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The ASPCA pet insurance cost may provide exactly what you're searching for: a low-cost, minimum-coverage pet insurance policy. It's the best choice for you.

Types of pets are covered by the ASPCA Pet Insurance cost:

  • Dogs.

  • Cats.

  • Horses. 

aspca pet insurance cost

The Benefits and Drawbacks of ASPCA Pet Insurance cost:

  • Standard policies include coverage for exam fees and microchip implantation.

  • Provides an accident-only plan for a minimal monthly fee.

  • A total yearly coverage limit of $10,000, which is lesser than the majority of providers.

  • Has a 14-day accidental waiting period, which is higher than several competitors.

  • The ASPCA Pet Health Insurance cost covers all cats and dogs over the age of eight weeks, regardless of health, but it does not cover pre-existing conditions.

aspca pet insurance cost

The ASPCA Pet Health Insurance cost depends on:

  • The type of your pet, its age, sex, and the postcode in which you live.

  • Policy Advisor can help you lock in the better cost and compare the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program to other leading pet insurance brand names for free.

  • Customers can customize their pet's health insurance plan through the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program by adjusting the percentage of costs repaid, the high premium, and the yearly restriction.

aspca pet insurance cost

Opportunities for Savings:

The ASPCA Pet Health Insurance service includes a veterinary clinic employee benefits program in places where it is available, in addition to a discount for covering numerous pets. For every pet they cover, veterinarians can get 10% on their base plan cost. This discount is in addition to the multiple pet discount.

ASPCA pet insurance cost covers:

  • Accidents

  • Illnesses inherited and congenital problems.
  • Alternative therapies.

  • Chronic conditions, prescription drugs, prescription food, and supplements.

  • Microchip implications.

  • Exam pet fees.

  • Vaccination.

ASPCA pet insurance cost doesn't cover:

  • Cosmetic procedures or breeding costs include animal pregnancy.

  • Pre Existing medical conditions.

  • Preventive care is not covered unless it is purchased as an add-on service for a monthly fee.  

  • For an extra monthly fee, the ASPCA Pet  Insurance program offers many basic and prime preventative care updates.

Payment of Claims

The ASPCA Pet Insurance program allows you to file a claim online through the Member Center or via the ASPCA Pet  Insurance application for iPhone and Android. The following data is required to file your claim:

  • On the claim form, provide your name, address, phone number, and signature.

  • An explanation of the problem and the treatment you're seeking.

  • All relevant documents, including a detailed analysis of the fees paid.


Although the ASPCA Pet Insurance plan is costly than comparable policies, it is not significantly more so. The ASPCA Pet  Insurance cost creates personalized policies to match any income.

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