutrients as 

  • smoking and drinking alcohol

  • Don't regular your meals 

  • Spicy and fat meals 

13- licorice, cloves, aloe juice, and coconut water are used as homemade remedies for stomach pain as they have ingredients that ease digestion, alleviate bloating, cramps, and stomach gas as well as maintain a gastric environment hydrated to protect from Constipation.

Homemade remedies for stomach pain

Hospital visit: 

You must see your doctor if you have a severe, permanent stomach upset or accompanied by blood or fever, and can't improve with homemade remedies for stomach pain.

The doctor will diagnose your case, may it be simple or need some drugs. Doctors will help you to understand what exactly happened to get rid of abdomen illness and be well and comfortable.


In this article, we talked about one of the most famous pain which can everyone vulnerable to cause upset inside the abdomen just occur sudden anytime left you uncomfortable and tired, so we explain some of the effective and top homemade remedies for stomach pain to help you if you exposed to pain anytime.

Doctor advice is very important if your abdominal pain continues for a long time or with severe symptoms so don't forget to ask for a doctor's check to understand your case and deal correctly with it to be better and comfortable.



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