The Idealistic Medium Porosity Hair Products In 2022

Medium porosity hair products give your hair the required nourishment and ensure hair protection from daily damage.

Hair porosity is related to the outer layer of the hair which is called hair's cuticle that helps the hair to absorb and keep moisture and oil products.

medium porosity hair products

The Main Types Of Hair porosity

Before talking about medium porosity hair products, we must shed light on porosity's meaning and learn how to determine the porosity type of our hairs, to be able to choose the products that are more suitable for our hair porosity.

Low Porosity

The areas between hair cuticles are very narrow, so it is very resistant to moisture and oily products, and it takes more time to dry from water. 

If your hair belongs to this type, you must use light hair products to don't accumulate on your hair surface easily.

Medium Porosity

The cuticles aren't very adjacent to each other but also aren't wide. Medium porosity hair is considered the ideal type because it can absorb the exact amount of moisture and keep it easily.

We will explain the suitable products in more detail later.

High Porosity

The cuticles are far from each other, so hair absorbs the moisture excessively, and it doesn't take more time to dry from water. 

Heavy serums and oil are suitable products for use on this hair type.

medium porosity hair products

Medium Porosity Hair Profiles

For selecting the idealistic medium porosity hair products, you should be familiar with the characteristics of medium porosity hair. 

It is also called the normal porosity hair, it represents the balanced line between high and low porosity hair. 

It is distinguished from other types in that it is easy to take care of and manage, but you should beware of continuous use of coloring and bleaching products because they alter the porosity of hair and damage hair over time.

Some significant characteristics refer to the medium porosity of hair from how it deals with moisture and different hair products to color acceptance.

  • The hair needs slight care for and is easy to style.

  • The hair accepts the color easily.

  • The hair doesn't break easily.

  • The hair is wetted easily and doesn't require more time to dry.

  • It is sensitized hair, especially during sleeping, it becomes weaker due to its friction with the pillow, so you should comb your hair in a plexus or bun style before sleeping.

  • Medium porosity hair requires using deep conditioning products routinely to be healthy.

  • Regular use of protein keeps on the strength of the medium porosity hair.

The Perfect Medium Porosity Hair Products

Medium porosity hair products provide hair with the required deep nourishment and repair any hair damage.

It is preferable to use shampoo, conditioner, and oil which organize the nature of hair oily glands and protect hair from damage and renew it.

Furthermore, medium porosity hair products must be light to don't overburden the hair. Hair conditioning containing proteins, keratin, and light silicon should also be used regularly. 

Moreover, hair masks that are made from hyaluronic acid or aloe can be a good option for use.

medium porosity hair products

Shampoo For Medium Porosity Hair

The shampoo is one of the essential medium porosity hair products that you should choose carefully. 

Foremost, choose a gentle shampoo that is free from sulfate to don't overburden the hair.

The colorless shampoo is a suitable choice and avoids thick and milky shampoo.

medium porosity hair products

Conditioner For Medium Porosity Hair

Conditioner is one of the most sought medium porosity hair products by women because it Provides hair with protection, strength, and proper hydration.

First, you must focus on a light conditioner, so that it doesn't precipitate a greasy layer on your hair.

Additionally, we recommended using a high-quality hair mask once a week to nourish, strengthen and clear your hair.

medium porosity hair products

Oils For Medium Porosity Hair

One of the best medium porosity hair products is hair oil. It is best to use natural oils, especially which contain omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids. Let us explore some recommended oils for medium porosity hair.

Argan Oil

Argan oil acts as a moisturizing agent and protects your hair from daily damage. As it has a magic action in renewing the keratin structure of weak and bristled hair. Also, it protects hair from hot styling.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea buckthorn oil is an antioxidant oil that has a great value as it contains a high amount of omega-7 and vitamins A, C, and K. Also, it spurs collagen synthesis and makes your hair more elastic to style easily. Additionally, it boosts hair growth.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil makes your hair shinier and smoother. It is a multivitamin oil as it contains 7 vitamins.

Also, it is considered one of the best conditioners for medium porosity hair due to its ability in decreasing hair brittleness and frizz.

Rice Oil

Rice oil is rich in many elements necessary for reducing hair aging, and prohibiting hair loss as it contains large amounts of phytosterols, tocopherols, and γ-Oryzanol, in addition to many minerals and vitamins.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil contains high concentrations of omega 9 fatty acids and vitamin B that enrich hair and induce its growth.

Also, it represents a protective shield against hair damage and maintains its vitality and shine.

The Preferred Ingredients To Be Available In Medium Porosity Hair Products

Hyaluronic Acid For Medium Porosity Hair

Medium porosity hair products that contain hyaluronic acid are important for your hair beauty.

Hyaluronic acid shields your scalp from dryness and makes your hair sleek, smooth, and shiny.   

Keratin For Medium Porosity Hair

It's a good idea to treat your hair with medium porosity hair products that contain keratin, as they will repair any damage in your hair structure because keratin is a natural component of our hair.

Protein For Medium Porosity Hair

Silk protein is one of the most famous medium porosity hair products that women seek for it daily and pay a lot of money to get it to look in great style because protein gives the hair the required nourishment and condition the hair ends, as well as it prevents hair dehydration and frizz. That means it gives complete protection to the hair.


Medium porosity hair products that contain vitamins give you healthy-looking hair.

Vitamin A

It reinforces your hair and stimulates its growth. In addition, it helps hair glands to make sebum which is responsible for moisturizing the scalp.

Vitamin E

It is also called the "vitamin of youth" as it delays cell aging and prevents hair damage as well as makes your hair grow regularly in a good condition.

Vitamin B₅

It is a wonderful hair humectant. Also, it detangles, shines, moisturizes, and shields your hair.

Things To Avoid In Medium Porosity Hair Products

Medium porosity hair doesn't endure creamy milky shampoos and heavy masks that reside on hair strands and are difficult to remove and wash from hair which leads to hair overburden.

It is a good strategy to avoid shampoo that contains mono-hydroxyl alcohol because it increases hair dehydration which is an undesirable action for medium porosity hair.

Also, you must get away from heavy silicon such as simethicone, trimethicone, trimethyl siloxy silicates, and stay away from irritant ingredients such as strong detergents in different types of shampoos.

Furthermore, it is advisable to avoid heavy oils that make your hair greasy. Additionally, avoid hot styling and chemical treatments that can change your hair porosity.



Finally, it can be said that the kind of care that you provide for your medium porosity hair today will reflect on its state in the future, so beware during selecting the special products for your hair type.

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