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Ceva animal health is one of the pharmaceutical companies that have an interest in animal health. Nobody can't deny that animals are very important for our life and spirit, So we must protect them from diseases.

Why are animals important? 

1- The economy :

Is linked to animals because they are a source of variable products that we can't live without them like meat, poultry, dairy products( milk and yogurt), leather, wool, and other products which are consumed in large quantities every day.

Animal products have a vital role in improving the economy of the countries.


2- Medication field: 

The pharma industry is dependent on animals directly, many drugs or pharmaceutical products are extracted from animals like antioxidants and vitamins, in addition, different animal species are being studied and researched to find medications for many diseases, they are used for the production of many vaccines.


3- Agriculture:

The importance of animals can be observed in the production of fruits and vegetables, which is the result of pollination. Also, farm animals can increase the fertilization of soil that leads to an increase in and improve the quality of products.

So protection of the animals must be our priority. now, many companies are interested in manufacturing products that help to improve the life of the animals,

One of their companies is Ceva animal health.


What is Ceva animal health?

Ceva animal health is a multinational company that produces veterinary medicine and interest in research that relates to animal health, it is attracted to the research, development, and production of Pharmaceutical animal products, vaccines, and equipment for animals.

Ceva animal health is based in France, but now, Ceva works in more than 110 countries worldwide, Ceva is one of the ten top companies in the world.


What is the vision of Ceva animal health?

The health of the animal, planet, and people are linked together, protecting the health of animals and our environment that means protecting our health and future, so Ceva's vision is based on 3 elements.

1- Feeding an increasing population:

The world is growing very rapidly, which means increasing demand for food.


2- Prevent zoonoses:

The animal health products and services aid in decreasing zoonoses, which is dangerous, that will help public health authorities to protect the health of humans and animals.


3-Nurturing at home:

Having pets in the house is very important to our spirit,

Pets create pleasure and emotional support. Sometimes pets are used in psychotherapy, so it is important to educate people on how to live in harmony with their pets.


Research and Development Centres:

The research is the main point of everything that Ceva achieves,  it has built a global network of research and development teams (R&D) who work together to eliminate any challenges.

It has many pharmaceutical centers all over the world in Laval, Libourne, Budapest, Tokyo, Beijing, and biology campuses in Kansas City, which creates freedom for each team to develop their ideas.

The scientists come together to share knowledge not only with each other but also with the university, institutes, and private research groups that generate a meaningful contribution to research and development programs.

Ceva animal health

Significant Acquisitions by Ceva :

-2013: Sogeval

-2011: Vetech Laboratories, Canadian poultry vaccine manufacturer that produces live coccidiosis vaccines for poultry under the trade name Immucox

-2011: First joint venture established in China, Ceva Huadu

-2010: Summit VetPharm, New Jersey-based company

-2005: Biomune, a US poultry vaccine producer based in Lenexa.

-2017: Purchase of ex-Merial product range.

-2017: Joint-venture agreement between EBVAC, China, and Ceva to create a new business, Ceva Ebvac, focused on the swine vaccine sector

-2016: Her tape Saude Animale Ltda. and Inova Biotecnologia Saúde Animale Ltda, Brazil

-2016: Biovac, a manufacturer of autogenous (bacterial) vaccines, allergy treatments and reagents based in Angers, France

-2015: Polchem, India


Products of Ceva animal health :

Ceva animal health is a veterinary medicine company with wild experience in the therapeutic field that can cover all kinds of animals.

Types of products:

1-Swine: Antibiotics, vaccines

2-Poultry: Vaccines, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants 

3- Companion animals: dermatology, cardiology, behavior locomotion 


In this article, we gain information about the importance of the animals, the history of Ceva animal health, its vision, kind of products, and research and development Centres.

By: Dr. Aya Osama 


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