Top 8 Home Remedies For Vulvar Itching And Burning

There are many home remedies for vulvar itching and burning, itching and vulva burning can occur for a variety of reasons, treatment for vulvar itching and burning begins first by knowing the reasons for it to get perfect results.

home remedies for vulvar itching and burning


1-Baking soda :

Baking soda is effective home remedies for vulvar itching and burning, baking soda baths can treat yeast infections potentially and itch, according to NEA, adding a quarter cup of baking soda to the bath or applying it as a paste on the skin directly. 

When herpes lesions are active,  a person can take a Sitz bath with baking soda to provide relief, we can also use diluted baking soda to relieve itching by 2.5 ml of baking soda on 1 liter of water.

home remedies for vulvar itching and burning


2-Bath oil:

Adding drops of oil on bathwater may relieve vaginally and vulvar itching, NEA (national eczema association) advises that adding drops of oil to bath water moisturizes the skin, you must avoid any fragrance oil that may irritate the area.


Adding oatmeal to the bath can help ease vulvar itching that causes due to dry off the skin or other skin condition like eczema, many studies formed on using oatmeal as home remedies for vulvar itching and burning and we found that using oatmeal reduce itching effectively.

4.Vitamin E:

Many researchers find that using Vit E may help in reducing itching that causes by menopause or atopic dermatitis, using Vit E suppository very effective in treating vaginal atrophy among women who had entered menopause, vaginally atrophy means drying, thinning and inflammation of vaginal walls, Vit E may use topically or take orally.

5-Yoghurt and honey :

Lactobacillus bacteria found in yogurt is also lived in the genitals, some evidence suggests applying a mixture of yogurt and honey to valva or inside vaginally can useful in treating fungal infections and it is one of the most effective home remedies for vulvar itching and burning. 

home remedies for vulvar itching and burning


Garlic capsules or even putting garlic inside the vaginal can help in preventing and treating bacterial or fungal infections, but it may cause adverse effects like burns or allergic actions. 

7-Apple cider vinegar bath:

Adding apple cider vinegar bath soothes yeast infections, it's also one of the common remedies for vulvar itching and burning, add a half cup of apple cider vinegar to the bath and soak in the bath for 40 minutes. 

8-Vaginal hygiene:

Practicing good vaginal hygiene can prevent and soothe an itchy vagina, sometimes less is more when it comes to washing your vagina and vulva with some warm water. 

Don't use scented soap, gels, or cleansers because it causes itching and may cause allergic reactions.


Our dewtreats for you today are that home remedies for vulvar itching and burning are very important ways to reduce itching and burning, like using baking soda, garlic, oil bath, apple cider vinegar, vitamin E, oatmeal, yogurt, and honey.

By: Dr. Amany


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