The Best Selling Color Wow Hair Products

Color wow was established in 2013 by Gail Federici (the co-founder of John Frieda. Color Wow hair products were formulated without sulfates and silicones which cause severe harm to color-treated hair as color darkening, hair follicle plug, and healthy hair growth prevention, the brand created special formulas keeping hair looking fresh and vibrant.      

The guideline of Color wow is your hair care and safety, as their products are created without any harmful ingredients such as sulfates and silicones also, their hair care products are free of dyes, waxes, gluten, and ammonia which cause color distortion and hair damage. Now we will talk about some of Color Wow hair  products:

Color Wow Hair Products

Color Wow dream coat products:

  • Dream coat anti-humidity hair treatment: 


Hair frizz can result from damaged and processed hair, dream coat treatment acts as keratin action on hair keeping the hair smooth and fresh. You can spray it on the hair and get great protection against frizz which lasts through 3-4 shampoos, it’s approved for $28.

  • Dream coat for curly hair: 


Curly hair needs continuous management and daily straightness to keep it under control. This can cause severe hair damage, dream coat for curly hair treatment can tame frizz giving your hair smoothy and bouncy, stop using the straightener, and have humid healthy-looking hair with a curly hair product for $24.

Color wow dream filter:

Your hair daily exposure to environmental factors such as dirty air or elements in hard water which affect your color and hair health. Dream filter protects your hair against these elements, removing pollutants and minerals.

Color Wow Hair Products

Color security shampoo: 

As we all know that normal shampoos have many harmful ingredients which affect normal hair growth, dark hair color, moreover they leave residues that cause follicle plug and hair damage. With color wow shampoo, you wash your hair without leaving any residues which affect the color and damage the hair as its formula is free from any harmful ingredients. You can obtain clean wash and healthy hair with Color Wow security shampoo for $23.

Speed dry spray: 

The traditional method of blow-drying using heat causes severe hair damage, Speed drying you can save time and protect your hair against damage. AS other Color Wow hair products Speed Dry is formulated without residues and harmful substances such as sodium lauryl sulfate and alcohol, it can encase each follicle of your hair and bead off the extra moisture keeping the essential oils and preventing dehydration of your hair. you can get the spray and enjoy benefits for $24.  

Color wow cult favorite:

Is a firm flexible hair spray that keeps your desired hairstyle, it can protect the hair against UV and fix the hair color.

Color wow raise the root:

Most women hope to have bouncy and thick hair which gives a perfect look. With Raise the root we can obtain this look as it works to thicken your hair and give it the body and fullness without a stiff or sticky feeling and As the other  Color Wow hair products are free from any harmful ingredients.

From where we can buy Color wow hair products?

We can buy Color Wow hair products from, Joyus, QVC, and salons of John Frieda, unfortunately, there are only ships to the US, moreover, they have a free shipping policy on orders over  $30 and turn policy within one month. 


Having healthy hair is very important for our appearance. Overall hygienic condition is a sign of confidence that allows us to feel best and allows others to see us positively. Color Wow hair products help us to obtain healthy hair especially color-treated hair through its formula which is free of any harmful ingredients that cause hair damage.    

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