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Dexter vet clinic includes a team of specialists and nurses who are experienced, professional and passionate to provide your pet with the best care every visit.

Dexter vet clinic:

For sure that your pet means a lot to you, we know that you consider it a special part of your life, so dexter vet clinic provides your pet with the care, you wish for it.


Services of the dexter vet clinic:

The clinic provides a variety of services for small and large animals including horses, cattle, goats, snakes, and more. All you need for your pet is available even if it is not listed, you can kindly ask the staff if you need something else.


At Dexter vet clinic, veterinarians use a variety of tools for the diagnosis, progression, and treatment of the disorder and to determine the response to the treatment.

In-house blood machines:

That enables us to perform a variety of tests to properly diagnose and treat your pet example of these tests:

  • Complete blood count 

  • Thyroid

  • Progesterone

  • Kidney, liver screening

  • Diabetic screening

  • Fecal testing 

  • Coggins testing 

  •  Heartworm testing 

X- Rays:

It's also an important tool that provides radiographs aid in diagnosis including OFA x-ray.


Don't worry if your pet needs surgery, the Dexter vet clinic team performs a lot of surgical procedures that include:

  • Some orthopedic surgeries, laceration repair.

  • Spays and neuters for dogs, cats, and rabbits.

  • Large animal castration for horses, cattle, etc. 

Routine care:

Once you have a pet, remember that you have a great responsibility towards it, you should be careful that your pet has a perfect healthy routine by specialists, at the dexter vet clinic vegetarians provide your pet with routine veterinary care  that includes:


Vaccines help the body fight the organisms that cause diseases, thus preventing many different diseases affecting pets. Core vaccines are necessary for all pets, but not every pet should be vaccinated against every disease.

The vaccination regime needed for pets is determined by a veterinarian to help them live a healthy life.

Risk of vaccines:

Every medicine has benefits and risks, vaccines have some risks, but they are less than the benefits. The risks may include:

  • Swelling around the injection

  • Fever

  • Allergic reaction 

  • Soreness

Dental Care:

Dental health care for your pet is very essential, teeth and gums should be regularly checked by a veterinarian to find any problem that can affect the pet's health.

Veterinary dentistry includes cleaning, filling, and extraction of pet teeth.

Wellness exams:

Prevention is better than cure, thus wellness exams are essential for your pet to detect any health problem in the early stage and treat it with better results. 

Other services:

  • If you have a long day and you don't know where to leave your pet, simply you can leave your pet in the clinic so it has the best care while you are doing your work.

  • Care credit is acceptable that allows you to make payments on the needed care for your pet.

  • Nail trims

  • Anal gland expression 


Products provided by the dexter vet clinic:


All medication that your pet needs is available in the in-clinic pharmacy, even if there is anything not available in the clinic we can particular order it for your pet.

Over-the-counter medications are also available.

In the clinic; milk, replacer, anxiety medications, and medicated shampoos are also available.

Food and treats: 

As the nutrition of your pet is very important for it, the clinic provides your pet with high-quality food and treats, treats can not only be delicious but maybe also healthy and rich in useful ingredients for your pet. Pills pockets are one of the best sellers in the clinic.


Apparel and Accessories:

There is a wide range of products available in the clinic that includes:

  • Lupine collars that are available in buckle and martingale style 

  • Leashes

  • Different types of Elizabethan collars are suitable after surgery, or when you want to prevent your pet from licking themselves.

How to contact the clinic?

Take an appointment and visit the clinic with your pet.


1823 Estate Hwy 114 Dexter, Mo 63841



Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 8 am- 5 pm

Saturday: 8 am- 12 pm

Sunday: closed


Dexter vet clinic is a place where you can trust that your pet will get the best care with love as your pet is our own. 

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