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All staff at UW Vet hospital provide great services and care for all animals to be healthy.

At UW Vet hospital, they have departments such as:

•Emergency room

•Small animals clinic

•Large animals hospital

Also, this article will include all about the appointment.


UW Vet hospital

•24/7 services of emergency:

The amplitude of UW Vet hospital and ER status change frequently so the emergency room may be closed or accept a small number of animals. 

You should call the UW Vet hospital emergency department before coming to ask for availability.

At the emergency department, they have experts and specialist veterinarians who assist animals upon arrival.

Be sure that UW Vet hospital has the modern tools, equipment, and the best technology to treat any injuries.

Mostly, you will need emergency care when your animal has Life-threatening symptoms

Life-threatening symptoms

-Loss of consciousness

-Difficulty in breathing


-Broken bone 


-Difficult labor

-Multiple vomiting

-Severe bleeding

-Ingestion of poisons 

-Eye injury

-Significant lethargy

-Unproductive retching

-Inability to pass urine

Some procedures at the emergency room

-Providing oxygen therapy in case of low blood oxygen, pneumonia, and lung toxicity.

Providing enriched air is an effective way to help animals get rid of shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness….. 

-Giving IV fluids and electrolytes can be effective in case of severe vomiting to treat dehydration conditions or shock.

-Providing suturing lacerations and bandaging to treat wounds 

-Monitoring vital signs such as oxygen levels, blood pressure, temperature, breathing rate, heart rate, ECG….

-Providing help to the heart, lung, or abdomen if there's any abnormal fluid at them. They work to remove these fluids.

-Putting temporary feeding tubes to animals that can't  eat by themselves 

-Putting and maintaining urinary catheters in animals with difficulty in urination on their own, these urinary catheters will help them properly to urinate.

-Team of pain management and anesthesiologists help in relieving and controlling the pain by giving proper analgesics according to the pain level.

-Treating with blood transfusion if there's anemia or low blood level, providing the best medications to your injured animals by antibiotics, anti-inflammatory…….

At the UW Vet hospital emergency department, they will advise you how to transport your injured animal safely.


UW Vet hospital


•All about the appointment:

How do you contact them?

At UW Vet hospital, they have no problem asking them questions or advice before making an appointment.

They will be very helpful and do their best with animal owners about the costs, treatment, diagnosis before arriving at the UW Vet hospital.

Their location is, University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine 2015 Linden Drive Madison, WI  53706

Their phone

For Small Animals and emergency call 608-263-7600

For large Animals call 608-263-6300

Toll-Free: 800-386-8684

Their fax: 608-265-8276

Their hours from Monday to Friday


UW Vet hospital

•Small animals care:

At UW Vet hospital, the specialists do their best to treat your small animal as soon as possible. 

They provide wellness animal care and the most effective routine such as preventive medicine and vaccinations to keep dogs, cats, and exotic pets healthy. 

They are also interested in diagnosis and treatment.

Services provided to cats and dogs

UW Vet hospital staff provide complete services and needs to cats & dogs.

-Primary care

Primary care services aim to provide the highest quality care for animals and aim to educate their clients about animal health to make the proper decisions for keeping animals happy and healthy.


At the hospital they provide preventive medicine including vaccination, spay or neuter pets, using preventative heartworm medications, monitor the weight of the animal, microchipping, parasite prevention…..


At UW Vet hospital they monitor all issues related to cardiovascular such as: 

-Blood pressure monitoring

-Proper treatment for heart diseases

-Treat hypertension

-Doppler echocardiography (ultrasound)

-Digital radiography


-Examination of heart sound

-Dental care and oral surgery

Dental specialists provide the best treatment for any problems in teeth such as broken teeth, root canals, or major surgery.


Dermatologists care about all types of skin problems such as chronic conditions, bitting, allergies, immune disease, and skin infections.

-Neurological care

Neurologists and neurosurgeons are experts in diagnosing and treating brain and spinal cord problems.

-Internal medicine

Professional specialists at UW Vet hospital diagnose and treat different health conditions like hormonal imbalance, kidney & liver dysfunction, infectious disease, and respiratory disease.

-Ophthalmic care

Ophthalmologists at the UW Vet hospital have the professional knowledge to diagnose and treat ocular disorders in all animals including, corneal ulcer, timer, refractive Errors, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

-Physical rehabilitation

Rehabilitation services are provided by specialists to assist your animal in movement and balance, at each session you will be educated on how to continue the recovery process at home.

-Orthopedic and soft tissue surgery

-Oncology and cancer care

-Small animal critical care

UW Vet hospital

-Exotic pet health

At UW Vet hospital they have certified zoological medicine specialists for exotic pets in Wisconsin who provide the best service for exotic pets such as rabbits, rodents, mice, reptiles, birds, fish, frogs, and other animals.

Services offered to exotic pet

-Diagnosis: Ultrasound, X-Rays, CT scan, MRI scan

-Safe anesthesia

-Analgesic protocol

-Lab test like blood test





-Ophthalmic care

-Dental care

-Intensive care


UW Vet hospital

•The Morrie Waud large animal hospital:

The Morrie Waud large animal hospital provides a variety of services for a wide range of species of large animal such as,









The specialists have the most proper and effective equipment for medical and surgical services.

They provide a wide range of services such as,

-Critical care


-Emergency for large animal

-Internal medicine

-Therapeutic farrier work


Services that are provided at UW Vet hospital are mostly complete.

For more care upon arrival, please call them before.

Be sure that the veterinarians at UW Vet hospital are very helpful and will answer your questions about your animal.

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