The Top Tips For Care Of Your Low Porosity Curly Hair

Care of Hair sorts, especially low porosity curly hair, preoccupies everyone as hair is a very attractive element, helps you to have a decent look, and increases your self-assurance.

Healthy curly hair looks beautiful and shiny, by knowing what type of hair exactly you will help you to search for the best and correct hair routine and haircut and products for your hair to look gorgeous.

In this article, we will discuss types of hair and explain low porosity curly hair to make you recognize the type of your hair and care about it correctly to have healthy beautiful natural hair.

Iow porosity curly hair

Porosity and types of hair:

Porosity means how your hair deals with oils and water, how your hair absorbs moisture, and hair products. Hair takes products according to the space in the outer layer and transfers them to the inner layer to benefit from these products.

Hair structure consists of three layers:

- Cuticle:

The outermost layer of hair which protects and supplies hair with nutrients consists of small cuticles that huddle together to make it tough.

- Cortex:

The second thick layer holds protein and pigment to give hair its color.

- Medulla:

The inner part of the hair spindle.

In low porosity curly hair:

water and other products don't be absorbed as the Cuticle layer are very close and resist oils and water absorption so moisture slips down leaving hair dry and don't benefit from hair products.

Causes lead to low porosity curly hair: 

- Genetics: if your family has a gene that performs low porosity curly hair, you will have to.

- Exposure to heat and harmful chemicals will affect your hair shafts and change the normality of your hair and its characters, as heat damage cuticle layers cause gaps and spaces between it results in high porosity hair which doesn't maintain water or lose it quickly.

How to know the characteristics of your hair?

Low porosity curly hair famous with:

  • It takes a long time for washing and drying as hair doesn't keep water easily due to poor absorption as the Cuticle layer overlaps and doesn't let water penetrate to the cortex layer so your path takes longer than expected.

  • Products of hair remain on your hair as it is very difficult to be sucked easily because of big molecules of products rather than gaps in the outer layer of low porosity curly hair.

  • Deficiency of hair flexibility.

How to know your hair type?

There is a test you can do at home to know the type of your hair, the test is a very simple act by:

1. Wash your curly hair very well to make sure that your hair is clean from chemicals or oils applied to it.

2. Drying your hair also helps you to get the correct result.

3. Put a strand of your hair in a cup of water.

The results of the floating test are different according to the normality of your hair:

In low porosity curly hair:  

Hair strands will go up to the top of the cup quickly.

In high porosity curly hair:

The shaft will sink to the bottom of the cup speedily as the cuticle layers are more porous.

In medium porosity curly hair: 

Hair holds in the cup for a while and it is the best type of hair as its layers are coordinated together for healthy shiny hair.

low porosity curly hair

How to care for low porosity curly hair to get an amazing look?

- People think that applying a large number of oily hair products or more than one product together will help hair to absorb and benefit from them.

The point here is not on using large amounts rather than choosing the right and best products for low porosity curly hair which is manufactured with special characters to get shiny, healthy, beautiful, natural hair look rather than coily wavy look.

- Don't forget to use heat to open holes of low porosity curly hair to easily deal with products to get the great benefit from it.

You can steam your hair by using tools like hair steam cups which are cheap and help cuticles to be opened to absorb water and other oils.

- Apply greenhouse effect with your hair: a way used to help cuticles of the hair to be opened easily to get moisturized.

By putting a shower cap on your hair overnight or all day and if you go out you can disappear with a headscarf. Covering hair will heat the strands of the hair and help to keep these strands hydrated.

You can use this way also when applying oils to your hair, which will increase the effectiveness of these oils.

- Elutriate your hair: as products stay on your hair and don't allow for low porosity curly hair to absorb water easily so you need to use shampoo to clean the shafts of hair from any foreign products.

- Try humectant as a way that attracts moisture from the atmosphere outside to inside your hair like a magnet acting.

Glycerin is used for that purpose to help your hair to keep hydrated, before using glycerin you should dilute it as research tells us weather can affect its features.

low porosity curly hair

Moisturizing low porosity curly hair:

A healthy routine followed by people who have low porosity curly hair helps them to love their crazy beautiful look as they have very stylish soft wavy hair. A few steps that can be followed and applied easily to get a good hair look:

  • Using oils for low porosity hair that absorb and benefit hair shafts like jojoba oil or sweet almond oil can be applied with a greenhouse effect to get the most benefit.

  • Wash your hair at least once or twice a week to make sure that there is no deposition on your hair and block holes of cuticles layers.

  • Remember to moisturize your hair in the middle of the week which is very important to keep your hair soft and healthy, you can apply conditioners like aloe vera juice as a spray mixed with water.

  • Use satin material when covering your hair or even with sleep. Preferably use a satin pillowcase because satin doesn't absorb any moisturizing products you applied like cotton and other material.

  • Using rice water is a very good idea to grow your low porosity curly hair as it is full of starch, vitamins, and minerals which is very important and good for hair growth. prepare by boiling rice with water until it is ripened and mixed with any conditioner to be thicker.

Products with dedicated components for low porosity curly hair:


select those which doesn't leave any deposits on the hair which settle down on the cuticle layer like:

1. Kinky-Curly Come Clean

Natural Moisturizing Shampoo: which is light enough for your hair.

2. Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Sulfate-Free and Silicone-Free Shampoo:

have glycerin which keeps your hair wet and hydrated and also free of harmful chemicals.

3. Cantu shea butter sulfate-free cleansing shampoo:

a good option for use also.

Low Porosity Curly Hair


That help to style your hair and penetrate hair easily:

  • Fractionated coconut oil 

  • Sweet almond oil 

  • Argan oil 


As we say mix with water to be easily absorbed like:

  • Davines OI All in One Milk: have light bases which absorb easily and don't cause deposits on the outer layer, don't leave an oily layer on the hair, very suitable for low porosity hair.
  • DevaCurl One Condition Original: cream in its consistency, good for styling the hair.


Low porosity curly hair is a very special type and needs to be treated carefully to be healthy and have a natural look.

If you have a suitable routine and choose the most accurate and best products for your hair, you will provide a good environment to grow sparkles, help to prevent drying of the hair, and can moisture it easily to be shiny, healthy, and beautiful hair.



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