The Best Shampoo For Low Porosity Natural Hair In 2022

The best shampoo for low porosity natural hair is important for preserving hair structure in good shape.

Low porosity hair has a closely condensed structure that prevents the absorption of moisture into your strands, it has overlapping cuticles which act as a barrier preventing water penetration.

Best shampoo for low porosity natural hair is suitable for this role rather than the regular shampoo and conditioners. 

Keeping clean hair and free of leftovers maintain its original porosity.

Best shampoo for low porosity natural hair

Some best shampoo for low porosity natural hair

1- Shea Moisture Baobab and Tea Tree Shampoo

Main contents

Baobab, tea tree oil, and organic shea butter.


The smell of a unique, essential oil blend.


13 oz


  • Sulfate-free and certified organic contents.

  • Exceptionally best for curly hair as it cleanses the hair cuticle with natural ingredients whilst deeply moisturizing fragile curls.

  • A very important characteristic that minimizes allergic reactions is that shampoo is free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and alcohol, that can dry out your hair and worsen its low porosity.


  • Strong odor

  • No pump head included, you should buy one.

2- Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture and Shine Set

Main contents

Aloe vera juice, shea butter, and clover extract.


Light vanilla


Shampoo 12 oz


  • Best for glistening hair.

  • Safe for color-treated hair.

  • Improve hair beauty. 

  • Have a  notable vanilla scent. A single wash will maintain fresh smelling hair that rehydrates low porosity natural hair. 

  • This product is recommended as the best shampoo for low porosity natural hair.


  • The product has traces of silicone.

  • Avoid allergies, you can either visit a dermatologist or check it at home by dropping a small amount on your arm. Then, if there are no abnormal symptoms such as itches or red spots, you can use it safely.

3- BIOLAGE Clean Reset Shampoo

Main contents

Lemongrass extract, Matricaria flower extract, and sage leaf extract.


Refreshing lemongrass


13.5 oz


  • Best deep cleansing.

  • Suitable for deep cleansing without drying out the hair follicles.

  • This shampoo contains intense cleansing agents like salicylic acid and combines that with natural plant extracts. This combination removes build-ups from dirty hair that allows more space for shampoo to seep in extensively.

  • The shampoo supplies you with a feel of comfort because of the lemongrass odor which lasts a full day.

  • This product is suitable for low porosity straight hair. It removes the tiniest remnants without loss in moisture.


  • The product is compatible with colored hair and natural hair.  

  • Washing with cold water is more suitable to seal your scalp.

  • Contain chemical cleansers.

4- Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Banana and Coconut Nourishing Superfood Shampoo

Main content

Fatty acid and vitamins.


  • The product contains fatty acids and vitamins which pump moisture into low-porosity hair without completely stripping hair which makes it the best shampoo for low porosity natural hair.

  • Bananas and açai are antioxidants that protect hair from damage.

  • The mixture is sulfate-free.

5- Glycolix 10% Shampoo Wash

This product normalizes damaged scalp conditions resulting from chemicals and the environment.

6- Briogeo's Scalp Revival Shampoo

Main content

A mixture of coconut oil, charcoal, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil.


Cleanse, rebalance, nourish, and remove dead skin cells on the scalp. 

7- Mielle Organics Babassu Conditioning Shampoo

  • This best shampoo for low porosity natural hair is a GAME changer for low porosity natural hair. 

  • It is considered a sulfate-free product but provides a clean feeling without the over-stripping of sulfate-containing shampoo.

8- Cream of Nature Professional Argan Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo

  • Best for all hair types.

  • Sulfate-free, this shampoo will not only clarify your natural hair but it won’t feel overly-stripping to the hair. 

  • Recommended as the best shampoo for low porosity natural hair.

  • Suitable for those looking to score a great shampoo on a budget.

9- TGIN Moisture-Rich Sulfate-Free Shampoo:

Main content

Sugar cane and amla oil extract.


Recommended for cooler textures.

Ensure no product is left behind. 

Hair won’t feel stripped after using it.

10- Shea Moisture Bamboo Charcoal Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Main content

Tea tree and willow bark extract.


Best for all types of hair.

Best shampoo for low porosity natural hair. Suitable if you have scalp issues such as flakiness, dryness/oiliness, or itchiness.

Calm the scalp and assist with skin turnover, which is essential if dealing with any of the mentioned scalp issues.

Using one of the above best shampoos for low porosity natural hair will ensure that your low porosity natural hair is clean and build-up free.

The best shampoo for low porosity natural hair preferred to have a high content of organic ingredients such as nourishing butter, macadamia oil, and fatty acids.

These ingredients have long-lasting moisture properties for thirsty hair's thickest layer.

To improve your natural hair growth journey, you need to make it a habit of clarifying your low porosity natural hair.

best shampoo for low porosity natural hair

Properties of low porosity hair

  • Tight hair cuticles. 

  • Lack of moisture retention.

  • Dry faster after cleaning.

  • Can't absorb natural oils into hair strands which allows dirt collection and dandruff formation.

  • Dry greasy hair. 

  • Curly hair suffers from low porosity.

Testing Your Hair Porosity

  • Use cleansing shampoo to wash your hair.

  • Then cut a small bit of curl and put it in a glass of diluted moisturizer.

  •  Two minutes later, low porosity hair can't absorb the mixture and float at the surface.

best shampoo for low porosity natural hair

Bad ingredients for low porosity natural hair

  • Thick butter and oils are too heavy for low porosity hair with fine strands.

  • Thick products lead to dryness and accumulation of dead cells cells-duty styling products as they make the hair heavier only.

Best shampoo for low porosity natural hair

Washing low porosity natural hair

Washing low porosity natural hair depends on hair texture, density, and lifestyle factors too as exercise and oily scalp.

Type 4 low porosity naturals should shampoo their hair every week or biweekly. Type 4b and 4c may find those biweekly shampoo sessions (with a good co-wash in between) strip strike perfect balance.

Type 3 naturals and below should be shampooing at least weekly.


Choosing the best shampoo for low porosity natural hair is necessary. Shampoos destroy the protein structures which allow moisture penetration to the deeper hair fiber, improving the hair elasticity, softness, and shine.

There’s nothing worse than a dirty scalp, so make sure you’re using the above best shampoo for low porosity natural hair.

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