Progressive Dog Bite Insurance | The Best Way To Select

We are in dire need to know about progressive dog bite Insurance, Not only because we deal with animals every day especially dogs as a pet or to guard but also the possibility of this incident (dog bite) happening to us or for anyone in front of our eyes in the streets so we should know this critical matter by heart to Get out of it with a minimal loss.

Progressive Dog Bite Insurance

Reason for recommending progressive dog bite insurance:

The progressive dog bite insurance is no laughing matter because If you want to breed a dog, you should also take responsibility for its actions and behavior as a member of your family.

By all means, we don't want our dogs to hurt anyone by biting or in any way but if that happens and your dog bites someone; In this case, you will need insurance that covers financial stuff, damages caused by the dog, and results of the dog bite incident.

Progressive Dog Bite Insurance

Factors affecting progressive dog bite insurance:

Each insurance company has a policy coverage determined on its basis. Therefore, you should know the types of insurance companies as well as the conditions of each insurance company to be able to choose what you need accurately.

Terms of some insurance companies according to its policy:

  • Type of the dog (which breed)

Some dogs classified as a dangerous breed like:-

Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Mastiff, German shepherds, Mixed-breed dogs, American bulldogs, Dobermans, Boxers, Great Danes, Siberian, Huskies, Wolf Hybrids,  Akitas, Chows, and Alaskan Malamutes.

  • History condition of the dog

If your dog is responsible for the previous injury to others (pre-existing attacks or previous biting)

  • Age of the dog

It's not a general rule but some insurance companies take it into account.

  • Size of the dog

It's not a rule also the bigger the dog, the more it can cause accidents. 

  • An area where the dog lives (location)

Some areas have special laws when it comes to dog biting so check if you live in an area like that.

Progressive Dog Bite Insurance

Types of progressive dog bite insurance:

The primary policy:

  1. Homeowners' or renters' policy.

  2. Stand-alone animal liability policy(canine liability policy).

The secondary policy:

  1. Umbrella liability policy.

  2. Excess policy

(secondary policy).

Now the predictable question Which type of insurance should I select?

Everything in our life has advantages and disadvantages by another meaning "double-edged sword" and we here just give some guidelines which can help you, but finally the choice is yours according to your circumstances which may apply or need another plan.

Now we will give a simple definition and hint for each type of them and What's its role in progressive dog bite insurance.

Let's start with:

Homeowners insurance:-

Which is mainly concerned with protecting homes from expected risks and damages such as Fire, pipes, equipment, theft, and riots...etc. This type of insurance provides financial protection for building structures and their content, personal property, liability, and medical payment.

Renters insurance:-

Which Focuses on personal property (contents) coverage and this is completely independent of the dwelling itself.

Even dwelling and its content in insurance of homeowners and renters have restrictions like floods, earthquakes and may be excluded from the insurance policy.

So it's a no brainer that even they included pets like dogs as an item of homeowners or renters insurance they will have some reservations and restrictions for accidents caused by them especially dog bite incident and this lead to according their policy to exclude pets as general or specific dangerous breeds of them or may provide a lower limit of coverage.

So if you can't get the progressive dog bite insurance from homeowners or renters insurance you can get the specific one for dogs which is called a stand-alone animal liability policy.

Stand-alone animal liability policy:-

This type can cover damages is caused by your doge for others whether property or injuries.

If you get homeowners or renters insurance but don't cover incidents by dogs you can get an umbrella policy and if the umbrella liability policy doesn't cover also can get a stand-alone (canine) liability policy.

Also just in case, you are getting homeowners or renters insurance but their policy is not enough for coverage you can get an umbrella liability policy or excess liability policy.

Umbrella liability policy:-

Which provides additional coverage for damages that other types of insurance may not be able to handle.

If the umbrella liability policy isn't enough to cover dog bites enough you can get an excess liability policy.

Excess liability policy:- 

This extends beyond primary policy limits However this type of insurance is not used before using the primary policy first and it is complementary.

Progressive Dog Bite Insurance

Some examples of progressive dog bite insurance:

We are about to mention some companies and their conditions in progressive dog bite insurance:

(F.I.O.D)The Federation of Insured Dog Owners:

Belongs to a stand-alone liability insurance policy and accepts all dog breeds regardless its type.

State Farm:

Which belongs to homeowners liability policy and don't care about its breed but care about its history of attacks.

Chubb, USAA

Which may accept some dangerous breeds of dogs but with extra charge.

Progressive and Nationwide Company:

Which cares about the dog breed.

Prime Insurance Company


Which may cover any breed of dog. Furthermore, if it has a history of attacks or bites.

Progressive Dog Bite Insurance


Briefly, you should differentiate well and know the best option which can fill your needs because as you see this a lot of progressive dog bite insurance which some of them may care about dog breed or care about its history of attacks and some of them may cover with more appropriate and reasonable price than the others.

Written by:- Eman Eldwansy

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