The Best Natural Bed Bug Treatment That Really Works

Bed bugs are quite disturbing and even embarrassing problems that require taking quick action to get rid of but we need a really effective and fast solution because these little beasts are highly reproductive and once they settle down it would be hard to eradicate them. 

There is debate about natural bed bug treatments and how effective they are and this is what we need to make clear here but first let's take a look at our little gross beast

natural bed bug treatment

Do You Know what bed bug are?

Very small brown insects that can hardly be seen but their presence would be a real problem. It feeds basically on blood “your blood” to be more specific and likes to hang around her food source especially at night and it is obvious  from its name that it lives usually on beds and inside mattresses but also can be found in most furniture, stuffed animals and wall cracks.


Where they come from

There are Too many sources depending on your environment and lifestyle. this list will provide some examples:

  1. If you are living in a warm humid place you should pay extra attention to your house cleanliness because these conditions are excellent for almost all insects to thrive and multiply.

  2. Travelling and staying in low hygiene hotels or camping outside then they can hide in your clothes or bags and give you unpleasant surprises when you come back.

  3. Getting used furniture infected with bugs or their eggs

  4. They can travel through wall cracks or between rooms in the same building.


Signs of having bed bugs

  1. Spotting a crawling bug

  2. Having unexplained blood stains on your clothes or bed sheets.

  3. Rash if bugs did bite you in your sleep.

  4. Pale yellow patches which are their eggs.

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Natural bed bug treatment that really works

There are countless tips at home remedies for natural bed bug treatment but in real life not all of them are effective, affordable or applicable and there are some products that are unsafe especially if you have kids or bets

  1. Steam cleaning

One of the most effective methods that really works since bed bugs can not survive extreme temperatures and it will kill them and their eggs immediately.

  1. Vacuum

 Also effective in removing fully grown insects and not all eggs the only problem is that it does not reach deep in folds and interstices.

  1. Rubbing alcohol

Yes it is effective to kill them on contact but unfortunately you need to follow all bugs one by one to kill all of them. The same applies to hydrogen peroxide and bleach but these two would also stain fabrics so you need to be more careful if you decide to use them .

  1. Borax

It is available in most convenience stores and it kills bed bugs by suffocating them but you are gonna need to use generous amount and better be in well contained place not like mattresses cause some bugs would be able to escape simply to other home parts but you can use it with pillows and stuffed animals that can not be washed just place the pillow and good amount of borax powder in plastic bag and close it tight for at least 24hours then remove them to get rid of dead insects.

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Impractical and still popular natural bed bug treatment

These methods are everywhere on internet and it can really help in the problem but you will find it almost impossible to use them.


Essential oils

Like lavender, peppermint and tea tree oil all of them are natural repellents for most insects and tea tree oil has strong anti microbial effect as well but a repellent is not enough to eradicate the bugs it might work in prevention and it will also mask the smell of your body that attracts the bugs but would not be enough to kill all of them more than that these oils are a bit costly and is better used undiluted to give you the repellent effect so to use this method on large area would cost you a fortune.


Baking soda and diatomaceous earth

Baking soda is very essential in your house. It is considered a multipurpose cleaner and it would be used to dry out the bed or mattress to make it less convenient for bed bugs. Diatomaceous earth also makes it hard for bed bugs to move and would break up its fragile skeleton  but both are not absolute solutions besides it needs to be vacuumed later.


Cinnamon and cayenne pepper powder 

Again these are just repellents not bed bug killers. They are costly since huge amounts are needed and in this case they would repel you yourself not just bed bugs.


Keep a distance

What if you are having a night out in nature or sleeping in a hotel where you discovered  bed bugs, how would you deal with it ? This is not a natural bed bug treatment; it is more like a life hack to keep a distance.

First you need to clean up a space for yourself and your bags then You can use petroleum jelly or double face tape to define your place borders so it will catch any crawling guests and when you go home take off all your cloths and but everything i washing machine including your bag. You can use any alternative method we mentioned before for non washable items.




Natural bed bug treatment can work sometimes especially when the bugs are still few in number but if you have kind of invasion or a persistent problem you might consider getting professional help to prevent any more damage to your house and your family because if their number is increasing it will need to feed more and it is going to attack you and your family members. You should also put in mind to get rid of them as soon as possible to prevent its spread to other people.


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