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Hims shampoo and conditioner are always good choices due to many reasons which will be discussed in this article.

In a few words, Hims is an American company almost like a pharmacy that sells OTC drugs, prescribed drugs, and hair care products.

If you are asking why Hims shampoo and conditioner are always recommended, let's take a quick look at these products.

In general, hair consists of keratin in a percentage of 95% as a protein.

The protein in the hair is essential to protect it and avoid all the damage that could occur, here are some of the hair problems:

- Dryness and damage

- Frizz and flyaways 

- Oiliness or greasiness

- Broken ends

- Hair fall

- Damage as a result of coloring or chemicals

- Scalp problems: itchy, oily, dry, flaky

All mentioned above damage and problems could happen to the hair either naturally or even from poor hair product ingredients.

And What distinguishes Hims shampoo and conditioner are the ingredients. 

hims shampoo and conditioner

Hims shampoo and conditioner


  • Water 

Typically water is the primary solvent in cosmetic products for compounds that prefer to dissolve in water rather than oils. 

  • Alcohol 

Although Hims shampoo is alcohol-free yet the conditioner contains stearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol.

But Be aware that some alcohol varieties can cause your hair to become brittle and dry as propanol, ethanol, isopropyl, and propyl alcohol affect your hair. However, "Fatty alcohols" found in Hims shampoo and conditioner are made differently and are great for your hair because they keep moisture in. 


  • Sodium benzoate 

It works as a preservative to keep making the product last longer against fungi. However, it is a weak preservative and needs to be mixed with other products as Hims shampoo and conditioner is the next ingredient. 

  • Behentrimonium Chloride

It works with sodium benzoate in Hims shampoo and conditioner as preservatives to keep the product fungi-free and stay effective. 

Emulsifying agents and conditioning agents

  • Trideceth sulfate 

Trideceth sulfate in Hims shampoo and conditioner has two functions. 

  • Emulsifying agent

Ingredients that make items that don't often mix well together are mixable as the tea tree and lavender oils in Hims shampoo and conditioner with the water.

  • Cleansing/surfactant

Ingredients that help products spread evenly and easily by reducing surface tension. They often have a water-loving head and an oil-loving tail.

  • Citrus Aurantifolia Fruit Extract

Is an extract from lime fruit that is found in Hims shampoo and conditioners and functions as a conditioning agent.


  • Niacinamide

Niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) in Hims shampoo and conditioner has a vital role Due to its circulation-boosting properties, is essential for growing thick and long hair.

  • Panthenol 

Phantenol is found in Hims shampoo and conditioner as a form of pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5) and it strengthens the hair, helps it stay hydrated, and improves the texture of damaged hair.



  • Tea tree oil: anti-microbial and antiseptic.

  • Lavender oil: works as a perfuming agent and antimicrobial as well.

  • Peppermint oil: perfuming and refreshing agent due to the menthol as one of the components of the oil. 


  • Grapefruit extract: perfuming agent.

  • Nettle leaf extract: is always recommended for oily hair due to the mineral salts it contains.

  • Yeast extract: moisturizing agent.

Hims shampoo and conditioner are recommended for damaged hair, but what causes the damage

People go through a variety of conditions that could impact their hair some of them could be natural and some could be due to bad habits.

Most bad habits are: 

  • Frequency of hair washing

The more you wash your hair, the drier it will be because what keeps it healthy is the natural oil that is secreted by the glands, and washing the hair too frequently will deplete the essential oils. However, When we don't wash our hair often, it might have really bad consequences.

  • Washing with hot water 

Heat could also deplete hair of essential oils and what is recommended is to wash the hair with warm water using shampoo so hair follicles open and get clean.

Don't forget to switch to cold water after conditioning to force the closure of the follicles once more.


  • Root conditioning

Conditioning from roots could clog the pores with the thick products and help ingrown hairs to form. Conditioner should be applied only on hair endings.

  • Drying roughly with a towel 

The quick motion of the towel on the hair will cause breakage to the hair and general damage due to the weakness of hair fibers because of the elastic property it has.

The best way is to use a t-shirt instead with no motion and what is better is a hair dryer. 


  • Too much use of heat

Using a hot roller or waver and other hair styler tools more than two times a week will definitely damage the hair.


  •  Combing hair while wet

Wet hair means fragile hair as a result combing wet hair will break the elastic fiber of the hair use a wide-tooth comb to carefully avoid the roots as you untangle the bottom half of your hair.

In short, we always pick the Hims shampoo and conditioner because The vitamin-rich conditioner contains niacinamide, which can make hair seem healthy and thick while also keeping moisture in the scalp.

And for the shampoo, decreases DHT (the hormone that promotes hair loss) in your scalp while also adding to your hair's volume.

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