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We're gonna talk about hair products for low porosity hair. You will know more about

your hair type, tips, and tricks that will help you to keep your hair healthier.

I know there is a question going through your mind, you don’t know exactly what low

porosity hair is. And if you need hair products for low porosity hair or it will be useless

for you. 

How can you know if your hair is low porosity or not? 

  • Low porosity hair is one that cannot easily be hydrated:

Washing and drying are taking longer than expected.

  • It has difficulty absorbing water:

When you wash it and not only water but also treatments as well.

  • You will face many challenges to style it and process.

  • When you use hair treatments:

The products tend to stay on the surface of the hair not absorbed, and in this

way, it will be less effective.

  • More dandruff.

  • Your hair is too oily or too dry.

  • When you are using the heat to activate the conditioner:

You should suspect and get some hair products for low porosity hair.

  • Your hair tends to take a long time to air dry.

hair products for low porosity hair

Test your hair porosity at home: 

You have to clean your hair with shampoo. When it is clean enough, but a single

strand of it in a glass of water. It tends to float for a while before sinking.


What actually causes low porosity hair?

  • Genetic causes:

If the low porosity hair runs in your family, then you are more prone to have it.

  • Blow drying.

  • Over-washing.

  • Bleaching.

  • Straightening.

  • Using harsh products.

Before we talk about hair products for low porosity hair, you should know more

about hair types and hair structures.


What is the normal hair structure?

  • The cuticle:

This forms the outer layer of the hair which tends to be tough. When

cuticles overlap with each other, typically they form that outer layer.

  • The cortex:

It is the thickest part of your hair which contains the protein and the pigment that gives your hair color.

  • The medulla:

This is the soft central part of the hair shaft. For any hair to be healthy, hydrated. oils, moisturizing products, and water need to pass through

the cuticle to reach the cortex.

When the cuticles are very close to each other, this makes it hard for

water to reach the cortex, then your hair will be more thirsty and unmoisturized. Hair products for low porosity hair will help you to avoid

these problems.


hair products for low porosity hair

What are the types of hair?

Straight hair:

Which has no curls from its root till its tip. It can be subdivided into fine

coarse, thick, or thin. Mostly it tends to be oily, so you have to be more careful when

buying your hair products to avoid adding more oil to your hair. This type of hair tends to

have low porosity.

If you have such hair and you already tested it, you figured out you are one of them.

Don’t hesitate to get some hair products for low porosity hair.

Wavy hair:

There are three types: the first two are beginning to be wavy from the level

of the eye but the second type, its wave tends to be s-shape, but the third type wave

usually starts from the level of the crown and is more defined as s-shaped.

Curly hair:

There are also three types of this type. The first one is the s-shape wave

curls to form a loose loop which is a little bit wider than a candle.

The second type, curls, start from the root of the hair and has a width of 1.5 inches,

and tends to have a big volume. The third type has more defined curls which are springy

and tightly can curl around drinking straw.


This is also 3 types, the first type typically curls around the chopstick.

The second one curls tend to be in a zigzag manner. The third type has the tightest coils

and the most fragile one as well.

hair products for low porosity hair

what are hair products for low porosity hair?

Here I will give you general tips to choose your product that fits your hair type:

  • Low porosity hair needs more and more hydration and the best product ever is.

  • Water, so you have to frequently wash your hair.

  • After shampoo, you should use a humectant conditioner.

  • Try to avoid oil-based products, heavy oils, and proteins that are sticky to hair.

  • you should look for water-based products.

  • It is better to start with water-based hair products then shift to cream for more moisturization then end with natural oil.

 The best hair products for low porosity hair:


If we are talking about hair products for low porosity hair then we have to mention the important products that can be used on a daily basis.

When you are choosing your shampoo, you have to think of that one that ensures nourishment, healing of the hair shaft, cleaning of the debris, and with no sulfate plus it should be an alkaline formula as we mentioned.

You can easily find in the store a lot of products with the same characteristics as shea butter and honey, another with coconut oil, more products with vanilla extract, etc..,


Your hair type is unable to retain moisture, so you have to focus while choosing the conditioner on one that will help you to maintain the moisture and help in reducing signs of damaged and weekend hair.

In the market, you can easily find a conditioner with almond milk, another with shea butter and coconut oil, one more product for intense moisturization with argan oil and shea butter and many, etc…


Again, our target to maintain your hair hydrated, you should choose the one which is liquid-based that will leave your hair not oily. You can choose the products which contain jojoba oil, argan oil, shea butter, and coconut oil.

Natural oil:

One of the best hair products for low porosity hair is always natural oil. These oils are light and therefore easily absorbed by a hair:

  1. Argan oil. 

  2. Coconut oil.

  3. Jojoba oil.

  4. Grapeseed oil.

  5. Apricot oil.

  6. Sunflower seed oil.

  7. Pomegranate oil.

  8. Sweet almond oil.



Low porosity hair is normal hair but needs more care and more hydration. Hair products for low porosity hair are now available in the market in different brands, just you have to go through the article to find out what is the type of your hair and which product will fit you.

 Written by: Dr. Dina Hassan

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