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People nowadays look for natural hair products. Virtue hair products for curly hair have a solution for all the problems related to curly hair and other hair types. 

Among these hair problems are loss of hair, dryness, frizziness, damage due to dyes and styling, and dandruff.

Most hair problems are caused by the daily use of heat for different hair styling and the excessive use of dyes that disturb the scalp and hair follicles' integrity.

Before talking about Virtue hair products for curly hair, let's shed some light on the Virtue brand and its hair-care line products.

virtue hair products for curly hair

Are virtue hair products good for curly hair?

Virtue Lab is an American brand based in North Carolina. What made Virtue Lab now a well-known brand globally is the regenerative technology it uses. 

This discovery is their ability to extract keratin in its purest form. Alpha keratin 60Ku is a human keratin that was first used in healing wounds and nerve regeneration.

Scientists then started using this Alpha keratin 60Ku in repairing the damaged hair as the human hair recognizes it as its own and so it repairs the hair follicles integrally. 

With this new technology, Virtue Lab became one of the pioneers in making hair products that are used by millions of individuals all over the world over a short period of time. 

Virtue hair products for curly hair are one of the most used hair care lines made by the brand.

virtue products for curly hair

Virtue Hair products for curly hair

The thing that makes Virtue Hair products for curly hair well-known and among the best-sellers products in the global markets is the nature of their products. 

These products are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic colors. They are also cruelty-free and vegan.

Virtue Curl Shampoo

Virtue curl shampoo is a cleansing non-drying shampoo that removes all the excess oils and dirt without any hair damage. It is the only shampoo among virtue hair products for curly hair.

The alpha keratin found within it helps repair damaged hair and maintain healthy curls in their natural voluminous patterns. It helps in shaping and styling the curls with so much ease with zero frizz.

Virtue curl conditioner

Virtue curl conditioner is a smoothing conditioner that is light on the hair and helps in detangling the curls giving it a smooth silky texture without weighing down the curls. 

It makes the curls healthy, shiny, and smooth. It also protects against heat, humidity, and damage during its styling. It is one of the best sellers of virtue hair products for curly hair.

How to use it?

Virtue hair products for curly hair are easy to use and give remarkable results when used routinely. 

After cleansing the hair with virtue curl shampoo, we apply a proper amount of virtue curl conditioner between the palms and then massage it into the hair starting from the hair ends up to the roots.

Leave it for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water as it opens the bores of the scalp causing the hair to fall.

Virtue curl-defining gel

Virtue curl-defining gel is a definer gel that helps in defining each curl and keeping it lustrous and smooth.

It is a memory-building gel that penetrates smoothly among the curls making them sheer and silky with zero frizz.

It is a strongly recommended product among virtue hair products for curly hair.

Virtue Curl defining Whip

Virtue Curl defining whip is a lightweight consistency cream that is applied to the hair to moisturize and define the curls. It gives the hair a shiny appearance without stickiness or grease.

This whip gives the curls amplified with a bouncy appearance. Due to the presence of alpha keratin, the curls are repaired from damage and look healthier and stronger.

How to use it?

On wet hair apply a good amount of virtue curl defining gel or whip from the roots to the ends. Re-apply if needed. Don't rinse after using.

Virtue curl leave-in butter

Virtue curl leave-in butter is an excellent moisturizing leave-in treatment that keeps the curls moisturized and bouncy with no crispy or non pleasing catchy ends that nobody is fond of.

Besides being a good styling curl product, it is also a very good nourishing and moisturizing product. A lot of people who used Virtue hair products for curly hair loved this leave-in butter a lot.

How to use it?

For defining and styling the curls apply a quarter-size amount to the hands and rub them between palms and then apply to the mid of the hair till the ends in a scrunching motion for a voluminous appearance.

Those above-mentioned products are all virtue hair products for curly hair routine. Virtue has hair care lines for all hair types, not only curly hair. 

The use of these products ranges from hair care, styling, treatments, growth, and scalp protection. As with any other brand, Virtue Labs has best-seller products that people use for their daily hair care routine. 

virtue hair products for curly hair-3

Virtue hair products best seller

Virtue healing oil

This is a product that is created for all hair types for a glossy appearance. It is a combination of clear pure hydrating oil for moisturizing and nourishing hair.

This healing essential oil leaves the hair with a shiny appearance that never vanishes throughout the day giving a long-lasting shine and smoothness to the hair. 

It has a very pleasant smell that makes you fall in love with this product more and more each time you apply it to your hair.

Virtue 6-in-1 styling paste

This creamy lightweight paste has a does-it-all formula that leaves the hair nourished, moisturized, and shiny. It makes the hair look thicker due to the lightweight polymer chains that create memory and amplify natural hair layers.

Virtue split-end serum

It is a lightweight cream that protects the hair from future damage by sealing and repairing the broken split ends with the help of Alpha keratin. It is suitable for all hair types leaving the hair strong and healthy.


Having natural good-looking hair is what everyone seeks these days. Virtue Lab made this dream come true due to its discovery of natural keratin.

Alpha keratin 60Ku repairs the damaged hair completely and integrally.

Virtue hair products for curly hair have started to invade the global markets despite their high cost due to their outstanding results and the naturally shiny and voluminous look they give to the curls.

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