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Hair is one of defining characteristics of human beings and has an essential function. Before l tell you about American crew fiber cream, you should know about hair and its structure.

American crew fiber cream

Structure and anatomy of hair:

Hair has a simple structure that consists mainly of a fibrous protein called keratin and a small amount of lipids and water so American crew fiber cream is very effective in your hair. 

Hair consists of hair follicles and shafts. Hair grows from hair follicles located in the dermis. 

The hair shaft consists of three parts (cuticle, cortex, and medulla). The cortex is the most important and has high structure content such as melanin granules which give your hair its color and also contain fibers.

The shape of the fiber is very important in the determination of the type of hair fibers that are rounded in straight hair but in wavy or curly hair, the fibers are oval or other shapes.

Types of hair:

Dear, I want to tell you about the types of hair to decide if American crew fiber cream is suitable for you or not.

1. Type 1:

Straight hair, It's difficult to damage and to curl this type because the sebum from the scalp easily spread to the ends of hair without curls or interruption.

2. Type 2: 

Wavy hair, Is likely to be more frizzy than straight hair. the texture of this type of hair ranges between straight and curly hair.

American crew fiber cream

3. Type 3:

Curly hair, Tend to have S or Z -shape. The curly hair is usually voluminous, damage-prone, and climate dependant. less defined curls are caused by a lack of care.

American crew fiber cream

4. Type 4:

Kinky hair, it's fragile and easy to damage due to thinning of the cuticle's tightly coiled curly hair.

Haircare and styling:

Don't bother if your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or kinky, certain hair care hints are the basis.

Using American crew fiber cream is one of these care tips. Keep reading to start taking care of your hair.

1. wash your hair with lukewarm water:

Because a hot shower removes your hair's essential oil and leaves your hair dry and dull.

2. Condition your hair correctly:

Chances are you already know that you should use conditioner, but are you sure you are using it in the right way? 

Using conditioner at the scalp and hair roots can cause hair falling. 

you should apply it to the hair shaft to enjoy the moisturizing effect of your hair conditioner.

3. Applying shampoo on the scalp:

Because the scalp produces essential oils and sheds skin cells so you should focus on the scalp in the application of shampoo and cleaning.

Washing hair shaft and ends causes splitting of hair ends and the hair becomes dull and dry. 

I advise you to use a free sulfate shampoo to enjoy moisturizing and healthy hair.

4. Rinsing your hair well:

You should be extra thorough with rising your hair by water to get rid of any remnant after using American crew fiber cream to avoid an accumulation of your favorite cream or other hair care products.

5. Avoid using a towel in drying off your hair:

The towel may not be What's best. you should squeeze out excess water and dry using a cotton T-shirt.

6. Sleep on a silk pillowcase:

Because cotton absorbs hair care products so you should use a silk pillowcase to avoid drying your sweet hair.

7. Avoid washing your hair daily:

This causes drying and loss of luster of your hair. stylists advise you to wash your hair no more than 2-3 times weekly.

8. Using American crew fiber cream:

American crew fiber cream is an amazing product.

It provides your hair with refined texture, natural shinny appearance, and flexibility with control. 

It doesn't make hair look greasy or damage it.

American crew fiber cream is suitable for short to medium-length hair.

It contains emollients and useful material for your hair as Polyethylene Glycol Polymers which helps create the visible fibers in the product, Methyl Gluceth-20 is a gentle emollient that provides a smooth feel to your hair, and PVP, VP/VA, Polyquaternium-69 which provides long-lasting hold.

You can apply American crew fiber cream to damp hair or lightly to dry hair and style as you like.

 Let hair air dry naturally if applied to damp hair.


American crew fiber cream Provides high hold and low shine to your hair.

It elevates men's style level and enhances their personal image. American crew fiber cream rocks! Give it try and I'm sure it will be your favorite.

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