Vpi Nationwide Pet Insurance Organization From 1980 To 2021

Vpi nationwide pet insurance was founded in 1980 by a special group of veterinarians from across the United States. It provides special care for pet animals.

Vpi nationwide pet insurance services:

For common household pets, VPI offers three plans with varying levels of benefits:

  1. The first plan is providing accident and illness coverage designed to protect your finances if your pet has a medical emergency. 

  2. The second plan, Major Medical with Wellness, adds some preventive care options such as vaccinations and behavioral treatment.

  3. The third plan is about whole Pet is VPI’s premier pet insurance policy with coverage for almost all veterinary services.

vpi nationwide pet insurance

Why is Vpi nationwide pet insurance outstanding?

The best types of pet insurance give you accident and illness coverage. 

Finding an organization with comprehensive wellness benefits can be a challenge. 

  • VPI nationwide pet insurance is one of the best providers for preventive care coverage.

  • VPI nationwide pet insurance created the first pet wellness plan, and the company was also the first to write any type of pet insurance policy in the United States.

  • VPI nationwide pet insurance policies can protect and treat just about any type of animal in your home.

Vpi nationwide pet insurance company provides more coverage, when it matters the most Nationwide pet health insurance, reimburses you for eligible veterinary expenses. 

Our plans include:

  • Accidents & injuries

  • Common illnesses

  • Serious illnesses

  • Chronic illnesses

  • Hereditary conditions

  • Testing & diagnostics

  • Holistic & alternative

vpi nationwide pet insurance

Advantages and disadvantages of Vpi nationwide pet insurance:

We will illustrate the advantages and the disadvantages of this organization,

The advantages:

  • A broad range of coverage and prices

  • Use any licensed veterinarian

  • Covers most household pets

  • Discounts for multi-pet households

The disadvantages:

  • More expensive than competitors

  • Per-procedure limits

  • Single deductible option on Major Medical policies

The advantages Explained:

  • A broad range of coverage and prices: 

Abroad coverage for major accidents and illnesses and comprehensive wellness benefits, VPI has a long history of offering policies at a wide range of price points.

  • Use any licensed veterinarian: 

There are no networks to worry about. Visit any licensed veterinarian in the world and you’ll get your aim services (although you must reside in the U.S. to be eligible for coverage).

  • Covers most household pets: 

Dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, goats—they’re all covered by VPI.

  • Discounts for multi-pet households:

If your home includes more than one furry family member, you’ll get a 5% discount when you enroll them together.

vpi nationwide pet insurance

The disadvantages Explained:

  • More expensive than competitors: 

VPI policies are significantly more affordable than others, they’re still a bit pricier than similar policies from competitors.

  • Per-procedure limits: 

Most plans set individual limits for each covered treatment instead of one single limit for the whole year. This is confusing if you’re not well-versed in deciphering the fine print on insurance policies.

  • Single deductible option:

All Major Medical policies have an annual deductible of $250.There's no way to adjust this number.       

VpI nationwide pet insurance plan Pricing 

VPI pet insurance services are more expensive overall than most competitors. But we can’t deny that the coverage offered is also more substantial, VPI falls short in its failure to offer ways to lower monthly premiums by adjusting coverage levels.

Most insurance companies let owners set a custom deductible and annual limit to better fit their budget, but this isn’t an option with VPI.

VPI nationwide pet insurance makes a few discounts available to help foot the bill. You can receive a 5% discount when you enroll two or three pets, and a 10% discount applies when you enroll four or more pets.

Vpi nationwide pet insurance waiting Periods 

The waiting period is about two weeks for all accident and illness benefits included with VPI policies. 

That is about the industry norm for illness coverage, but a bit longer than what is typical for accident benefits. 

The chances of your pet getting injured in an accident in the first two weeks of coverage are slim, but it’s still important to know that the policy will not pay for any unexpected vet bills during this period.

Many pet insurance companies, including VPI, extend waiting periods for a small number of orthopedic conditions. If the pet animal suffers a major knee injury within the first 12 months of enrollment, it won’t be eligible for coverage.

If we choose a wellness plan alone, coverage begins after 24 hours. When a new plan is purchased with a medical plan for accident and illness, coverage for both plans begins after a 14-day waiting period.

You must make sure you know when your coverage begins before scheduling services.

Pre-Existing Conditions

VPI is excluding coverage for pre-existing conditions, and the company policy regarding these exclusions is much friendlier than any competitor we could find. 

If your pet had an illness or injury in the past but was cured of the condition for at least six months, it will more than likely be covered if it returns.

Most other pet insurance companies would use this as a reason to deny coverage, leaving you on the hook for any related vet bills.

Vpi nationwide pet insurance customer Service 

VPI nationwide pet insurance customer service options are unfortunately restricted to just phone and email. 

If you have any questions outside of business hours or on a Sunday, you’ll have to wait until the next day to speak with someone. Sometimes many competitors have adopted 24/7 service via live chat, but VPI has yet to get on board with this trend.

vpi nationwide pet insurance



VPI offered through Nationwide provides some of the most robust coverage options on the market, coupled with decades of industry experience from the oldest pet insurer in the country. Although, high premiums may rule out these plans for pet owners on a budget.

There is no transparency in annual benefits. also somewhat concerning and could make it difficult to gauge how much value you’re getting from a VPI policy compared to other providers.

You’ll find that VPI offers all the coverage you need to keep your pet healthy so it will be your best choice for your pet insurance services.

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