The Best 16 Homemade Remedies For Stomach Pain In 2022

Homemade remedies for stomach pain are very important to be well known as stomach pain is a very common sudden problem that occurs to our kids and old people, so what is stomach pain?! 

Stomach pain definition?! 

It is a discomfort or restlessness condition that occurs in your belly area, and results in abdominal signs, so what are abdominal signs?! 

Abdominal signs are:

  1. Colic.

  2. Loss of appetite.

  3. Gases.

  4. Nausea. 

  5. Diarrhea.

  6. Flatulence.

  7. Constipation.

  8. Acid reflux.

  9. Indigestion.

Causes of stomach pain:

  1. Bad food habits such as eating at night.

  2. Infection.

  3. Inflammation.

  4. Junk food.

  5. Menstrual period.

  6. Gall stones.

Types of stomach pain:

Acute pain:

Starts suddenly in a very few hours.

Chronic pain:

lasts for a long time ( weeks to months ) and needs change in your food habits.

Progressive pain:

Gets worse over time and often comes with other signs, so you should be careful. 

Homemade remedies for stomach pain are enough in mild cases but if the case is critical we should call the doctor, so……..

When should we call the doctor?! 

  1. Severe vomiting even ordinary or bloody.

  2. Fever. 

  3. Severe acid reflux.

  4. Severe loss of weight.

  5. Severe diarrhea.

  6. Hurts when you touch your stomach. 

  7. Having chest pain or can't breathe.

  8. Dehydration.

  9. Constipation for more than one day.

  10. You're a diabetic patient and vomiting.

  11. Kids should directly go to the doctor even if they have mild signs. 

A very important note:

Don't forget that stomach pain is one of the symptoms of coronavirus, so you should be careful.

what is the role of homemade remedies for stomach pain in general?!

In mild cases, they may help to relieve the problem alone without any medicine or with just a few types of medicine. 

In critical cases, they will be good adjuvant therapy.

A now we offer you some of the homemade remedies for stomach pain:

  1. Drinking water 

  2. Avoiding lying down 

  3. Ginger 

  4. Mint 

  5. Take a warm bath and try a heating bag. 

  6. Brat diet 

  7. Avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol 

  8. Avoiding Food that is difficult to be digested 

  9. Lemon juice and baking soda. 

  10. Cinnamon 

  11. Cumin

  12. Aloe juice

  13. Licorice

  14. Bananas 

  15. Honey

  16. Moderate activities like walking 

A now let's talk about them in detail:

Drinking water

It's important to drink water for general health conditions ، especially for the stomach, as it is important for digestion and absorption of nutrients from foods,

Being thirsty for long period causes stomach upset and makes digestion less effective 

People with diarrhea and vomiting must keep drinking as they lose too many fluids and may lead them to shock.

In general, the health and medicine division recommended that:

  • Women should drink around 3 liters of water.

  • Men should have about 3.7 liters of water. 

  • Simply you should drink eight cups of water for adults, younger children slightly less water than adults. 

Avoid laying down

when the body is horizontal, the اacid is more likely to go Backward and causes heartburn ، so you should avoid laying down if you are complaining from acid reflux 



Ginger is one of the famous natural powerful homemade remedies for stomach pain. It is used for gastric upset and indigestion,  as it contains chemicals called gingerols and shogaols that help to reduce nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea 

But, note that if you're complaining of heartburn or gastric ulcers,  you should avoid it as it will increase the problem. 



Mint is considered one of the most useful homemade remedies for stomach pain, as 

mint has a lot of benefits in gastric pain as it helps in:

  • Prevention of vomiting and diarrhea 

  • Reducing muscle spasms in the intestine 

  • Relieving pain 

Recently Researchers have found that mint is a traditional treatment for indigestion, gas, and diarrhea in Pakistan and India.

On a very important note, there is a common mistake between people saying that mint is useful for heartburn but it's wrong, people also with acid reflux should avoid it as it causes relaxation of cardiac opening causing acid to go backward and increases the problem. 

