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A lot of people are always going with home remedies for lip sores as it’s the fastest way to reduce the itching, redness, and burning sensation accompanied by lip sores that are unbearable and make food swallowing more difficult, and to shorten their life span. 

Lip sores are considered a very common complaint among teenagers and even adults as there are various causes behind them; including,

Stressing, fatigue, upset stomach, hormonal imbalances, having a common cold or fever, sunshine exposure, or even direct contact with a lip sore can be the main cause of it.

Here are some examples of effective home remedies for lip sores…

Home remedies for lip sores

Examples of some effective home remedies for lip sores:

First of all, it’s important to be cautious about what you apply to your skin before trying these home remedies as you could be allergic to a substance that gives you an opposite result instead of a healing effect.

Let’s start our tips…

1- Place a cool, wet towel 

A Cool, wet towel can be your first “go-to” choice of home remedies for lip sores, it eases your irritation and burning sensation when you place it for about 10 minutes a few times a day, and numbs the pain. It can also reduce virus reproduction of lip sores as it needs moisture plus a warm environment to grow… 

2- Calm down and take care of yourself

Stress is one of the main causes of lip sores, it’s important to be away from stressful situations as much as possible to accelerate the process of healing. And always try to pay attention to what triggers your cold sores so you can handle them.

3- Apply an antiviral cream or ointment (Prescribed)

You need to inhibit the virus causing lip sores and prevent it from reactivation so it’s better to apply some antiviral cream or ointment for quick healing and you should consider prescribed antivirals.

4- Apply your sunscreen regularly

Sunscreen is a protective way to avoid sunshine exposure for prolonged times which is one of the main causes of lip sores and that may delay your healing process.

5- Use a lip balm

You should use a lip balm to keep your lips protected from sunshine exposure and drying up that may worsen the case.

Home remedies for lip sores

6- Use Aloe Vera Gel

The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect of the aloe vera gel will help with healing and preventing further infection, apply it three times per day until the lip sore dries.

7- Diluted essential oils 

Diluted essential oils with water like peppermint oil, can inhibit the virus growth and give a quick healing effect, it may cause some irritation, but if you apply it twice per day you will be surprised by the result.

8- Use a cornstarch paste

Mix cornstarch with water to form a paste and apply it to the lip sore, it’s one of the great home remedies for lip sores that balances the PH level of the skin and inhibits virus reproduction.

9- Apply some cold milk

Milk is loaded with proteins that help in resisting the virus and it gives a soothing and calming feeling when you directly apply it to your lip sore when it’s cold using a cotton pad for 10 minutes and then rinse off with water, do this three times a day for quick result.

10- Apply baking soda paste

Baking soda paste is helping lip sores to dry out and heal quickly.

11- Try the tea bag trick

Boil some water and soak in a black tea bag then bring the teabag out of the water and leave it to be cool and reuse it by placing it on lip sore for about  3 minutes and repeat this 3 times a day, that helps your lip sore to dry out and cluster quickly so that it can heal quickly. 

12- Keep your hand away

You should keep your hand away from the infected area. If it’s an open sore the residues attached are spreadable and could harm people you are in direct contact with, so if you mistakenly touched it, wash your hands right away.

13- Avoid acidic food

Acidic food like citrus fruit and Tomatoes increases irritation and burning feeling in the infected area, so try to avoid them during this period.

FAQs about home remedies for lip sores:

1- Does toothpaste aid as one of the home remedies for lip sores?

Toothpaste usually has a certain chemical that can dry out lip sores so it could be effective as the moisture is a suitable environment for the infecting virus reproduction.

2- Is Vaseline good for lip sores?

Vaseline doesn’t have a healing effect but it soothes the skin and has a calming effect.

3- Does salt works as a lip sores healer?

Salt absorbs water and decreases the moisture that helps the virus grow and reproduce, so it can dry up your lip sore but it will be irritant and painful.

Home remedies for lip sores

4- Is honey one of the best home remedies for lip sores?

Some studies claim that a certain type of honey “ Medical-grade Kanuka honey” has an antiviral effect. But nothing is 100% approved about that.

5- Can lip sores get healed by themselves?

yes, it can be within 10 days of infection.

6- When can I seek a doctor’s help?

The life span of lip sores could reach 2 weeks so if you don’t see any progress after this period you should seek a doctor’s help to acknowledge the root cause that led to the recurrence of lip sores and to understand the nature of it and how you will properly deal with it afterward.


Options are limitless when it comes to home remedies for lip sores but it’s always important to get enough data about substances you apply to your skin and be cautious about it.

You can even prevent lip sores from breaking out by taking care of yourself and handling stress that reduces your immune system and gives the virus an opportunity to attack. So, practice relaxation and breathing techniques and get enough sleep. 

And try to stay out of the environment that can trigger lip sores like hot, shiny weather.

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