The Best Methods For Home Remedies For Boils On Buttocks

In this article, we will talk about home remedies for boils on buttocks but first, we should know the meaning of boils, causes of It, diagnosis, and how to reduce infection with boils.

What is the meaning of Boils? 

They Are red pus-filled bumps under the skin mainly caused by bacterial infection.

The Area surrounding it becomes red and painful. 

Common Area for boils:

- Face

- Neck

- Shoulder

- Armpits

- Buttocks

Causes of boils:

The bacterial infection causes inflammation of hair follicles and oil glands.

Boils Diagnosis:

- We can identify It by visual examination.

- After drainage occurs, take a sample and test the presence of bacteria. 

Symptoms related to boils:

First boils Are red, hard, and pea-sized lump, a few Days later become softer, painful and larger.

The skin around It becomes red, painful, and swollen. 

Many boils may gather around the original one. 


Lymph node in the Area swollen. 

Type of boils:


Hidradenitis suppurativa(in arm Area or groin). 



A pilonidal cyst (in buttocks Area). 

Factors which increase chance of boils:

Improper hygiene.


Acne or eczema and psoriasis. 

Having an immune disorder which makes you more exposed to bacterial infection. 

Direct contact with an infected person who has boils. 

Skin irritation allows a bacterial infection to pass deeper into the skin. 

Diabetic patient. 

Long time antibiotic therapy. 


Please take care:

You shouldn't squeeze a boil because It will affect the surrounding Area or the infection becomes deeper in the skin.

Drainage occurs by making a small incision carefully through a sterile environment or using alternative remedies at your home. 

Home remedies for boils on buttocks:

- Home remedies depending on size and site of infection so warm compress is 1st line to use.

- lf home remedies for boils on buttocks aren't successful another Method called drainage is used. 

- If the infection spreads to the surrounding Area and becomes severe, you should see a doctor. 

Method of home remedies for boils on buttocks:

1- The most Common Method for home remedies for boils on buttocks is heating. 

- Simple boils can be treated using a warm compress applied on the boils to speed the drainage process by increasing pressure in the infected Area and causing draw of drain and blood to the surface of the skin. 


- The Area should be clean, dry and protected after drainage. 

- Healing lasts from 2days to 3 weeks According to the site of infection. 

- We should use antibacterial soap to wash the sore after the drain and wash your hand carefully after finishing or when you touch the sore. 

Clean your clothes and bedding with hot water for sterilization. 

- Use analgesics to relieve pain and antibiotics to avoid systemic infection in the bloodstream.

Other home remedies for boils on buttocks:

Using some plants or herbs that have the ability to increase blood Flow in the Affected Area and also may have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects.

Method of home remedies for boils on buttocks:

Home remedies for boils on buttocks

 1 - Pressing garlic and applied It once or twice daily. 

Home remedies for boils on buttocks

2- Onions:

Make alice in gauze and apply It on the boils twice daily. 

3- Tea tree oil:

( Shouldn't use directly on the skin because It has a burning effect so we should mix It with coconut oil or olive oil) 

4- Castor oil extract:

Active constituent is ricinoleic acid which has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. 

How to use castor oil as home remedies for boils on buttocks? 

Apply a small amount directly to the skin 3 Time a day. 

5- Tridax daisy essential oil. 

6- Goat weed essential oil. 

7- Devil's horse whip extract.

Home remedies for boils on buttocks

8- Turmeric and ginger:

Turmeric is used to treat boils because It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

How to use turmeric and ginger as home remedies for boils on buttocks? 

Mixed together with ginger making a paste which is applied to the boils. 

Boiling teaspoon of Turmeric with water, after cooling Apply to boil. 

9- Epsom salt:

(Mixed It with warm water then soak a compress in It for 20min then applied It to the skin till boils go) 

10- Neem oil:

- Has antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial effects. 

- Apply a small amount directly to the skin 3 Times a day. 

Method to reduce risk of getting boils

Washing the skin  with  soap.

Eat healthy food to enhance your immune system. 

Clean and cover damaged skin. 

Wash your hands  with antibacterial soap.

If the boils can't recover with basic home treatment through a week you should see a doctor because If the boils cluster together, leak into the bloodstream. 

- Bacterial bloodstream can cause organ failure, coma, swelling of the heart valve, toxic shock syndrome, and even death. 


Recurrent or severe boils may be caused by MRSA or staph aureus which is resistant to methicillin so home remedies for boils on buttocks become useless. 

Management of infection caused by MRSA at home remedies for boils on buttocks? 

1- Washing hands with soap and hot water.

2- Regular bathing. 

3- Using alcohol sanitizer. 

4- Use a disinfectant for home surface. 

5- Don't use personal tools belonging to the infected person. 

6- Use squeeze bottles rather than jars. 

If home remedies for boils on buttocks don't succeed, when should l see a doctor 

- If boils become larger, painful, swelling more and spread to the surrounding Area. 

- Fever occurs and doesn't respond to home remedies.

- You must see a doctor. 


- Boils on the buttocks heal on their own within 2 weeks. 

- Boils which cause complications and get larger, need for drainage or more treatment. 

- Recurrence is the most complication associated with boils. 

- Boils caused by MRSA are more dangerous and cause complications and then home remedies for boils on buttocks are not successful. 

By: Dr. Eman Samir

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