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Trupanion pet health insurance is one of the most trusted and trademark companies in dog and cat insurances. That covered illness, injuries,  accidents, and different medical care.

Trupanion is based in Seattle, Washington, and offers pet insurance in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico.

Trupanion pet health insurance reimburses 90% of eligible expenses that Pets owners paid for unexpected injuries [Such as broken bones or bite wounds... etc] and illness [such as allergies, cancer or heart disease... etc] even hereditary and congenital disease their pet may develop.

Trupanion pet health care insurance

How does Trupanion pet health insurance work?

If your pet gets sick, take him to your veterinarian or an emergency hospital, then you will only need to pay the fees at check out and the Trupanion will pay the rest directly to them. 

They will pay for everything related to the condition like medication, procedures, or lab tests.

If your vet doesn't have a direct payment relationship with Trupanion, all you have to do is to log into your account and submit a claim or send it by mail.

The Trupanion directly will reimburse 90% of eligible expenses no matter how high the cost.

No matter your pet's breed, gender, or age. Once your pet is enrolled in a Trupanion policy, it will receive one simple plan that covers all unexpected illnesses and injuries.

Trupanion pet health care insurance

What are the Trupanion pet health insurance pros and cons? 

The Trupanion pros:

1- Direct payment system:

They offer a direct payment system with many providers that allow them to pay to your vet at the time of check out directly

2- The price in the Trupanion is flexible

You can choose how much you pay monthly by choosing a deductible ranging from $0 to $1000, so you only pay the deductible when your furry friend develops a new condition versus paying every year.

Also, you will not have to pay any money out of pocket every year before your insurance coverage contributes.

3- Superior coverage:

The Trupanion pet health insurance covered thousands of medical conditions and the procedures related to these conditions, also all plans include a 90% reimbursement rate for all covered treatment.

4- Pricing assurance:

The price you select is constant; they don't raise your policy price each year as your pet gets older.

5- Top-notch customer service:

The Trupanion pet health insurance customer service is available 24 hours a day seven days a week via phone, e-mail, and live chat.

6- Optional integral coverage:

The coverage for rehabilitative treatment, also optional pet owner assistance benefits like help finding a lost or stolen pet by offering advertising/reward.

The Trupanion cons:

1- Few customization options:

Due to their great level of coverage, you have no options to lower your monthly payments.

2- Routine wellness not available:

 Trupanion doesn't offer any riders to cover routine wellness or preventive care.

3- Restricted payment terms:

You have to pay the agency monthly so you may not be able to pay all your full policy in advance.

4- No discount:

Trupanion doesn't offer any discount even if you enroll multiple pets or under any circumstances. The premium is constant for all people.

Trupanion pet health care insurance

 The Trupanion pet health insurance plans:

1- Base plan:

The base plan covered both cats and dogs, covered thousands of medical conditions, lab tests, procedures related to the medical conditions, genetic conditions, dental treatment, behavior treatment, medical boarding, continued treatment, and specialists.

You can choose your annual deductible with a scale between $0 to $1000.

2- Price plan: 

As we mentioned before the Trupanion includes 90% reimbursement with no annual limits in comparison with many competitors who offer 70% reimbursement and annual limits below $5000 the Trupanion considers having the cheapest policies.

However, Trupanion's higher-end policies are more expensive than other competitors with the same terms.

The price is different for every pet and depends on many factors such as age, breed, gender, and the cost of vet care in your area.

You can visit the site of the Trupanion to see their price list from Here

3- Waiting period:

Trupanion pet health insurance applies a waiting period of five days for injuries and thirty days for illness.

This means that once you sign up for the policy you will have to wait this amount of time before using any of the benefits.

But the good news is that orthopedic conditions are covered in 30 days, unlike other providers where you have a 6 months waiting period for orthopedic conditions.

4- Previously existing problems:

Trupanion defines a previous condition as the condition that appeared in the last 18 months before enrolling in the policy or occurred during the waiting period.

5- Coverage limits

The Trupanion offers the best terms for coverage limits.

6- Claims

One of the most benefits offered in working with Trupanion is the direct payment system with many providers.

If your vet has a direct relationship with the Trupanion you will only need to pay your fees at checkout, the Trupanion will pay the rest directly to them.

If your vet doesn't participate, just log into your account and submit a claim or send it by email if you prefer.

7- Customer service

Trupanion pet health insurance offers customer service as we mentioned previously via phone, email, and live chat.

The customer service phone number is 855_210_8749.

After we searched in the Trupanion plans we noticed that the Trupanion excludes all forms of preventive treatment, also fees are not covered. This means that if your pet is sick and visits the vet, the exam itself will be your responsibility while the agency will cover other dealings.

Trupanion pet health care insurance

Why Trupanion pet health insurance?

We just think its policy terms are the best in the industry and its plans are affordable, so if you are just looking for your pet healthcare insurance policy except for protection the Trupanion plans offer Supervalu.

On the other hand, if you plan to use your policy regularly for cure and protection, you may be happier looking elsewhere.



Trupanion pet health insurance is committed to pet safety, health care, and supporting benevolent veterinary and pet organizations.

Written by: Mona Sayed


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