Castor Oil For Hydrocele | How to Treat Hydrocele Naturally

Castor oil for hydrocele is one of the most important remedies that people used since old times. We can use it in mild cases and give perfect effects, but it takes a long time to give good results in severe cases.

Castor oil for hydrocele in men and its wonderful effect 

Castor oil for hydrocele has many benefits in decreasing symptoms, inflammation, and pain.

Hydrocele is an abnormal case in which there is an accumulation of fluid in the scrotal sac surrounding the testicles as a result of an injury or trauma.

Although this case may or may not be painful, we must be careful to treat it because it may convert into a severe condition.

Castor oil consists of ricinoleic acid that helps in increasing blood circulation to the body and getting rid of toxins to decrease inflammation and pain that result from hydrocele.

Some possible complications result from hydrocele:

- Infection: it can increase swelling and redness of hydrocele.

- Testicular torsion: this is a serious medical emergency that we must deal with immediately.

- Cancer: this occurs in rare cases.

- Infertility: if we are careless about hydrocele conditions this will affect fertility by reducing sperm production.

castor oil for hydrocele

Castor oil for hydrocele can be mixed with other medicines

Castor oil for hydrocele can be mixed with a lot of herbs and use this mixture in different ways, let us know

Drumstick leaves

We used these leaves by cooking them in castor oil then cooling the mixture, and applying it to hydrocele.

Over time, this remedy will help in getting rid of pain and other symptoms of hydrocele.


We mix it with castor oil and use the mixture for one month for getting relief from hydrocele symptoms.

Kanchanar Guggulu

We mix this herb with castor oil and use the mixture, this will treat the swelling of hydrocele and decrease the pain that results from it.


A Mixture of it and castor oil is cooked with saindhava lavana giving us powder.

We use this powder every morning on an empty stomach, this will decrease the size of the hydrocele.

Castor oil for hydrocele and other foods that help deal with hydrocele

Eight foods will help us deal with hydrocele and decrease its pain and symptoms like

Citrus fruit 

Hydrocele may be a result of an infection, so eating citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and grapefruit which are full of vitamin C and antioxidants will help us by increasing immunity.

Leafy greens

Spinach can help us in reducing inflammation in the body and decrease symptoms of hydrocele.


It is full of probiotics that increase beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract and so increase immunity and decrease problems of hydrocele.


There are many types that are full of omega 3 like sardines, salmon, and tuna. These types help in reducing the inflammation of the hydrocele.


Beans and lentils are full of dietary fibers which can reduce the inflammation of hydrocele.


This creamy fruit is full of healthy fats that are good for our body's fatigue and decrease swelling around the hydrocele.


This type of fruit is full of water, it contains 90% water this will help rehydrate our body and be helpful in hydrocele symptoms.


It is full of antibacterial properties and this will help to protect us from infection.

castor oil for hydrocele

Castor oil for hydrocele and other helpful precautions

In addition to castor oil for hydrocele, there are some simple precautions that we can take that will help us decrease the symptoms of hydrocele.

These precautions like:


We must be interested in drinking a good amount of water that will help our body to decrease problems of hydrocele.

Decrease drinking tea and coffee

As they increase urination and loss of our body fluid and so worsen hydrocele symptoms.

Avoid yoga

As it may give compression to the site of the hydrocele and this will worsen symptoms.

Taking warm bath

This will help in decreasing the inflammation of hydrocele, taking a warm bath three times a week will be helpful

Avoid junk food 

It will worsen the hydrocele condition by impairing bowel movement.

Ice compression

Is one of the most important home remedies to decrease swelling and inflammation.

Scrotal support

To carry on with routine activities.

Avoid wearing tight clothes

Especially tight clothes around the groin and pelvic region.

castor oil for hydrocele

Castor oil for hydrocele in mild and severe cases

We now know that Castor oil in hydrocele is effective but its efficacy differs according to the severity of cases.

In mild cases

We get good results from using castor oil for hydrocele by decreasing inflammation, swelling, pain, and other symptoms.

In severe cases

Using castor oil for hydrocele may not give the desired effect So we may need to consult specialists or surgeons.

The best doctors in hydrocele cases are urologists, they usually perform physical examinations and then order ultrasound tests to confirm the diagnosis and know the size of the hydrocele.

Sometimes, the hydrocele size is large and this will need surgery known as hydrocelectomy.

Patients must be cared for and go to the specialists before using anything, also patients may need to go to endocrinologists.

We must be interested in our health and take good care of any problems that appear in our health.

Finally, we know the efficacious results of castor oil for hydrocele and that is good to be used before bedtime.

Also, eating foods rich with clarified butter that is rich with fatty acids helps in decreasing swelling and inflammation.

Drinking a mixture of milk and cumin seeds helps in good digestion and so decreases pressure on the abdomen so decreasing symptoms of hydrocele.

Eating fresh vegetables and fruits help in the relief of hydrocele symptoms, also some herbs like peppermint and turmeric can be used topically or as tea.  

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