Free Women's Health Clinic And Their Important Services

Free Women's Health Clinic is a great association that can take care of the health of the woman. 

Have you ever heard of free clinics? Yes, there are some free clinics especially for people who are unable. Women are the backbone of society, so taking care of them is the main role of the government.

Free women's health clinic:

The famous researcher, Danielle, conducted many surveys about the free clinics in the United States of America from the period from 2005 to 2006, and based on these surveys, the free clinics were defined. 

Free clinics are organizations that do not aim at a profit. The patient pays a very small percentage of the fees, which may reach 20 dollars for each visit to these clinics. The institution never refuses treatment and examination due to non-payment.

Free Clinics Financing:

Free clinics are funded through many different sources, including:




-churches and so on.

Studies conducted by Daniel also reported that the free clinics did not receive any government funding.

Most of the people who visit the free clinics are divided into categories:

-Unable to pay for private clinics

-lack of insurance

-Poor language skills

-housing shortage. 

The research of Dr:Danielle:

Daniel's studies included several free clinics that provide many services such as:

-Carry out the necessary and comprehensive examinations


-Medicines and prescription writing

-Detection and treatment of chronic diseases.


Women's health free clinic

The main role for the good health of the woman:

Free clinics are concerned with women’s health and psychological peace, as they are an essential role in building an upright society. The most important chronic diseases that may kill women must be examined and treated. Services provided by free clinics for women’s health include the following:

-Learn about sexually transmitted diseases

-ovarian cancer


-Breast cancer in terms of the most important tests for confirmation and treatment

-The most important hormonal treatment and menopause

-Follow-up of pregnancy until birth

-sexual health. 

The most important examinations that need to be made sure of the pelvis and breast. 

The most important services provided by free clinics 

How to treat breast disease?

Breast disease may be malignant, such as breast cancer that is treated with breast MRI and breast ultrasound

Some genetic tests are done to see if it is hereditary or not, and the patient is given some advice if there is a genetic history of breast cancer

Radiation, hormonal, or chemotherapy is done. 

The breast can be removed and reconstructed. 

When we examine  the breast, it is possible for the presence of benign and not malignant diseases, that is, they are non-cancerous, such as

Lymphedema, which is your condition, expresses the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues and also causes a tumor. 

sexual health:

It is very necessary to pay attention to sexual health, as it is a real indicator of the general health of the body.

-Knowing how to determine the type of birth


-Prevention of some diseases that are transmitted as a result of sexual contact and rapid diagnosis of these diseases and treatment began.

reproductive health:

The women's health free clinic is also interested in procreation and knowing the most important problems that may cause delayed childbearing in women or any problems related to reproduction in general, such as:

-The spread of the papillomavirus, which is considered high risk for women

-The presence of bleeding in the vagina as abnormal cases, meaning that the bleeding is abnormal, such as a change in color or coloration

-Thorough examination of the uterine lining

-pelvic pain

-polycystic ovaries

-Prolapse of the uterus and vagina from the normal level.

Pregnancy and Birth:

One of the most important services for women's health-free clinics is the attention and periodic and regular care from pregnancy until birth. These services include:

-Planning with the mother for pregnancy

-Giving the mother the most important advice about diet during this period

-Giving the mother some vitamins and nutritional supplements necessary for her to avoid fatigue and fatigue during pregnancy

-Breastfeeding methods

-Follow-up and care of the mother before, during, and after childbirth. 

Women's health free clinic

Medical staff for women's health free clinic:

The medical staff in the free clinics includes a group of the best doctors responsible for most of the cases that women may face, and it includes:

-Obstetricians and Gynecologists

-Gynecologists and other problems


-General surgeons, especially breast surgery

Radiologists using imaging technology to perform the necessary examinations for some tumors

-Physicians' assistants


-General Practitioner


Women have a great role in society. It is necessary to take care of women’s health. Free clinics play a great role in providing comprehensive care for the care and treatment of the most important problems and diseases that women face at a symbolic price that provides them with continuous reassurance.


By: Dr.Nada Elashkar 

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