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American crew Matt Clay is one of men's hair care products. American crew surprisingly is a great salon and also a product supplier which has been established for men grooming only.

It's very normal to speak about skin, hair, body care products for women as we know women's tendency to look attractive is endless. So it makes sense that all cosmetic foundations and companies put women in the first place. They consider them as VIP customers in comparison with men.

David Raccuglia, the founder of the American crew had a different, unusual, creative vision. In 1994 he was just a stylist, he had a preconception that in the upcoming days' men will care remarkably about their look and that was the spark that pushed him to create a new foundation especially for men grooming.

Nowadays prescribing  that American crew brand as a great product with high quality is a gross understatement.


American crew matte clay

As a product supplier, what are the products of the American crew?

First, we will speak about their products for example but not limited to as  they own many many products  

When you enter the American crew website you will find the categories of their products as following:

  1. Styling:

It refers to the tools and products which are used to make a gorgeous hairstyle or haircut.

The products: 

  • Clay: matt clay and molding clay

  • Cream: grooming cream and molding cream   

  • Pomade,  gel, spray gel, boost powder, defining paste, lotion, fiber grooming foam 

The tools:

  •  Paddle brush

  • All-purpose cutting comb 

  • Wahl clipper: a brushless 2-speed professional one

  • Menswork shear-right 

  • Straight shave razor 


American crew matte clay

2. Hair and body

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner 

  • Scalp: treatment and revitalizer

3. Shave and beard

  • Beard: foam cleanser, serum, balm, 2 in 1 ( moisturizer + beard conditioner)

  • Shave: moisturizing cream, protective foam

  • Post-shave: cooling lotion


American crew matte clay

4. Skincare 

  • Shower face wash 

  • Hydrating gel 

  • Hydrating cream 

  • Hand and body hydrator 

5. Cologne 

  • Win fragrance 

  • Nine fragrance 

  • Americana fragrance


American crew matte clay


How to choose the right and most suitable hair product?

Before speaking specifically about  American crew matte clay,  I think it is good for you to know how to choose your hair product.

First, there are four characteristics of hair products: 

  1. Degree of shine

  2. Hold-power: duration of keeping the hair in style 

  3. Consistency 

  4. Ingredient 

I will concentrate on the first two characteristics: the degree of shine and hold-power because according to them the hair products are classified.

Hair product classification:

1. Pomade: 
  • Shining: medium-high

  • Hold-power: medium-strong 

  • To sum up, any hair product can end with a pomade to describe the shining character of it and there are oil-based and water-based pomades 

2. Clay: 
  • To say a real clay product must contain clay ingredients as (kaolin, bentonite, or a mix of them)

  • It is relatively recent on the market but it becomes very common for men grooming 

  • Shining: it does not shine it gives the hair matt natural look 

  • Hold-power: medium 

3. Paste: 
  • Universal hair product

  • It fits any hairstyle and hair type 

  • Shining: low-medium

  • Hold-power: medium-strong 

4. Gel: 
  • Shining: high

  • Hold-power: high

  • It may give hair too shining look

  • The hair loses its natural look and becomes very stiff 


Let's now get onto the American crew matte clay:


American crew matte clay 

Price: $18.50 


Unlike gel products, The formula design as mentioned before gives the hair medium hold-strength, silky texture, and natural matt finish. It also helps to carry out many hairstyles. it is the ideal one for short, medium hair length  

How to apply?

Take a small amount of the clay, rub it between your hands then distribute it equally to your dried hair

Here you a short video for matte clay grooming tips


  1. Long-Lasting, practical hold

  2. Gives the hair a naturally silky texture

  3. Easily washable 

  4. No greasy feeling of the hair

As a product containing a clay it will help you in:

  1. drawing dirt from the hair 

  2. Promoting hair growth 

  3. Having healing properties

  4. Mineral-rich clay so feed the hair and scalp 



Surly the most important ingredient is clay rich substance which is kaolin.


How much of five men rate the product until know?

  • Overall rating: 4.7

  • Quality rating: 4.9

  • Value of product: 4.8

Shall we introduce what the customer said about this product ?

  • Dino's opinion is that this clay is good stuff. It gathers between grooming cream and fiber .it is ideal for getting a messy look


  •  For Ryan, American crew matt clay is perfect for his very fine old solves his issues while using American crew pomades and fiber. It holds his hair much longer and doesn't clump it down 


  • Steve expressed his great admiration for the product which was the one he was waiting for. He used many products but now matte clay becomes his favorite


  • Kilmartin's review is not about her use but her younger son's use of the matte. They love it for its smell and ask their mom to do their hair every morning 


American crew matte clay 


The American crew brand is an ideal example for a fascinating leading business. His founder David Raccuglia is a brilliantly creative man. He thought out of the box and could attract men to the idea of skin, body, hair care. By his high-quality products which are characterized by their masculin feature, he becomes a landmark in the world of men grooming and his popularity is a continuous increase whether from customers or stylists.

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