The Best Choice Shampoo For Low Porosity Hair In 2022

Shampoo for low porosity hair, low porosity hair is the hair that doesn’t absorb treatments and water. So in case, your hair is low porosity, use should use suitable products for it.

Low porosity hair needs special care and products. So In this article, we will talk about low hair porosity care, products, and shampoo for low porosity hair.

What is hair porosity?

Hair porosity is a term that describes the ability of the hair shaft to preserve or retain its water continent and hair care products. The hair consists of three layers: 

  • The cuticle:

It is the most outer layer of the is made of overlapping plates.

  • Cortex: 

It is the thick middle layer of the hair. It gives your hair its color as it contains pigments and fibrous proteins.

  • Medulla: 

It is the inner layer of the hair shaft.

The overlapping plates of the cuticle of low porosity hair are tightly packed together leaving no space or pores for moisture to enter and penetrate the hair shaft. So treatments can't penetrate the hair.

So you should use special treatment or shampoo for low porosity hair. Low porosity hair may be genetic. It is more common in straight hair rather than curly hair.

shampoo for low porosity hair

How to know low porosity hair?

Selecting the hair porosity is the key element for selecting the right product and hair care regiment. To know if your hair is low porosity you should read the following:

  • If it takes a long time to dry and wet. While washing your hair you may find it difficult to wet your hair and for the water to penetrate your hair.

 When it gets wet, you may find it difficult to dry despite using a hairdryer.

  • When you use hair care products, they accumulate on the surface and are not absorbed. For example, you may apply cream or oil to your hair.

 After half an hour you will notice that the product is accumulated on the surface not may come on your fingers in case if you touch it.

How to test your hair?

To know your hair porosity, you may apply two tests: float test and spray test.

  • Spray test: 

Spray some water on your hair and notice. If your hair doesn’t absorb the water easily this means that your hair is low porosity.

  • Float test: 

Wash and rinse your hair with shampoo for low porosity hair to remove any product buildup. Clean hair will give accurate results. Dry your hair. 

Take a random strand of your hair. Put it in a glass of water at room temperature. If it sinks to the bottom this means it has high porosity. 

If it floats this means it is low porosity hair. If it floats near the middle of the glass, it has medium porosity.

Tricks to select products and shampoo for low porosity hair:

If you have alow porosity hair. it is a big mistake to apply a large quantity of product or more than one product believing that your hair will absorb it.

Your hair won’t absorb a large amount of the product because the plates of the cuticle of the hair shaft are tightly closed.

The key is to find the right product with the correct formulation for low porosity hair. First, The product should have ingredients that can penetrate your hair like honey and glycerin.

second, apply the product when your hair is warm and wet. As the heat allows the product to penetrate the hair. 

If you want to know ingredients, products, and shampoo for low porosity hair. See the following suggestions.

shampoo for low porosity hair

Shampoo for low porosity hair:

The best choice shampoo for low porosity hair is that doesn't leave a residue. Search for products that contain glycerin or honey. 

These products can penetrate hair more than products containing oils.

There are some examples of shampoo for low porosity hair:

  • Kinky-Curly Come Clean Natural Moisturizing Shampoo: 

It is a gentle shampoo for low porosity hair to be used leaves no residue.

  • Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Sulfate-Free and Silicone-Free Shampoo:

It is a sulfate and silicone-free shampoo and contains glycerine that making it a good choice shampoo for low porosity doesn’t remove natural hair oil.

  • Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Shampoo: 

This shampoo is used for damaged and dry hair as it contains honey. So it is a softening shampoo for low porosity hair.

  • Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo:

It is a good choice shampoo for low porosity is a clarifying shampoo that can be used once a week to remove all build-up on your low porosity hair.

Conditioner for low porosity hair:

To take more benefit from hair conditioner try to dilute the conditioner then apply on your low porosity hair. It will be absorbed easily when it is diluted.

 There are some examples of conditioners that may be good:

  • Davines OI All in One Milk: 

It is a milk conditioner with low consistency that makes it easy to be absorbed in low porosity hair.

  • DevaCurl One Condition Original

It is a creamy conditioner for daily use for low porosity curly hair.

Deep conditioner for low porosity hair:

Sometimes your hair may need extra moisture. So you can use a weekly deep conditioning treatment. When you use a conditioner, you may use a heat cap, dryer, or steamer. 

You may use a shower cap while using a deep conditioner. Then use a dryer to warm the cap this will open the hair cuticle.

Another piece of advice, you should be away from protein conditioners. As protein pulls moisture from hair. There are some conditioner choices:

1. Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment, Citrus Lavender

It contains a high concentration of natural ingredients. It moisturizes and softens the hair.

2. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System:

It is a cap containing a conditioner. It is a deep conditioner for low porosity hair.

shampoo for low porosity hair

Styling products:

If you are searching for curl enhancing products, these products may be effective:

1. Eden Bodyworks Curl Defining Creme:

This gel can help you define your hair curls and keep them soft. 

2. Joico Ironclad Thermal Protectant Hair Spray:

This protectant may help you protect your hair from heat without leaving much residue. 

3. My Amazing Blow Dry Secret:

This product may help reduce the time of drying which is a challenge for low porosity hair. 


Finally, you should know some things. You should know your hair type to know how to treat and what products to use. If you have low porosity hair, use special products and shampoo for low porosity hair to avoid hair dryness and damage.

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