When Is Thanksgiving 2020, Top Ten Foods And Fun Activities

When is Thanksgiving 2020, For sure you ask yourself this annual question to prepare for your holiday? 

The United States and Canada are celebrating their annual holiday, Thanksgiving.

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Why did we say when is Thanksgiving 2020?

Thanksgiving isn't constant annually, It dates on the fourth Thursday of November every day.


Let's display amazing dates beyond the years to know what day is Thanksgiving 2020?



U.S Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving 


Thursday, November 22

Monday, October 8


Thursday, November 28

Monday, October 14


Thursday, November 26

Monday, October 12


Thursday, November 25

Monday, October 11


Thursday, November 24

Monday, October 10


  • The Thanksgiving 2020 date will be celebrated on Thursday, November 26 for the United States and Monday, October 12 for Canadians.


    Thanksgiving 2020 w


Even Thursday or October follow our Thanksgiving celebration activities.


Enjoy our different funny 2020 Thanksgiving activities.

  • Make your 2020 Thanksgiving special with our food menu.

The the main event in Thanksgiving is the food, Thanksgiving dinner involves:

  1. Turkey

Thanksgiving means the turkey, turkey is stuffed with fruits, vegetables, and herbs with delicious flavor.

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  1. Stuffing

any food to stuff until full, it is a side dish containing bread, herbs, and some sausage. 

When is Thanksgiving 2020

  1. mashed potatoes 

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  1. Gravy

Thick sauce of the turkey which is poured into mash potatoes or turkey slices to be flavored.

What day is Thanksgiving 2020

  1. Corn

Bread rolls are an important dish of the thanksgiving meal, these rolls may be cornbread.

Other recipes of the corn are creamed corn or eating corn on the cob.

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  1. Green beans casserole

Served in cream of mushroom soup and fried onions.

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  1. Cranberry sauce

Perfect sweet sauce with sour flavor side the turkey.


Thanksgiving day 2020

  1. Candied Yams

Enjoy the side dish for the main course with sweet potatoes. You can shape it as cupcakes.

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  1. pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is the main sweet dish which is related to fall. Try other pumpkin recipes.

Thanksgiving 2020 date

  1. pecan pie

Nuts will complete your table, pecan pie is a yummy sweet dish, Try it you won’t regret it.

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With the Thanksgiving meal, you will have a full stomach and leftover food will be eaten during the holiday. Detox afterward is necessary.

Don’t miss the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday. if you miss, you have another lucky day next Monday Cyber Monday. 


  • When you know what day is Thanksgiving 2020, start our new Thanksgiving tradition

After eating Thanksgiving dinner, It is gaming time. Let's play!

  1. Thanksgiving Bingo

2020 Thanksgiving

  1. Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets

Canadian Thanksgiving 2020

  1. Family tree Fingerprints

What day is Thanksgiving 2020 1

  1. Thanksgiving Trivia

Create questions and answers for knowledge of the family competition.

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  1. Thanksgiving movie Marathon

Canadian Thanksgiving 2020 1

  1. Turkey Tag

Put some DIY turkey into family members' pockets.


  1. Gratitude Game

Use colors for each family member to know about him. Person, place, memory, and skill to be grateful to.


  1. Harvest Bowling

Just bowling by pumpkin, don’t forget your bowling pins.

Thanksgiving  2020

  1. Gratitude A to Z

Use alphabetic to thank your family, the first member begins with A, next with B, and so on.


  1. Who is the Baby?

Playing with your family photos, and guess theirs.

What day is Thanksgiving 2020 2

You can enjoy your spirit during the holiday even by playing football.



Our dew treats for you today are to enjoy every moment of your Thanksgiving holiday with ten yummy foods and don’t forget the time of playing with ten fun activities. The United States will celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 on Thursday.

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