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Cats are commonly susceptible to urinary tract infections, using natural home remedies for cat UTI may reduce the symptoms and the inflammation as UTIs are painful and comfortable to our pet friend. So cat owners should be familiar with their feline pets' bathroom habits.

home remedies for cat UTI

What are the causes of urinary tract infections in cats?

Before talking about home remedies for cat UTI. We should firstly know that UTI in cats occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract traveling up the urethra into the bladder. 

Overweight, diabetic cats and male cats are more predisposed to UTI. Furthermore, a balanced diet and environmental stress cause infection and inflammation.

symptoms of feline urinary tract infection

Home remedies for cat UTI are as effective in simple infection as other urinary tract disorders as blockages and bladder stones require veterinarian help. So it is important to be sure that your pet friend has UTI before you start treating it. Cats with UTIs exhibit:

  • Frequent urination may be out of the litter box.

  • Pain and discomfort before or during urination.

  • Blood in the urine.

  • Strong smell urine.

  • Licking genitalia.

  • Loss of appetite and lethargy.    

 Some natural home remedies for cat UTI:

  • Well-balanced diet: 

Proper nutrition has a vital role in the prevention of urinary tract infections. a diet high in minerals will increase the urine PH causing infection and urinary stones. So you should try giving as healthy food as possible you can to your pet such as high moisture, low carbohydrates, and proper protein and mineral ratio in the diet.    

  • Adequate hydration: 

Dehydration may help to increase the incidence of UTI as bacteria have a chance to grow and multiply, so drinking more water is a simple home remedy for cat UTI that can wash wastes and reduce inflammation.  

  • Environmental condition: 

Stress has a vital role in immune suppression long-term causing inflammation and infection in cats, so you should make sure that your friend has a quiet room, comfortable bedding, a scratching pad, and enough litter trays at home.     

  • Natural ingredients may help to alleviate UTI as:

home remedies for cat UTI

  • Cranberries

The acidity of cranberries lowers the PH of your pet urine causing bacteria unable to grow. You can give it as pills, diet supplements as a powder added to the diet, before using cranberry in UTI you should test the urine PH of your Cat as it is only effective when urine is too alkaline.

  • Apple cider vinegar:

As cranberry lowers urine PH, it eliminates any harmful bacteria, we can add it to food in small amounts. 

  • Glucosamine and chondroitin:

These supplements are not only used in arthritis and joint management, they can also be used to reduce UTI symptoms. Glucosamine can replenish the lining of the bladder.

  •  Marshmallow root:

Is an effective natural remedy that reduces infection and inflammation as the polysaccharides present in the plant have effective anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and diuretic properties.

home remedies for cat UTI

  • Echinacea: 

Is an herb that is commonly used to treat multiple types of infections in cats, it also supports the immune system in humans and animals. 


Urinary tract infection is commonly occurring in cats, it can cause discomfort and distress and may develop to complete blockage of the urethra, bladder stones which could be deadly due to kidney failure, the owner of the cat should be aware of any changes occurring to his pet friend.

Home remedies for cat UTI are only effective in simple infections if there is no any improvement, your pet feline may need a veterinarian help.`    

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