Taking a warm bath and trying a heating bag

Warm water helps in relaxation in general, but what is its role in digestion?!

Warm water helps muscles in relaxation and facilitates digestion. 

The heating bag is also the same, if you complain of any abdominal pain, put it on the site of the pain and it will help to relieve it. 

Brat diet

Brat diet is like ( bananas, rice, and toast). These foods are all starchy, so they can bind together to make stools firmer, it helps so much in diarrhea. 

Avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol

smoking is very harmful if you are complaining of acid reflux or vomiting as it will irritate the throat and gastric mucosa. 

Also drinking alcohol is bad for your health especially digestion and damages your liver.

Avoiding food that is difficult to be digested

some food is harder to digest, so people with stomach pain should avoid it like 

  • Fried or fatty foods. 

  • Rich or creamy.

  • Salty or heavily preserved. 


Lemon juice or baking soda

This mixture is one of the greatest homemade remedies for stomach pain. 

Some studies suggest that mixing lemon juice in water with a pinch of baking soda can help to relieve a wide range of digestive problems. This mixture produces carbonic acid which helps to reduce gas and indigestion, improve liver secretion and intestinal motility. The acidity in lemon can help to digest and absorb fats. 

This mixture consists of:

  • One tablespoon of fresh lemon 

  • One teaspoon of baking soda

  • Eight  oz of clean water 


Cinnamon is one of the most important homemade remedies for stomach pain as it contains many antioxidants that may help ease digestion and reduce the risk of irritation and damage in the digestive tract. These antioxidants include:

  • Eugenol.

  • Cinnamaldehyde.

  • Linalool.

  • Camphor.

Other substances in cinnamon may also help to reduce gas, bloating, and cramping, they help to neutralize stomach acidity to reduce acidity and indigestion. 

A person with stomach upset can try to add 1 tsp of cinnamon to their meals 


Cumin is a treasure in your home, also it's one of the most important homemade remedies for stomach pain as cumin seeds contain an active ingredient that may help by 

  • Reducing indigestion and excess stomach acids. 

  • Reducing gas.

  • Reducing intestinal inflammation.

  • Acting as an antimicrobial.

So if you are suffering from stomach upset add 1 to 2 tsp to your meal every day. 

Aloe juice

Aloe juice has multiple benefits like:

  • Reducing excess stomach acidity.

  • Encouraging healthy bowel movements and toxin removal.

  • Promoting the balance of digestive bacteria.

  • Improving protein digestion.

  • Reducing inflammation. 

So it's also one of the best homemade remedies for stomach pain


Licorice is one of the wonderful homemade remedies for stomach pain as it may help to reduce gastritis or inflammation of the stomach lining, also it's important to people with peptic ulcers.

So if you complain of gastric ulcers try to drink licorice every day until symptoms improve 


People with hypertension should avoid it as it increases blood pressure.


Bananas contain( vitamin B6, potassium, and folic acid )  these nutrients can help to ease cramps, pains, and muscle spasms, bananas also help in diarrhea as it adds bulk to loose stools. 



Honey is also one of the most important homemade remedies for stomach pain.

 Researchers found that consuming honey with lemon helps to relieve constipation, improve digestion, cleanse the colon and flush out undigested food and other toxins from the body. 

Moderate activities like walking

activities and exercise have a big effect on improving the digestion process by improving blood circulation. 

A now I will just highlight some homemade remedies for stomach pain in children:

  • Keep your child hydrated. 

  • Use a warm compress. 

  • Make him eat yogurt and probiotics.

  • Give him herbals like anise oil, fennel, dill, fenugreek, and caraway. 

  • Give him honey but after two years of age.

  • Massage him gently.

But also don't forget that these homemade remedies are adjuvant aids in children, as they should go to a doctor and take their medicine if they need it.


Finally, l hope you enjoy my topic about ( homemade remedies for stomach pain ) and try to use them at home, I am sure that the results of homemade remedies for stomach pain will be satisfying for you and you will tell your friends and relatives about them. 

Believe me, homemade treatments, in general, are a treasure in your home. And it's very important to know about them as they have great benefits. 

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